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  1. That's really going to be up to you, the course(s) you play, particular holes layouts and what trouble may lie where. I hit the ball a good ways as well, but am nowhere near 80% fairway average. I can throw that kind of day together every now and then, but that's not me on a round to round basis. I tried to play the game of starting at the hole and working to a number, but I've worked hard on my wedge game this summer and make more birdies now than ever. The only time I don't hit driver off the tee now is if there's trouble in my landing area or I'm just not hitting it good that day. I'd rather hit it as far as I can and figure out what to do next. But based on the description of your game, you need to be working on wedges and partial shots. Go to the range and practice hip to hip, rib to rib, shoulder to shoulder, and ear to ear shots with each wedge, keeping the same tempo with each shot. The different lofts will give you different distances and fit the gaps accordingly. I.E. a rib to rib gap may be 70 yards and shoulder to shoulder 90, but the shoulder to shoulder sand may give you 80. Once you get those grooved, you can work on choking down to get the in between numbers figured out. It takes time and commitment to get it figured out, but it'll be well worth it if you're driver game is where you claim it to be. Doing that made a world of difference for me.
  2. I haven't bought a new club lately but did find a great deal on a lightly used HZRDUS T1100 6.5 65g. I've swung 70-80gr shafts in my driver for as long as I can remember. Wanted to try something in the 60ish range. I like it a lot so far, seems to be a fairway finder with my 9.5 M3 head.
  3. I’ve always had some early extension. To combat that and to learn better hip clearing/rotation on the downswing, I’ve been working on standing taller at address and getting closer to the ball. This forces me to turn through the shot as my hips have to turn through to make solid contact. I’ve been doing a lot of super slow motion swings inside at night and 50% swings on the range to groove the motion and feel. It feels odd because I’ve always stood so far away at address, but early in the process it seems to be working.
  4. The launch angle was, and is still, my biggest complaint with these wedges. However, they're consistent. They may not send the ball through my preferred window, but they just seem to work. Like I said, it was simple consistency that made me end up putting these back in the bag. TBH, I was ready for the review to be over so I could put my Vokey's back in. The tinkerer in me said no, don't give up on them yet. I played 9 yesterday evening and shot 38. Had one birdie and 3 bogeys. The 3 bogeys were not the fault of the wedges. My putter was the cause of each. I missed an 8' par sand save putt, a 4' par putt after a great chip to get that close, and a 3 putt on a par 5 to close.
  5. I’ve been MIA lately and haven’t been online as much, but I wanted to post an update... I put these back in my bag after some additional testing. I’ve still got the stock TI S400 in, but I’ve got some KBS 610s ordered. However, at this point, I’m not exactly sure I’ll make the change. I mentioned in my review about how consistent these things were with trajectory, but not really being able to control the knockdown that I like to hit. I still can’t hit the knockdown the way I like, but the distance dispersion has finally caught on. Simple consistency just makes sense.
  6. The towel drill is one I've used in the past that really helped me out too. When I started working on my changes last winter, I was only hitting -1.5* down with pretty much every iron. My coach wanted that down to -3-4.5*, depending on the club. The towel drill and moving the ball back in my stance as the clubs got shorter really made a difference for me. ETA: I had always played the ball in the same position, regardless of club. The combo of towel drill and ball placement did get my angle of attack to a much more desirable range.
  7. I know you're across the pond, but you can get factory matched paint here... Golf Repair Paint
  8. I can tell you now...the 58 mid is nowhere near as forgiving as my 58K. I actually had the chance to test out a mushy green side chip from water runoff Saturday. The K glides right over where the RTX dug in.
  9. The shape of these wedges are a big selling point. They frame well and transition nicely as you go up in loft.
  10. You are correct that the standard shaft for Vokeys is the s200.
  11. I'll snap some pics later this evening of the wear. It's starting to show but compared to the jet black SM7s, it's holding up much better. Completely different finishes, but it does seem a bit more durable.
  12. I got out over the weekend and here's what I can say after some further testing... 1 - These things spin! Really taking some time getting use to the RTX4 when chipping around the green because they spin a considerable amount more than my SM7s. The ball checks much harder than before and I find myself leaving these shots short of the hole. This isn't always a bad thing, but gauging chip and run shots are taking some adjustments. 2 - I never could duplicate the gash in the ball from a sand shot that I mentioned in my initial impressions. 3 - Chips off the toe offer no difference in spin vs my SM7s. Some had asked about the milling pattern on the toe and if it would affect spin. My answer to this is, as expected, that it's not noticeable. 4 - The RTX4 52 mid is not quite as easy to flight the ball vs my SM7 51F (it's a 50 bent 1* weak).
  13. I was coming here to say the same thing. Training the fast twitch muscles to fire quicker and in proper unison will provide better results than just being big and strong. Dead lifts, med ball throws, squat jumps, burpees, clapping pushups, jump lunges, and KB swings are all exercises that I work into my routine. Anything that trains those muscles to fire quick with more power is what *I believe* to be most beneficial to adding speed to the golf swing.
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