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  1. Chris Fargo, ND Practice once or twice a week About 1 per round on average Most interested in the small footprint it takes up and be able to judge speed better. Cool technology to have with the TV. Cool product
  2. Chris - Fargo, ND 9 Hdcp Current Mizuno JPX 900 Forged /Hot Metal Combo PTX Pro-Icon Combo, I'm a huge fan of combo sets. Definitely helped my game. Really interested in trying out the utility iron. Just went back to those now and play it much better than the hybrids. These clubs look amazing. Look forward to hearing about these.
  3. I feel the same way about it. The funny thing is my league partner hits Ping Irons and he loves his Vice. I have tried hitting his clubs and haven't been able to hit them well ha. Just made me chuckle when you mentioned it. I did notice the MTB X was a little clicky with the putter as well. I've decided I'm going to stick with the Black this year and see how they end up. I played yesterday and it was 48 degrees here. I don't think I was swinging full and warmed up until about the 8th tee.
  4. We'll it snowed yesterday..... I've been able to get out a couple times at least. But a few things I've noticed playing with them. The MTB-X does fair a little better in the wind. But with the approach shots I do feel like I've had really good distance control. It's been very consistent. Looking forward to using them when the weather starts getting above 50 again! And a side note. One of my league partners mentioned that it seemed like the ball was flying off the face and crushed. I was driving into the wind and it wasn't going as far as we thought. But I think that was more wind than the ball
  5. Fargo ND Ogio and Callaway org Individual dividers. Ease of access for range finder, tees, club cleaner, accessories.
  6. We did notice that the vice were getting cut up a lot more with the wedges too. Interesting that you found that too.
  7. It's wasn't as much on the 56 and 50. More towards the 9 and 8 I guess. But I could definitely feel and see it come off the face quicker. It was also my concern when I saw it happening if it was something I was doing. Distance isn't an issue for me. Control is more important and my groups were tighter and more accurate with the MTB Black. It's been driving me crazy not being able to go try the simulator again or some on course testing. But I'll be patient ... I guess
  8. I find quite a few on our course. But for me I usually stick to the ball I've been using. My golfing partner loves hitting proVs but orders Vice with his works logo. So I usually trade him for a vice
  9. I was using the Vice Pro and Pro+. The two vice and the MTB X were all very similar to me. I think you can't go wrong with any of them.
  10. Hi All, I just wanted to share my experience with Vice and Snell. It all started last year. I was a little in between on ball selection with the Vice Pro and Pro+. Then while I was playing i found a Snell MTB-Black near the hazard that I picked up and figured I'd give it a try. I played that ball for about 5 weeks at league and a few rounds during that time. So I was intrigued as I had never even heard about them. My friend that I always golf with was skeptical. And frankly stubborn. He was convinced he had the ball he wanted to always play. So here's what I ended up doing: I order
  11. Didn't realize I wasn't signed in. You can delete this one
  12. Need to add one that says "I Wish" still a lot of white stuff up north. We got another inch this week but sun and warm are coming. Can't go to the simulator. Almost ordered one ha
  13. Right on! I'll keep you posted. It hasn't seen the course yet. On the rack in the garage. If I decide I want something new I'll let you know. OGIO makes some great bags.
  14. I had an old set of Big Bertha's that I won through work. Those were so nice to hit. Then I borrowed them to my dad and he never let me have them back ha
  15. Nice! I changed my bag this season too! I went back to the OGIO Convoy and I'm already looking at new bags again. I really like it but there's always a shiny new toy. Looking to swap out the Mizuno 50 for the new Vokey. I really want to add a portable launch monitor. Thought I had it dialed in then Ernest comes out with the new B1. Guess I'll start over!
  16. Chris / North Dakota 9.2 Mizuno JPX 900 7 Iron - 175 Thanks for the opportunity! These look awesome. One of these days they'll choose me
  17. Chris / ND Hcp 10.1 trend 9.5 Mizuno jpx 900 forged/hot metal 7 iron : 180 thank you
  18. Chris / North Dakota Odyssey Toulan Atlanta Handicap 10
  19. I was able to get a bunch of rounds in this last week with it. I had league as well as a 3 man scramble over the weekend. And on our way to the scramble we hit up a course. I was able to get about 90 holes in over 5 days. And I tell you that this putter saved me some strokes. The greens were a little slower on the course we hit before the scramble weekend. After a couple holes I was able to dial in. I used the 1-2 cadence in my head to try to get consistent pace while hitting. That gave me better control. On Saturday I was putting real well. I had about a 35 ft bomb that I picked a spot and it
  20. Great review. Thanks for taking the time. I picked up a Toulon Design Atlanta with the stroke lab shaft. It's incredible on the practice green at the course and at home. Tomorrow is league night so I'll get my first chance to putt some real shots with it. It definitely feels like there is something to that counter balancing going on. I switched from a TaylorMade Mullen 2 which is 10 grams lighter. And it feels like a feather in comparison. But the stroke feels so smooth. I can also see a little more carry on the ball with my stroke. Where my TM would tend to lose momentum. This Toulon/Stroke L
  21. Chris/ North Dakota 11 Handicap Mizuno S18 50 degree, SM7 54 degree, SM6 60 Degree Favorite shot: Knock down 54 from around 100yds. Low and lots of spin! Thank you Cleveland for the opportunity. I used to hit all Cleveland wedges and slowly went away. Would love to see the difference in these from the old CGs
  22. Congrats everyone. Couple things I like to look for if the distance varies when shooting Middle of the pin or up top. Since sometimes the sensor is in different locations at different courses. And How quickly it locks in the distance. @JonMUSC08
  23. Chris/Fargo, ND I use a rangefinder most shots. Eyeball when inside 90 yards usually. Going off feel more then. I also have a Garmin on my bag to see fronts/back of green. currently using TecTecTec VPRO500S Constantly testing against GPS and my buddies range finder to see how accurate it can be. I've had mine 2 years now and we still check to see if we get same results.
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