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  1. You could do a ton of backswing work. Turn on the audio feedback and work on keeping the lead wrist in the position you want. Backswing work doesn’t require hitting balls.
  2. I have played around with putting a bit more, but I still get a ton of accidental captures even on just small practice strokes.
  3. Yeah for the club data, TrackMan doesn’t need to be outside to measure accurately. Ball data on the other hand…. If you see the spin rate italicized in TrackMan, it means it did not measure spin rate on the shot and hat do calculate/estimate it. The new Titleist RTC balls are near perfect for TrackMan indoors. I have good results with the metallic sticker as well indoors. And again, they just measure club data at two different points in time, so tough to say if one is more accurate than the other. I know I just prefer and trust TrackMan for club data more.
  4. I don’t remember finding a course for under $70. That was pre-Covid as well. We stayed and played close to a Big Cedar and the golf is pricey there. Have fun!
  5. It is super easy to set up. Literally turn it on. Set it on the ground parallel to your target line. Usually the alignment stick that comes with it if you want to, and start smacking balls. If you can see the ball flight outdoors, the alignment stick probably isn’t even necessary. Because really all you would be looking for at that point is the launch, spin, ball speed, and total carry numbers since you can see the ball in real time for curvature. For indoors, unless you have a ton of space, camera based units work the easiest. I literally just have about 8 feet from my hitting mat to the net, but I could get away with even less than that. If you have a really tight space, as long as you can swing the club comfortably and safely you can get away with almost any amount of space.
  6. Not at the moment, no. I would need to purchase a gaming computer to run FSX Play and purchase the Gold subscription.
  7. Hello fellow Spies. I had an opportunity to purchase a Bushnell Launch Pro with some extra monies that I had to spend. I did lots of research and debating before landing on this unit and the ball only mode. For background, I teach and coach using TrackMan 4 and GC Quad every week. I know the ins and outs of Launch Monitors. Camera based vs radar, all price points, etc. I know what numbers to expect and when something is wonky. I’ve been using my Launch Pro since right around Christmas and have logged many practice sessions indoors. Yesterday, I took it up to work and laid it down side by side with the TrackMan 4 (indoors, not outside). I aligned both units and used a Titleist ProV1 ball with a metallic dot sticker to accurately capture spin on the TrackMan. I grabbed a random 7 iron that was laying around and hit a few balls and took picture of the results. These are consecutive shots with no deletions. As you can see in the images below, ball speed and launch angle are practically identical on each shot. Spin axis is within a degree (and direction is the same) and backspin are often within under 100rpms. Carry within a yard as well. Shot 1: Shot 2: Shot 3: Shot 4: I will do more testing with wedges and driver as well when I next get a chance, but I have no reason to believe accuracy will be any different. The only issue that might result is with driver and spin under 2,200 rpm, as Foresight’s algorithm is known to juice carry numbers at higher ball speeds and spin under 2,200. The reason I went with ball only vs club plus ball was two fold. First, having used TrackMan so much for club data, I find the Launch Pro and Quad to be a little different for my liking. Because of where Foresight measures club data (at first touch) compared to TrackMan (at maximum compression), the club path data can vary by as much as 2-3* (compared to TrackMan in my experience) for faster players. For example, when I had the free trial of the fully unlocked Gold subscription model, my club path on the Launch Pro with irons was showing as 6* in to out. I have never been that far in to out with any club on TrackMan. When I’m playing draw, I’d be 1-3* in to out. I asked our club fitter and another coach who works with Tour players and high level amateurs and they both confirmed that they also notice Foresight to be a few degrees more in-to-out biased than TrackMan. You could argue that this doesn’t mean it is less accurate. They just measure at different times. It’s just my preference to use TrackMan for the club data. Further more, the cost savings was not justifiable to me just to get club speed, angle of attack, and path. If I need to check swing data, I’ll just get on TrackMan. I look at Swing Direction, Swing Plane, dynamic loft, etc. Having said all of that, to get the accuracy of the ball data at under $2,000 compared to TrackMan or GC Quad (at over $14,000 each) is unbelievable. For 99% of people, this is all they’ll need. In my own game, I’ve worked really hard the past month indoors on the Launch Pro creating my wedge matrix options. I have had so many times where I shoot the flag stick in a round of golf, look at my matrix, pick the club and swing size, and the ball finishes pin high or within 6ft. Knowing your carry numbers, especially inside of 120yds, is so valuable. No guess work. I personally haven’t purchased a gaming computer or felt the need to buy the year long gold subscription. I know how to look at the spin axis and launch direction data and create the shot in my head. Maybe if I get a gaming computer I’ll get the gold package, but the iPad app isn’t worth it to me for $500/year. If I go with the subscription, I’m getting the full experience with the new FSX Play and course simulation. I do still have a bit of the money left over by not getting the club data version. If there is anything else that members would like to see or to have me test let me know. Ask any questions as well!
  8. Well there are phases of learning. Cognitive: where you have to consciously work to understand the change and focus hard on each rep. Associative: where you don’t have to work to understand it as much, but you still have to work to engrain it. It’s not automatic yet. Then there is the Autonomous: where it is on auto pilot. It is the new move/pattern. I’d say I’m in Associative. You’ll see many pro golfers in this phase still rehearsing a move in the pre-shot routine, yet they play amazing golf. To truly get something in auto pilot would take a long time. And then there is the point where you might be on auto pilot on the range or in practice, but the actual golf course changes things.
  9. Had some money from a project I worked on. Had to spend it on something rather than take it as salary, so….
  10. We always have our biases in patterns. So I will always have to be conscious of it in my swing. I have some good feels that I use to keep it in check. I would experiment with a few different external ideas to see what is easiest for you to implement. For example, put the clubhead high to a point out in front of you in the takeaway then finish your turn. With a lot of people, giving your brain an externally focused task can reap great results very quickly because your brain is organized around a task vs obsessing about internal body positions.
  11. Not going to do anything to give you data on your hips/body. Best you could do is correlate when you try to do something with your hips/body, what impact does it have on your wrists?
  12. Yeah I notice some exaggerated flight issues after it scuffs too much. I can literally rip pieces of cover off it is so tattered after a wedge shot. And my wedges are old. They are SM7’s I got used back in 2019... Compared to the ProV1 I played for like 54 straight holes that had barely a hint of a scuff on it, I just don’t see myself playing it after I go through this box.
  13. I played the V3 again today during a round. More issues with the scuffing. It’s really bad. One wedge shot still is all it takes. I don’t think I’ll buy another box after this.
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