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  1. I'll be in Garden City with the family next week and am looking at trying to play a couple rounds while there. If any of you would like to meet up, let me know.
  2. You are correct, 7i lie angle is 63 degrees and every club from there goes in .5 degree increments. The main thing with these irons for me where that they didn’t fit the flight window I like to see. They were very flat and came in with a shallow descent. Prior to switching to the LZ, I played KBs Tours in my irons. Never had that issue before and a different shaft might have fixed it. If you paid shipping, I’d send them to you. I can get a quote sometime Monday. Although, you’d definitely need to reshaft them based on what you’re currently swinging. Factor that in to your cost. Th
  3. To be honest, I’ve never touched a Callaway Mavrik iron so I have no clue. What I can say, is the top line is not offensive in any way. It’s not far off from my Srixon Z745s I regularly play. I don’t have the pic any longer, but in my review I did a side by side compare pic. I still have the set I reviewed for the site and Sub70. I’ve never really put a lot of thought in it, but if someone local would like to have them, hit me up. I’ve tried to make these work and have even taken them out for a few rounds since the review, but I’m not near as consistent with them as either set
  4. I went with the PX LS 6.0 hard-stepped, definitely brought my flight down.
  5. Chris / Gaffney, SC Last fitting average 118.3 mph Taylormade Sim 2 10.5 Graphite Design Tour AD-HD 7 TX Yes, played the Nippon Modus C10 prototype for a while.
  6. Agree 100% with this. Jordan has been playing some pretty dang good golf the past few months. No reason to think that won’t continue next week.
  7. I have done both, but prefer the feel of graphite. I am currently using the Aldila Rogue Black 105 TX in mine and it's probably the most secure club in my bag.
  8. A lot more before the time rolled back, especially last Spring when we cancelled FirstTee. With FirstTee, that keeps me busy at least two week nights a week. Before that though, I was walking 9 2-3 times a week and playing 18 on Saturday and Sunday. I've been WFH since last March and when the course is 3 minutes away, it made it easy to escape in the evenings. Once FirstTee started back in the summer though, my weekly 9s came to a halt.
  9. Great look at it. Rickie is still one of the best putters on tour, he just can't get the ball on the green. If Finau ever learns to putt, he'll wear them out.
  10. Exactly. Taylormade has a gift set of tees that all of their pro players play. Guess what...none of them were the 3-4" tees. Guess why...because they all play on pristine, level, perfectly mowed tee boxes.
  11. I've had a similar issue with every Srixon ball I've ever played. I had several balls (both ZStar lines and multiple generations) that literally had a gash cut in them from greenside bunker shots. Once I did the Bridgestone test last year, I've been sold. Haven't had it happen once with them. I've also been dabbling with Yellow Pro V1s since this past fall and am convinced that may be the most durable ball I've ever played.
  12. My comment I made almost two years ago still stands today. I absolutely love the vsole on Srixon irons. I've got a set of Z745s that I'll likely never get rid of that are in my closet and I've been playing these Z965s for a couple years now.
  13. I hit one of these yesterday and am intrigued. It produced very consistent results for me. My M3 I'm playing now produces around 175 mph on avg, launches at 12.3 avg, and spins around 2200. It's a bomber with this AD-HD shaft. The Sim2 Max is what I tested, ball speeds were 1 mph slower, but it launched at 14.1 avg and spin around 1900. Carry distances were almost identical.
  14. I hit my 3 wood 4-6 times per round on average. Mostly off the tee, but it's far from dead in my bag.
  15. For me, the KBS Tour was lower launching than the PX LZ. The linear feel is a correct description of the Tour. The PX LZ definitely has a more active midsection and required a smoother transition.
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