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  1. I've worked on having a repeatable putting stroke and a few reliable shots around the greens. My short game is solid. That said, the single biggest determiner of score for me (and others) is the number of greens hit. High GIR is the common denominator for every truly special round of golf I've ever had. Have I put together a good round only hitting 9 or 10 greens? Yes but it's rare. Those days where my green count is high are also days where I'm driving it well. As I said, you need some reliable short game shots and understanding related to what a wedge/ball will do in certain situations but as RevKev said, the drive for show/putt for dough has been debunked. To score it requires golf IQ and solid fundamentals in all areas of your game. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I was reading about the lie angle difference - 4* is intense! I'm glad you are finding it beneficial. I would imagine getting used to the position of your hands at address and impact was a challenge. I appreciate the feedback in terms of the workability of the G410. I know these are primarily designed to go straight but I'm glad to hear they are easily knocked down. The right/left doesn't matter nearly as much as that to me. I enjoy working the ball - I am trying to hit a particular shot all the time but having a game improvement club that can be easily knocked down is great. How do they compare to the G400? What is better? Anything worse?
  3. Thanks for a thorough response! You are right - the ball will move, with varying degrees of success, based on the swing path/face angle/ball position relationship. I really appreciate your take about the awkwardness of the visual and the challenges associated - that's exactly the stuff a tester can provide!
  4. Well, I've had a lot of iterations of iPhone and I've never produced anything close so perhaps you are being a bit modest Great answer to all my questions and I look forward to seeing your video reviews. Couple follow-up questions: what is your standard shot? (Shape/flight) Is there a type of shot you tend to need to be able to hit that deviates from your typical shot? If so, what is it and are you finding it difficult? (In other words, if your standard shot is a high draw, do you find yourself needing to flight the ball down due to course conditions?) That is quite impressive about the toe strike - most people I play with tend to miss on the toe due to being over-the-top from one degree or another. I really like the looks of these and I have several players I could recommend them too. Being able to flight the ball down is an absolute must here in Oklahoma so that is certainly something to consider. Thanks!
  5. Solid. What was your ball flight like? Are you seeing what you want?
  6. I always enjoy your reviews GS Dave! This is great and would work well in the back of my truck. I hate things flopping around back there. I've tried a few things but this looks really great. Oh and I too prefer the big mittens - they keep my hands warmer and they are so much easier to get off and on in between shots.
  7. I've had a question related to this to be posed to the testers: how are these at manipulating the ball? High/low, draws/fades, etc. I know these are designed to go straight, high and far but golf , as we all know, is seldom as simple as that. My i500's can be worked but a draw is easier than a fade for me. I can fade it but if I need a big fade, it requires a pretty exaggerated setup/move on my part. What are the testers finding? Also, for those who miss on the toe, what kind of yardage drop are you seeing? In reference to Ping's equipment cycle, we should see replacements for the i210/i500 this year, right? Great job everyone - I have enjoyed following along. I have had a busy fall, so I haven't posted much but I have been lurking @ballplayer002003 - Your video work is impressive!
  8. Those look really good and for some reason Cobra iron s typically do nothing for me. The logo is cleaner and the finish is great. Good stuff Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I've had 4 aces but a round in the 60's is far more satisfying. In fact, my first HIO was in 1993. I still had no real control over my golf ball and I remember taking 4 or 5 practice swings until I felt something akin to confidence and saying "if I can just repeat that, it will be good." I had 131 yards and I hit my Titleist Tour Balata with my Lnyx Parallax 9 iron right into the hole and shot 87 on the day. Exciting? Absolutely. Lucky? Completely! Shooting a solid score in the 60's is a completely different animal and something I find infinitely more satisfying. That said, I haven't had a hole in one in probably 15 years and I've never really had a great score with an ace on the card so a combination of the two would be great :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Great deal and they look fantastic. GLWS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. I use mine on most shots. On most par 4's/5's I don't use it for the tee shot if I know the course but approach shots and par 3's - absolutely. It has had a real impact on my handicap as well. Knowing the yardage gives me a lot of confidence in making an aggressive swing and it doesn't take much time at all to use. When I got one I honestly thought it would prove to be superfluous but I couldn't have been more wrong. I have also been enjoying Arrcos - it gives good numbers and the ability to see the layout of the hole has proven beneficial as well when playing a new course. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Played with my eldest son at Wedgewood today in what could very well be the last round of the year. The weather was amazing! 73 degrees with steady winds of 12 mph. I tried the EXP 01 ball today and quite liked it. Long off the tee and good spin in and around the greens. The cover is interesting because it feels good and spins well but the Titleist font looks like it's a cheaper ball. That was literally my only complaint. It handled the wind well and felt great off the putter. Putter was hot today but I was hitting it closer to the hole too - hit 77.8% of my greens with an average of 17.7 feet from the hole on greens hit. Really happy with that - just a casual round with my son but I'm really pleased with it. I bought 2 PM Grind 2.0 wedges from one of my son's friends for $100 a few weeks ago and I've really been enjoying them. I hit two really great flop shots with the 60* and had a chip in. The chip-in was so sweet - I was chipping from the back of the green and the whole green sloped away from me to a pin on a bit of a knoll. I have had some issues nipping the ball around the greens due to the extra bounce but I hit this one exactly as I wanted and it went in! So great! If it is my last round of the year - it's a great way to go out. FIR 8/12 GIR 14/18 Putts 25 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I've played the AVX the last few rounds too - feels better with the colder weather and I can't hit it out of my shadow anyway [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. That is so sweet Alan - classic! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I wasn't going to play today but the golf course in my neighborhood is closing and I had to play it one more time. I'm really sad to see it close - I have so many great memories there and living in a neighborhood with a golf course has been really fun. It's not a great course but it's fun and it has always had a special place in my heart. It was 50* today with a pretty good breeze so it felt a bit colder but the sun was shining and I enjoyed being out there. This time of year my back is always an issue and today I was particularly stiff so I played the white tees at 6196. I took a lot of extra club but I played really well - so much better than I deserved - it just seemed meant to be that my final round at this course would be a really good one. FIR 8/12 FIR 15/18 Putts: 27
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