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  1. LOL I also have Top Flite Twour Gamer Driver/3H that I bought at DSG for $80 both. A friend gave me a Ping i20 3W. I have Mizuno MP-60 PW-5 iron that I bought used at "Play it again sports" for $140 (they were a gift from my wife!). That same day I also bought a 4 hybrid (24 deg) for $10, and i love that freaking club! It's an AMF Sequence (never heard of that brand before). My wedges are hand-me-downs: 52deg Cleveland REG 588 and 58deg Wilson Staff FG Tour. So I guess in total my bag has cost $230 because my wedges and 3W were hand-me-downs. xD. Of course, I had bought other clubs before so I've spent more money on golf in general. Currently play the Srixon Q-Star but have been trying out the previous generation ProV1.
  2. Thank you all for your replies. I've been using the Srixon Q-star so sounds like the RX or RXS would be a natural transition. JD
  3. Juan, Albuquerque NM CH speed: 95 MPH Current ball: Srixon Q-star (Yellow) No previous experience with Snell products.
  4. Hello, Has anyone tested the Bridgestone Tour B RX or RXS balls? I haven't found a topic on them. I recently found a Tour B RX ball and started chipping and putting with it. It was in perfect condition when I found it and after practicing with it, it was in much better condition than the Pro V1's that I also use for practice. I'm amazed with it's durability but I found the B RX to be a little hot off the face compared to the Pro V1 (softer vs firmer feel?). I played a round with it and compared it to my gamer (Srixon Q-star) and didn't see much difference but I also played like crap that day, so it's difficult to say. What experience have you guys with it? Is it worth the buy? Thanks, JD
  5. Hello, I haven't read all the messages but I'm replying to the original one in this thread. Short answer: Yes, range balls are crap! I don't really look at the flight of range balls. I look at the contact on the club face and pay some attention to the flight (whether it goes left or right), but that's about it. I also look at the divot (I practice on grass). So yeah don't worry too much about the range balls. There's a reason why pros practice with the same balls they play. I do all of my pitching/chipping/putting practice with my gamer, not with range balls. I use some balls that are a bit scuffed for practice and leave the ones in better condition for the course. Cheers! JD
  6. Juan Diego, New Mexico (will be moving to Illinois soon). And yes, New Mexico is a state in the USA for those who don’t know... 12 hdc, 95-100 mph club head speed Srixon Q-star I haven’t played these balls but as my game is improving I want to transition to one of these premium balls. My experience with the Q-star has been phenomenal, it does roll out a bit more on chips than a ProV1, but it has enough stopping power for me on full shots. It is quite impressive considering it’s a two-piece ball. That is why I’m eager to test the higher range models of Srixon.
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