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  1. It's kind of nice to see a stand bag with a 14-way top.
  2. The course at Aberdeen near Valpo was always pretty nice but it's been years since I've played there. Can't vouch for it now. Scherwood Golf in Schererville is probably one of the closest to the state line and just off Rt 30. Nothing spectacular about that one though. A fairly typical public course. I wish Lake Hills was still there in St John. I basically lived at that course for several summers as a kid.
  3. I keep up with just about all the videos from James Robinson and The Average Golfer. I'll watch an occasional video from Crossfield or another youtuber if the topic is of particular interest to me.
  4. I mostly play alone. Walking a golf course, alone with your thoughts and the sounds of nature, is so peaceful. We're bombarded with so much noise in our daily lives (traffic noise, push notifications, advertisements, etc) that solo golf becomes somewhat meditative. Sorry if that's a bit new age-y. Playing with others is fun if you get the right people; a difficult task. Playing alone, however, relieves you from having to make inane small talk or listen to some stranger tell you what makes him the world's foremost expert on fantasy football.
  5. Average Golfer on YouTube built a really nice one. He used something called archery netting iirc. It looks like a thicker, more tightly woven net so the balls won't go through unless it straight up rips. Also, instead of PVC, he used galvanized steel for more stability and durability. It's probably not the cheapest build out there but it looks really solid. I'd put up a link but the work laptop blocks YouTube. Apologies.
  6. Great idea and excellent handy work. Not sure how much I would trust the off-road capabilities of such a small wheel/tire diameter.. One sprinkler head, rut you didn't see (b/c you were looking for your ball), loose gravel, or wet grass, and your Zero 9 Scooter will result in somewhere more than Zero but less than 9 broken bones. This is not really a time you want to end up in the hospital. I do think an affordable single rider golf cart/vehicle with a good design that minimizes the chance of injury is a good idea though. And in a social-distancing post-covid world, I wouldn't be surprised if demand for such a product finally reaches critical mass. Let us know how it goes.
  7. Have you used the Alphard eWheels at all? This seems to be the least expensive way to get remote functionality. My pushcart has a swivel front wheel so it should work well. It's also half the price of the Zip Navigator. If so, what were your thoughts on the Alphard product?
  8. Thank you for this write up. This is more helpful than the info in most reviews on YouTube.
  9. I'm quite happy with my TourTrek 360. I'm so glad I paid the extra for the swivel front wheel model. I believe DSG is the only place its sold. Regular price is $180 (I think) but it is often on sale for less. It has a built in cup holder, scorecard holder, and storage compartment perfect for a rangefinder. It is even compatible with the Alphard eWheels kit if you decide to go that route.
  10. I am also in the "subscription fatigue" camp. I understand it from a business perspective. However, as a consumer there are just too many subscriptions services now that the word "subscription" is almost an immediate turn off. Perhaps a mixed model would is the best approach? Offer both pay-as-you-go and subscription. Pricing then becomes the critical decision but that is for another topic.
  11. I just finished watching Mad Men last week. Instead of starting a new show, I plan to finally watch that ever-growing list of movies sitting my my Netflix/Amazon queue; some of which have been sitting there for a couple years. lol. After that, it's time to break out the Three Stooges DVD collection.
  12. I know, move the PGA Championship to Augusta and award two titles to the winner. Edit: P.S - I'm not actually being serious.
  13. Unless you call around to various fitters to see if they have a 4 or 5 hybrid to demo, Global Golf U-Try sounds like your best option to try out first. I do agree with cnosil's 10-20 yard gap generalization particularly if you were to order a 4 hybrid in the same model & shaft combo.
  14. For sure! But for sake of argument, let's say they were in fact thinking of moving the PGA Championshop. The Tour would most certainly deny it anyway right up to the very minute they announce the tournament has been moved.
  15. I really like those in part because they fold so small as you mentioned. What kind of bag do you have? Is it stable and resist twisting well? Their website recommends a lightweight cart bag but I would think a stand bag that's semi-rigid would work just fine too.
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