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  1. We have chickens in our back garden so this picture was fun to paint. Even the animals can photo bomb. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. As I posted before, on my home course you would never be held up because the normal thing is to call on through, you do have some minor hold ups but are never expected to follow a slower group for 15 holes. The only problem we had was when a group decided it was time to stop and eat so they started a pick nick on one of the greens, suffice to say it did not last long the pro had them escorted from the course.
  3. On my home course it is public access so we have all types and golf standards. One thing that is always present though is the manners shown by the slow players, we have never yet been held up for too long we are always called through. I think back to how I started and if we are all honest I think the greater majority of us would have been slow when we started so as long as they call through they can take as long as they like. I am 77 and yesterday I walked nine in 1hr 15 without rushing on a course that was fairly empty, if it had taken double that I would not have bothered as I usually sit down watch the wildlife and smell the flowers whilst waiting for my turn. Golf is a good game for teaching us patience.
  4. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, unfortunately when you look at some so called art work the eyes are not seeming to work very well. Having said that every one does their best it’s only that some have more natural talent. One thing I notice is that not many that practice art will accept their work is not good. I think my work is acceptable, I have never taken art classes so what I do is what I think is correct, we have a friend who does not like it, but I am also no fan of her work. This is one of my recent paintings it is an Inca trail from way back that is now a tourist spot.
  5. Absolutely art is a big deal, me as a person getting on in age find it soothing. My wife and I must spend about 3 days a week painting, the challenge keeps the brain active. Unfortunately we do not like to sell our work as it is personal, we do it as a hobby but we should sell some as we use oil paints and they are expensive, between us we have in excess of $4,000 worth of paint plus around 80 brushes. Started three more today and have another two on the go. I will post more of my work soon but I would also like to see other people’s work.
  6. I like to paint things with some sort of message, to me that is, I like to feel something in the picture. This one was from some time back and it reminded me of our inhumanity to animals. It’s a Tiger cub in a cage, it looks sad it’s body language says I do not want to be here. When I posted this with a similar message on another site, I was vilified because the animal was born in captivity so knows no difference, it has been proven time and time again they do know something is wrong. Make up your own minds. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Nothing like starting with the difficult stuff lol. If she is interested in it give her every opportunity to realise that dream, I always knew I could paint but there was never any encouragement from my parents, it is only five years ago I started to take it up seriously at the age of 72, never had lessons work only on instinct. Most important is selection of the art type you want to follow and this will not be obvious until it has been tried so always encourage experimentation. Give her my best wishes and tell her she has a good start with that standard of work, seen many so called artists that could not do that standard.
  8. Anyone out there that likes art, I know this is a golf site but as I am in everything else I am talking about my other passion. As an introduction here is my latest painting Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. We are thousands of kilometres from there, south east Queensland near the Sunshine Coast, sub tropical climate. They say about Queensland, wonderful one day, perfect the next. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. I am from the land down under Australia, good people laid back attitude but unfortunately many golfers are not very social. I have had many good rounds with excellent friends and also the opposite, have not played for many months but tomorrow, Monday will be my first game in 12 months. Thank you all for the welcome Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. I have used a golf site that almost encouraged spiteful talk by their inaction. This is my first post and it looks as if I will enjoy being part on this community Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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