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  1. We always have our biases in patterns. So I will always have to be conscious of it in my swing. I have some good feels that I use to keep it in check. I would experiment with a few different external ideas to see what is easiest for you to implement. For example, put the clubhead high to a point out in front of you in the takeaway then finish your turn. With a lot of people, giving your brain an externally focused task can reap great results very quickly because your brain is organized around a task vs obsessing about internal body positions.
  2. Not going to do anything to give you data on your hips/body. Best you could do is correlate when you try to do something with your hips/body, what impact does it have on your wrists?
  3. Yeah I notice some exaggerated flight issues after it scuffs too much. I can literally rip pieces of cover off it is so tattered after a wedge shot. And my wedges are old. They are SM7’s I got used back in 2019... Compared to the ProV1 I played for like 54 straight holes that had barely a hint of a scuff on it, I just don’t see myself playing it after I go through this box.
  4. I played the V3 again today during a round. More issues with the scuffing. It’s really bad. One wedge shot still is all it takes. I don’t think I’ll buy another box after this.
  5. I’ve always had questions about using range balls for dialing in distances. On a tour, they get to use the same model of balls they play with in actual real golf on the practice range. If you’re a ProV1 player, you get your TrackMan or your GC Quad and hit real golf balls. Then you can adjust based on altitude, temperature, etc. With range balls, I’d venture that it’s just not the same one to one ratio for carry distance. Would need to test though. I think MGS HQ wrote an article about using range balls for fitting a while back. Does the Rapsodo track full flight outdoors? If so, at least you’d know how far range balls go. But for 50yds and in, I’d save your scuffed up balls that are the same model you play with and find a park where you can laser a bucket and pitch balls to it to dial those carry distances in.
  6. For the testers who know their ball striking well: are you finding that the shot shape on the app matching what you expect when you are hitting into a net? If you felt you hit a hook or a push fade, is that the shape you’re seeing on the app? Also, for those who have done the dot templates and markers, still seeing good results with that method? Any tips or advice for marker type and durability or stuff like that?
  7. I took a break from playing the V3 because I had some tournament prep and then a two day tournament. I play ProV1 for tournaments. I have played the same ProV1 ball for over 36 holes since the tournament and the wear/tear is still minimal. I’m not sure how Titleist does it, but the durability of their covers is just phenomenal. If Kirklands would last as long without the scuffing I think it would be hands down the best ball for the money in the game. This isn’t to say that it isn’t that already. For people who lose balls frequently, it could very well be the best ball for the money. I just keep noticing those scuffs after one or two wedges. If I was to play that ball in a tournament, I’d be rotating it out every few holes for a fresh one, which at that point I’m not getting the cost savings benefit. If I go through one sleeve of Kirkland balls each round but a ProV1 lasts more than two rounds, the price per hit/round doesn’t add up. I was curious to read in the MGS ball lab study that they said the Kirkland V3 doesn’t appear to be a drastically different ball than the V2. Having played the ball a bunch, I would have to disagree. Cover durability is better, it doesn’t appear to spin near as much off the driver, and it is much longer, for my swing/game, than the V2 was. The V2 spun so much I couldn’t play it at all. The V3 goes exactly the numbers I expect it to, it stops quickly on full iron shots. It spins on wedges and chips. With driver it penetrates the air nicely and doesn’t balloon. The V2 did not do that. Does anyone else agree that the V3 is not the V2, and is better off the driver?
  8. Anyone planning on comparing it side by side simultaneously with a GC Quad? I’ve seen a few videos where they’ve tried it and the ball data as far as spin and launch angle and speed were spot on if I remember correctly. Carry was very very close as well from my memory.
  9. Still loving mine as well! However my battery did randomly die one day, seemingly overnight. I wonder if it somehow got locked into the button being depressed in the case. Or if I laid my bag on the case in the car and it stayed depressed. But like others have said, it’s a great unit. Always spot on with Bushnell’s in my experience.
  10. Just got an email from Hack Motion saying they’ve released an update that will allow specific shot tagging during a practice session. More data than just what club was hit as well.
  11. I’ve seen that as well. At least there are options! You going to get the stickers or the template and see how they go?
  12. The original Battery just ran out on the Cobalt. Not too bad considering I got it back in March and played a lot of golf this summer with it.
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