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  1. Experimenting with a high draw swing at the moment. Several reasons for this: 1) it’s fun and it’s how my brain processes; I learn lots of different swings to better understand what my wide range of students experience in their own motions (helps to teach more effectively) 2) it’s a fun personal challenge to try new swings Some key feels for this motion: high hands in the backswing and then feel like I’m dropping it way behind in the downswing (not true at all). Ball goes stupid high and far with this swing.
  2. Thanks for the comment! Honestly it is Player dependent. It is true that for many, the kinematic sequence (starting from the ground up in the downswing) is visible in just about all athletic motions. A pitcher throwing a fastball, a quarterback slinging a spiral, shooting a basketball, even corn hole all start from the ground up. Having said that, for players who get too far ahead with the lower body in the downswing and get out of sync or stuck, they might need to feel that it all goes together in unison. The lower body will still slightly lead for those types of players. The old “feel vs real” thing.
  3. Yes indeed. This is not for everyone. No two bodies are alike and not everyone can do this safely. All depends on what you can do with your own body that doesn’t cause injury.
  4. This drill is exactly what I give to a lot of my stall/flip students. I add another component to it: hit half swing shots from 9 to 3 o’ clock and hold the finish. From there simply turn back to the ball. If your position is still in an impact spot where you could hit another ball, you aren’t flipping and will likely have solid impact conditions. If you’ve flipped and turn back to the ball, you’ll see it clear as day. Can’t go too hard though with this drill, otherwise you can’t hold onto it anymore and the club will release at the hands/wrists.
  5. More swing work lately. Been fighting nagging lower back injuries so I figured it was time for two things: 1) get my core strong again. 2) swing with 75% effort My swing focus has been on 75% effort max, right elbow on the right hip (not stuck behind for me due to an aggressive downswing effort level). Results have been phenomenal. No lower back pain, club path and face inside of 2* and mostly club path right around 0*. Long irons go dead straight. Removes all but the face angle as a variable. I check my club face in my pre swing routine, adjust my grip if needed, then swing freely at 75% effort.
  6. Even with the Bushnell; the subscription model annoys me. I just wish some companies would, you know, give you what you pay for. No subscriptions, no unlock-able features, just the full deal. Old school mentality I guess.
  7. Exactly. With lots of options at the $10k and up range, it becomes a moot point. I would think the strategy should be to blow it up and underprice compared to the big dogs and just make a killing in pure volume. Top tier accuracy, $1,500 and just sell a boat load.
  8. TruGolf just announced their new camera-based ceiling-mounted Launch Monitor. Seems very similar to the Uneekor series. Supposed to have a “Hey APOGEE” voice command function like Siri/Alexsa. Some of the other cool features include a laser that shows the hitting area before shots and that it doesn’t need any stickers on the club face or special golf balls. Pricing is $11,000: https://trugolf.com/apogee/ https://www.par2pro.com/shop/product_info.php?country=US&products_id=807&osCsid=8rhaetaq4ntj9puka29th4nmq7&currency=USD
  9. Pretty much what everyone else has said. It’s like anything else in golf, practice with what you play with whenever possible. It would be like practicing your buddy’s driver that has a different shaft and then going to play with your own and trying to figure how it’s going to go.
  10. Price drop: $110 shipped in U.S.
  11. I guess the Tiger/Rory duo could further complicate LIV’s success? Who knows.
  12. I’m definitely interested to see what comes of this. I think with two mega stars in Tiger and Rory this has lots of potential. With their powers combined!!!!!!
  13. Price drop: $125 shipped in U.S.
  14. Price drop: $150 shipped in U.S.
  15. What’s good fellow spies. I have the good fortune to have space to hit balls in my garage(10ft ceilings and such). I also love golf theory and get to teach as part of my job. This will be sort of a housing thread to put my thoughts on my own swing. If anyone gets benefit from it great! I’ll keep doing them. If not, no big deal. Note: No two swings are alike. No two bodies are alike. What I may need and work on may not apply to you. First on my list is maintaining extension and width in both arms at the first half of the backswing. My feel is to exaggerate both arms (keep elbows straight). At some point the right elbow will bend and the wrists will hinge, but I was folding the right elbow too early in the backswing and right wrist too early. I also wanted to shorten my backswing a bit to improve consistency of strike. So far, I’m liking the results after about three days of practice. I made a short video of my thoughts here: Face On: DTL: DTL Ball flight: 8 iron https://youtube.com/shorts/-2niMHhhLu0?feature=share
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