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  1. Well it just doesn't seem easier given all the issues mentioned here. Impact stickers fold up nicely and take up less space than a glove. If you're hitting into a net like he is, then unless you're using a launch monitor spin rates don't matter too much. Thanks for the reply, but I still don't get it.
  2. I'm not sure what Dr. Scholl's (or store brand equivalent) costs, but impact tape is not expensive at all. You can get up to a couple hundred labels for $20 or less on Amazon. The labels can easily be used for several hits, don't leave residue, don't evaporate, and don't require a thin layer of water on the face. Is there any advantage other than cost to using foot spray? It sure sounds like a lot of work.
  3. Wilson - they're on the upswing, but I think it will take a sales success of a driver to really say "they're back" Titleist Irons - I think they look fine. Looks are so subjective though. Music - This is a tough one to strike a good balance. One doesn't want to be a curmudgeonly "old man" about it. Everyone enjoys the game differently and if music is a part of that, that's great. Personally, I don't want to hear your music. It's not the manner in which I enjoy playing the game. As has been said, be respectful and turn it down. Unfortunately relying on the general public to be self-policing, respectful to others, and to exercise common courtesy quite often ends in disappointment. How about a good old 20ft test as a solution? If you can hear it from 20 feet away, it's too loud.
  4. I experience a similar thing. I post about the same scores on 6000yds as I do on 6500yds largely because my approach play is terrible. I don't hit many GIR. but generally I am on the green in regulation plus one. What I do find is that a 6500-6600yd course usually causes me to use all 14clubs over the course of the round. If I tee it forward on the same course and play 6000yds or fewer, there will be 2 or 3 clubs I didn't use at all.
  5. Yeah there's a reason the word "cool" was in quotes. Anyway, I don't think I have a very good answer for that. I think there are too many moving pieces. IMO, boom times (like the Tiger Boom for golf) generally occur when several factors come together at the right moment in time to fuel that surge in popularity. While I do think cost & time are big reasons people give up the game, I don't think you can totally blame that for lack of general popularity. It's part of the equation but golf has always been costly and golf has always been time consuming. Maybe its as simple as newer hobbies became the "cool" thing to do and golf fell by the wayside. I don't really know. I could go on and on so I'll end on this: I worked at a golf course for a couple of summers in the late 90s. Saturday was always the busiest, most jam packed day. Golf courses don't seem as crowded on Saturdays as they used to be.
  6. I don't mean to derail this thread, but how was your experience with gigagolf? Does the stuff seem like its of decent quality?
  7. Most frequent I've hear is cost and lack of time. Remember, any sport/hobby/activity has an ebb and flow to its popularity. From 2003-2006ish, you couldn't go anywhere without seeing or hearing about online poker. Now it's pretty much at niche (obscure?) status in the US (don't get me started on that). Right now golf is not in a boom cycle. Last I recall seeing, total rounds played annually in the US is still flat to down slightly, but things like Top Golf are keeping total "participation" numbers steady to slightly higher. Didn't golf have a down cycle in the 80s/early 90s (pre-Tiger)? I'd be interested to see how current participation numbers compare to pre-Tiger or just a long term average. Regardless of the numbers, I don't get a sense that golf is very "cool" at the moment. This doesn't stop me from playing and enjoying it though. On top of that, the global economy is slowing and the average person just can't seem to get ahead. These are not two trends that bode well for a sport/hobby that is known to be somewhat costly. The reasons are endless as another mentioned. And I don't think there is any simple solution to reversing the trend.
  8. Read through this and it was really interesting. I did not think about the club head droop being the prime reason behind this. Thanks for posting the link.
  9. So I signed up for the U-Try 14day trial of the Cobra F9 one-length irons. Should get them in a couple of days. I was looking up the specs and I noticed that the lie angle is different for each iron. I thought that was odd. I couldn't find any info on why that is. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. Do any of the one-length players out there know why they do that? Here are the F9 spec from the Cobra website.
  10. It means the prices of used sets will start to come down as people trade them in.
  11. I would definitely consider their woods, irons, and/or hybrids. Poking around their website I noticed they have a demo program where they send you a couple of clubs to try for 14days.
  12. Nice gear. Sounds like those irons were a great used club find. I really like the bag in the light gray and hi-vis yellow trim.
  13. Some good ideas here. I have also been using bogey golf as my "New Par" for some time. Right now my (unofficial) handicap is 20 so it's a good yardstick. I also like the game of 13 that CarlH mentioned and may try a version of that. There's lots of variations on the theme you could do.
  14. Yes. I've read the review and watched plenty of YouTube videos on the e-wheels and Motocaddy etc. I keep coming back to the e-wheels because it's the most affordable way to get remote and controlled distance functions.
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