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  1. They actually did OK. Because the bounce is a little lower than the Srixons I had been playing, it actually made one of the outs on hard pan much easier. I know it's not typically something we think to purposefully test. When I'm out playing and have to make that shot, I'm not thinking about the review, I'm thinking about getting the ball out and mitigating further disaster. Fortunately every time that I had to punch out, I was able to get out.
  2. I was able to make it back out Sunday, but my driver woes returned. I got it straightened out at the turn, but the front 9 was so bad, I really can't comment to how the irons played. Everything was punching out or punching under to advance to the green. Then, we had hurricane rains yesterday and soaked everything pretty good. Hopefully I can get out some this afternoon. Totally agree with Tom, I don't care about the honeymoon ending as long as the marriage is good.
  3. Are your i500s standard, power, or retro spec? If they’re standard, the 5i is going to be 24* and if they’re the power spec, it’ll be 22.5*. Have you considered a 24* hybrid? With your swing speed, you may just not have enough oomph to consistently get the 5i high enough to get the yardage you need. You mentioned having to really step on it to do so. A hybrid would be much easier to launch and still have a controlled swing. ETA... I know that’s not what you’re asking for, just a suggestion. I’m not familiar enough with graphite iron shafts to know if there are any with a similar EI profile to the S300. I have heard the UST Recoil is fairly similar in spin, but not sure on the EI profile.
  4. I’ll have time for more details later, but wanted to give a brief update after today. We won our division, had a sudden death playoff and we won on the first hole. But...these irons are just flat out performing so far. She left me with some long approaches on a few holes, but the ease and confidence I already have with hitting these irons made the shots seem easier than they were. The first was an uphill shot with a hurting wind from the left, ranged it for 182. Pulled the 6, flushed it, carried maybe 186 and bounced just off the back of the green. The next hole she pulled her tee shot a little and I had a 198 yd shot with a slight helping wind from the left. Pulled the 6 again and put it just past pin high, 15’ right. On the 9th hole, I hit a bombed drive, and her hybrid shot flew off the toe and rolled out to leave me with 176. I had to hit it over a big oak and get the ball up fast to do so. Not a problem, pulled the 8 and let it rip. Ball cleared the tree and landed center of the green about 15’ short of the pin. I think I said it in my earlier post, but these irons launch effortlessly and just go straight. I’m not sure if I’ll get out any tomorrow, but I can’t wait to hit them again. ETA... for those wondering about distance differences, these clubs seem to be about a half club longer than what I had before. I’ll hopefully get some Trackman time in the next few weeks and provide some actual numbers, but these things are doing exactly what they’re advertised and designed to do.
  5. Well, well, well...look what finally arrived. Christmas in July barely happened for me, but it did! Just like Tom's experience, the irons arrived safe and sound, packaged very neatly and secure. I immediately unboxed it all and found the hat, sticker, and personalized letter from Jason. As a folically challenged dude with a big noggin, I appreciate a good hat and this is a quality hat! INITIAL IMPRESSIONS!!!! Upon removing the irons from the grid, I was amazed at their beauty. The lines on these irons are perfect. They were a touch bigger than I expected, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The squared toe, which I absolutely love by the way, helps with the appearance of the overall heel to toe length. I chose to go with because my hope was that it would reduce the appearance of the top line. As you can see in the pics, it's not noticeably thicker than the top line of a Srixon Z745. The sole is a touch wider, but only towards the toe. The heel side is actually a touch narrower. Offset to the naked eye is negligible compared to the Z745 as well. It's there, but I can live with it. Alright, enough of that, the pics can speak for themselves. What's an excited overgrown kid supposed to do when he get's a brand new set of toys? Go play of course, and that's what I did. I'll apologize in advance, but the battery on my phone died while driving to the course. I didn't realize it was nearly dead before leaving and I didn't get any pictures of these beasts in their natural habitat. Anyhow, that's out of the way. I arrived at the course and went through my normal stretching routine and warm-up. After warming up with some partial wedge shots, I took the PW out. First strike, OK, that sounds and feels different. These irons, throughout the set, have more audible noise than what I've been accustomed to with the Srixons. A well struck shot out of the middle on the 745s is a dull thud. Miss the center though and you get a nice crack. With these 699 Pros, there's definitely a more audible sound at contact. It's not bad by any means, but it's there. I can feel the contact a little more with these compared to shots off the middle of the 745s, but it's negligible. The biggest difference is the feel is still there with the 699 Pros. I could still easily tell when I hit it out of the middle or had the toe side miss that I typically see. Speaking of, that shot is not near as punishing as it is with my Srixon's, either the 745s or 965s. Anyhow, sound and feel aside, it didn't bother me in the least as the balls were just flying high and straight. I hit about 10 shots with the PW, 7i, and 5i, then said it's time to hit the course. I'll post the round below, but I'll tell you about the memorable shots with the new sticks. Hole 1...I opened with a snap hook drive that left me behind a pine tree with no way to get to the green in two. I took the 4 iron and hit a low punch that ran up to about 40 yards short, color me impressed. Hole 4 was where I noticed really started to notice some magic with these. It's a dog leg left hole that only requires a layup off the tee. I was left with 179 yards so I pulled the 7i out. Perfect strike, high draw, ball carried right on the number and released maybe 5'. Hole 9 is a dog-leg right par 5 that plays longer than it reads on the tee sheet. I smoked a cut drive down the right side and was left with 210 to center. I pulled the 5i again and what happened next was just amazing. Another perfect strike, high fade, flew slightly longer than center, but landed and only rolled out 6-7'!!!!! What, how does that happen?!?! Needless to say, I missed my eagle putt, but closed the 9 with a stress free birdie for an even 36. I have a parent/child tournament with my daughter tomorrow morning, and these will be in the bag. I'll try to snap some outdoor pics tomorrow, but from my limited time with the Sub 70 699 Pros today, I'm very impressed.
  6. I will check mine next chance I get. I plan to do a TM comparison between my current gamers and these, as well as checking the dynamic lie angle and adjusting if necessary. When I do, I'll have the loft and lie checked. I asked for mine to be bent 1.5* upright based on their standard angle and what my specs typically call for, so it'll be interesting to see. I anticipate they'll be spot on.
  7. Mine arrive tomorrow. Had I known they arrived at the local customer center today, I would’ve went to pick them up this afternoon. Nevertheless, I’ll have them in hand tomorrow. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Afternoon everyone, I figured with the thunderstorm rolling in, it’d be a great time to type up my intro to this test... A little bit about me.. My game is like that of many ams, hinging off successful tee shots. If I can keep it out of trouble off the tee, I’ll most likely have a decent day. I’m a decent iron player, but my miss is definitely toe side and then short. My short game is decent with some days being better than others. My current trend is at 3.5 and has been working down ever so slightly this summer. My last Trackman session had me averaging 115.2 chs with driver and 94.1 with my 7 iron. My averages over the past 14 rounds has been... 2.9 birdies or better 8.9 pars 5.6 bogeys And... .6 doubles or worse My GIR average over this same period is 11/18 and as averages go, that’s average. That leads me to what I’m excited about with this test. I do fairly well in the income department, but am by no means rich. I work hard to support my family and my wants come last. For the past few months, I’ve been wanting a new set of irons. Something slightly more forgiving on my misses. I’ve been shopping and had my eyes on a few different sets. I mostly play Srixon Z745 irons but will throw in a set of Z965s on occasion. To be honest, I can’t really tell my difference between the two as it relates to “forgiveness”. Both are pretty demanding that you put a good swing together. All that to say, the Sub 70 699 Pro is one I’ve had my eye on. The problem being, actually getting one in hand to test. But then, MGS puts this amazing test and review opportunity together and the I guess the light shown on me. Sub 70 is definitely a growing BTC type business and I have heard nothing but great things regarding their craftsmanship and customer service. I spoke with Jason earlier today (great guy who loves the game of golf) and have a set of black 699 Pro 4-P with KBS Tour X on the way. I know these are “player distance” irons and distance is not something I struggle with so it’s going to be interesting to see how these compare to my current gamers. What I hope to see though, is that distances won’t be that different, ball speeds on my miss hits won’t drop near as much, and consistent spin rates throughout the set. I know a lot of it hinges on me, but I’d love to see some improvement in my approach game as well. I know a lot of that hinges on my swing, but hopefully a more forgiving iron will help as well. I look forward to this review opportunity and will do my very best to answer any and all questions as accurately as I can.
  9. Congrats to all, look forward to your thoughts.
  10. 3.5 - SC Srixon Z965 - 8 iron 165 I've been looking to replace my irons with something more forgiving, especially in the long irons. Sub70 is one of the companies I've been looking at as I like supporting the smaller and family owned type businesses where I can. The problem with that in golf is testing the clubs before purchasing. From researching the company, I know they stand behind their product as they offer a 60 day guarantee if you're not satisfied. That makes pulling the trigger on the unknown a lot easier. I also know that Jason has a huge involvement with the day to day operations of Sub70 and has a very strong presence on their social media pages.
  11. An update to my earlier post, still frickin love the Smoke Green 60 (actual full length weight of the 6.5 TX is 65 gr). I trimmed a 1/2" off for a total of 44 3/4" driver now with swing weight at D3. I'm hitting some bombs that Phil would salute to and much, much better dispersion. I have the 80 gr version in my 3 wood, but I like the extra heft there. I think I mentioned it in my first post on this thread, but this is the only sub 70 gr driver shaft I've ever gotten along with.
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