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  1. I wish. Simply got testing purposes to see what it’s capable of.
  2. From 376yds… one handed whole holding my phone with the other to film. https://youtube.com/shorts/1eSMyGpAwAA?feature=share
  3. I’m using the Q6 today as I caddie for one of my students taking his Player Ability Test. This thing is just rock solid so far. Same number to the decimal every single time. Inspires a lot of confidence.
  4. Took the Cobalt Q6 to the range this afternoon during some lessons. It really is impressive. Shoots the same number down to the decimal every single time. Near or far. Video below proves it. For reference, wind was blowing 15+ mph today. If I was nitpicking, it did read 315yds vs 314yds one time. Lol. But unless you’re Rory driving the green I’m not sure this is a deal breaker. This was with slope turned off.
  5. Initial Impressions So I came home from work and the Cobalt Q6 arrived a day early! I was very impressed with the packaging and, on an EXTREMELY nerdy note, appreciated the cardboard box with the two push button holes vs tabs like you normally see. I know I know... Mine came with the scrub towel, and I'll say the scrub part of the towel (underside) feels like Velcro hooks. I can definitely see how this would scrub the grooves of an iron quite well. The first time I took the Q6 out of the case, I was impressed by its weight. Overall it is a heavy-duty feeling piece of kit! I'd hope it would have felt this way for the price of $450 that people would normally pay. Build quality feels similar to the Leupold I've been using. One small annoyance, it looks like there is a scuff/smudge on the top of it straight out the box (see image below): Instructions are clear enough and easy to follow, though you could play with it for 30 seconds and figure out most of the functions (my kids did). I personally really like the carying case. The D-Ring is sturdy feeling and the added options of the loops to run a cart strap through or another type of carabiner is a nice touch. The bungee cord is similar to Bushnell cases I've seen in the past. I took it to the back deck for a quick initial test and was pleased to find that it showed the same number over and over and over, down to the decimal place. Mind you this is just shooting trees, but it does inspire confidence for the course! I took a short video here: More to come as I test it on the course, but first impressions are positive!
  6. Concerning the magnet, has anyone considered just buying a really strong magnet and epoxying it on the range finder? I’m not sure if that would mess anything up or if it’s ever been tried before.
  7. That’s a fair point. It is useful to be able to know you’ve hit the foremost (flag) object while scanning. Reaffirms that you’ve got the right target.
  8. Hello again Spies! Tony here with another review for the MGS Forum! I have been blessed to do several reviews for the Forum in the past (Srixon Z-Star golf balls, Super Speed training system, Cleveland Frontline Elevado, and L.A.B. DF2.1) and have the opportunity to pinch hit for this Cobalt Q-6 Range Finder. My job puts me around golf quite a bit. I run Player Development, Internships, and teach classes as a professor in a Professional Golf Management (PGA) Program at a large university in North Carolina. While our winters are a bit chilly, I do get year-round golf. My job mostly has me helping others improve their own golf games and I absolutely love it (just in case you couldn't tell by the photos)! Currently, I play off a 3 handicap and I want to start playing in PGA Section tournaments this year. I find when I have some goals to shoot for, I am much more likely to practice and play more often. I would call myself a competitive golfer who needs to actually play much more to reach my golfing potential. While accurate distances to the flag, bunkers, hazards, etc. are vital to playing your best golf at any level, as you start playing in tournaments it becomes even more important. A yard off or an incorrect target reading (tree in the background behind the flag) could severely cost you in your club selection. In many tournaments, one stroke is the difference between winning and losing. I’m currently using a Leupold GX-3i2 range finder that I’ve been pleased with overall. I’ve never been one to spend $$$ on a range finder, but as I’m going to play competitively, this review opportunity is perfectly timed. I’ve heard next to nothing about Cobalt Range Finders in the past. To be honest, when I saw that this product needed another tester to step in, I wasn’t sure about it. I’m not saying that I only trust well-established big players like Bushnell, but I just didn’t have any context for the Cobalt line. Having read through the other testers’ posts thus far, I have high expectations for this device. To earn a spot in my bag and kick out the Leupold, this range finder needs to be accurate. If I shoot a flag three times in a row, I expect the yardage to be the same every time. I read this one shows the 10th place (same as the Leupold), so I’d say as long as the whole number is the same (e.g., 125.2, 125.6) each time, I’m good to go. Durability and quality of build are also premier for me. I have two kids who like to play with me and they love to check out all of dad’s tech. They’re very respectful of my stuff, but accidents happen. Ease of use is also important. I don’t want to use something that is cumbersome or awkward. Finally, optics are important. The viewfinder needs to be clear and adjustable. Aside from that, if it works, I’m happy!
  9. Happy to join the group! I read through all the testers’ thoughts and can’t wait to give it a test!
  10. Finally got a chance to try on the FJ Tour Alphas, the new Hyper Flex Carbon, and the Premiere. All three were amazing. FJ does a great job of having a wide sole, even if the actual foot width is narrow. I don’t know if that makes sense, but it’s like the actual sole of the shoe is substantially wider than the top of the shoe where your foot goes in. The Tour Alphas were exactly what I thought they’d be. That plastic molded heel cup is so stable and secure. I think I’ll end up going with those because of that. That combined with the wide base made it feel like I literally couldn’t get outside of my lead foot. I’d have to manufacture something crazy for that to happen. The Hyper Flex Carbon were extremely comfortable. They just didn’t do the heel cup as well as the Alpha. The Premiere is amazing all around. Such a timeless looking shoe. I really could buy any of the three and have no regrets about any of them. Looks like I’m finally moving away from Adidas golf shoes after 13+ years.
  11. I just saw an ad for the new FJ Carbon Hyper Flex shoes. Will add those with the Tour Alphas to the try list soon.
  12. Also been curious to try FootJoy Tour Alpha shoes. Anyone have those? The idea of the plastic molded frame around the heel is very intriguing to me for stability.
  13. I took some time to hit the Srixon ZX7 Mark II and Mizuno Pro 223 7 irons yesterday. Both are amazing. The difference between the two was just a matter of feel and the 223’s spins a few hundred RPMs more than the ZX7’s. Peak height, landing angle, and carry differences were negligible.
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