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  1. I did some Trackman verification in doing the new ball test, I saw a 2.5 mph increase over the 6th gen Srixon Z Star. With the additional spin it gave to keep the ball in the air a bit longer, I picked up an average of 17 yards carry distance. Weather has kept me off the course for real world validation, but I'm excited to see what happens.
  2. They waited a while to get these out to us. I'm itching to get on the course and see if the launch monitor data translates to real world performance. I'll refrain from reading any of it so I can still keep an unbiased opinion on the course.
  3. Yes, you just set a box of (dozen size) golf balls about 3-4” from the ball, with the ball centered in the box opposite the camera. Record a slow motion, face on swing video and upload it through their portal and wait. They say response time is 1-3 business days, but most of us had our response within 1 day, unless you did it over the weekend. It helps if you trim the video down just because of the upload speed.
  4. I would do it just to do it. I was surprised at how accurate it was. Granted, I hit a different driver setup (9.5 M3 / Hzrdus T1100) when I did mine vs what is currently in my bag, but it’s pretty dang close.
  5. It didn’t on the GW shots, but yes on the others. I got fatigued and started flipping. Didn’t make as good of contact with it.
  6. Alright, so I literally just got in the door from doing some testing on Trackman. I went by Haas Family Golf in Greenville, SC and spent some time with Daniel Clemmons, their in house master fitter. If any of you in the upstate SC area are looking for a fitter and/or lessons, give this guy a call. Very knowledgeable and super nice as well. Anyhow, results are below comparing my 6th gen Srixon ZStar vs the proto Bridgestone Tour B XS. CHS / Ball Speed / Smash / Launch / Spin / Carry Driver Z Star - 112.7 / 165.6 / 1.47 / 8.3 / 1909 / 263.2 yds B XS - 113.5 / 168.1 / 1.48 / 8.4 / 2917 / 280.2 yds 7 iron Z Star - 91.2 / 118.6 / 1.30 / 18.3 / 6966 / 166 yds B XS - 91.3 / 120 / 1.32 / 17.5 / 6725 / 170.1 yds GW - Note: was trying to hit my 100 yard approach, not full swing. I started getting a little flippy with the B XS in this comparison due to fatigue, which you’ll see with the numbers. Z Star - 81.9 / 79.9 / .98 / 27.1 / 10383 / 97.5 yds B XS - 82.9 / 78.3 / .95 / 29.2 / 10579 / 94.7 yds I realize 2900 rpm spin with a driver is a bit higher than ideal, but I’ve always had a negative angle of attack with my driver as you’ll notice with my lower launch angles. Today I averaged -2.6 degrees. But I picked up almost 3 mph in ball speed and 17 yards of carry. That’s including one that was low on the face and only carried 270. The other drives were all between 283.6-284.5. If I take the one low out, the avg jumps 20 yards. The feel off the driver is a touch firmer than the Z Star, but was negligible with the 7i and GW. Needless to say, I’m itching to get on the course with this revelation today. If nothing else, this has shown why ball fitting may be just as important as club fitting. Initial impressions: wow!
  7. Definitely noticed what you’re talking about as far as finger feel. I hope the cover is durable.
  8. Edit...saw your post on the previous page. Those were good numbers you had. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them for a while to come. I’m a big fan of Srixon.
  9. I said I wasn’t going to until I actually hit it, but I picked up a M5 with an Aldila Synergy Black. I don’t know the numbers, but I was hitting some of the straightest bombs I’ve ever hit with this thing. That shaft seems to be a real deal unicorn, hopefully it’ll make me smile many times over. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Mine arrived today. I’m marking some out now. Ready to see how these compare to the previous generation as well as the Z Star 6 I currently play. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. It’s definitely a yuge gamble on their part, hopefully it works out for the better.
  12. Can’t really tell you how it performed, as I was hitting in an outdoor 25 yard bay without a launch monitor. From where my current driver hits that net, this one seemed to make contact slightly higher, that’s comparing an 8.5 M3 and 8.0 SIM. As far as spin and dispersion, can’t tell you. Feel is subjective to each person, but the SIM felt solid. That’s the best way I can describe it with the limited swings I had. I plan to do a fitting sometime in the next month or so, when I do, I’ll post more thoughts then.
  13. And that’s why I ended up here! Awesome backstory, especially for those who may only know MGS from seeing commercials on GOLF channel. It’s also a great reminder for everyone on why your donations matter, every little bit helps keep this great machine running. Keep up the great work MGS staff!
  14. I was able to hit the SIM today. Really liked it. Sound, to my ear, is similar to the M5/6 in that it’s more of a muted crack, where my hot melted M3 still has a little bit of the plink sound. As far as feel, the best way to describe it vs my M3 is solid. Not that the M3 isn’t, something about the SIM was just different. All in all, it’ll be at the top of my list when it’s tome to see if there’s anything better.
  15. Personally I like it. I've always liked how Taylormade drivers set at address over any other. I'll be in the market for a new driver this year and the SIM will definitely be in consideration. Someone mentioned the high launch/low spin, the TXG guys did a test and this does seem to be the case.
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