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  1. Definitely interested in the new Wishons. I was close on the Sterlings, then heard Wishon had new irons coming. The new ones include hybrids and woods. I’m thinking I’m fixing to pull the trigger on a Pxg 0811xf driver with the current price where it’s at. Anybody play this driver?
  2. Any updates on how it’s going with the launchers, anybody checked out the cobra trails.
  3. I agree with chisag, the courses near me have enough variety on par 4s that if I hit a good drive I might have a wedge to some, long iron or hybrid/wood to others. Theirs one I have only been on in regulation twice this summer, took a 5 wood both times. I also like playing my hole bag.
  4. What did you think about the UHX irons. How is the forgiveness and feel compare to the irons you were using, were they the previous launcher irons or have you been hitting something else. Which graphite shaft did you get, not sure how many they offer in graphite. Thanks for your feedback on these. I'm thinking I want to check these out.
  5. I’ve been playing the 919 Hot Metal with the flihi 5 & 6 hybrid. Really like them. Handicap is 18, played about 10 rounds with them, several in the 80’s. Been playing about 2 years. Came from ping g’s which I liked, these are more forgiving and I love the wedges.
  6. I’m interested in your opinion also, since you’ve had success with Cleveland and Callaway, my swing speed is slower also. These clubs can be found at good prices. Just haven’t heard much about them.
  7. Has anyone used the JPX 919 irons with the new Fli-Hi hybrids for the long irons, looking to get more distance on the long irons, curious to see if anyone has played them and their thoughts. I posted this same question in the Japanese equipment, yet to get a response, new to the forum, been following for a while, get lots of good info that helps my game. Thanks
  8. Anybody have any experience with the new jpx 919 irons that use the new flihi hybrids in place of the longer irons
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