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  1. Personally, I like it, but I think the biggest knock on BK is he comes across as the arrogant jock. Saw a recent example on IG when he was talking about his chances of winning this weekend about 1/2 the field not even being able to compete, then half of that, bla bla bla. People there were cocky this, cocky that, he's only won 4 tournaments, etc... I don't view it as arrogance as much as confidence. I know there's a fine line there arrogance and confidence, but the dude walked into this weekend fully expecting to win. Plus, he'll throw smack right back to the commentators and I find it entertaining. He may be a stiff on the course, but he's got plenty of character off of it.
  2. Crazy thing is BK missed a few opportunities as well. Insane opening round.
  3. I always said it would take a lot to knock the Z745s out of my bag, but I’ve got a set of Z965s I’m toying with right now that just may do it. Not huge on the rounded toe, but sweet baby Jesus these things feel amazing. As far as blade vs cb, no real reason for me to change, but less offset is always better to my eye and a thinner top line and sole are pluses too.
  4. I had thought about doing the same, but I figure if one of the longer guys can keep it in the fairway, they can still go fairly low.
  5. Yep, if you're just butt trimming an inch or so, you likely won't notice any difference. It may make the butt play a touch stiffer, but the mid/tip sections will play the same. Likewise when tip trimming, the tip will play stiffer but the butt/mid sections will play the same. The biggest difference you'll notice is that the swing weight will drop and you'll need to bring that back up, unless you're just more comfortable at the lower SW. That's trial and error that comes with the change.
  6. I'm a one putter man. I'll hoe out on drivers, because I'm always chasing for better. My irons and putter have one job though, get me close to the hole and then in it. I'm comfortable with my setup and am rolling the ball better now than I ever have, so no need to chase anything there.
  7. I'll be there in July, looking forward to it.
  8. I've been kicking around Mudvayne's LD 50 album the past few days. Had honestly forgotten how great that album was top to bottom. I agree on some of the others re: selling out. Most bands I caught on to early in their careers, I evolved with them in a lot of ways, but I do miss the music that made me like them in the first place. There are others though that I like better as they've grown and matured in their writing, A7X being one of them. But when it comes to making money and supporting a family, it would be awful hard not to do the same.
  9. Every Dick's I went to was full of em and wouldn't give me the no purchase form, so to heck with Rory winning. Brooks is going back to back.
  10. Won a charity scramble with some good buddies yesterday, then drove 30 minutes to play in our weekly 9 hole dog fight and shot 38. Back to back bogeys to start and pars the rest of the way. Missed two very makable birdie putts on 3 and 7, so overall a good day but could’ve been much better.
  11. I remember reading something from Tom Wishon that basically said you’d need at minimum an additional 20 or 25 gr before you ever started to shift the CG on a driver. IMo, lead tape is primarily to adjust swing weight, not adjust CG. Modern drivers with adjustable weights have the moveable weight built in with most weighing between 195-205 gr total. When you move 10% of that, it will alter the ball flights. However, on a non adjustable driver like yours, that will still likely be a similar weight to today’s drivers, you’d be looking at a 225ish gr driver head which would be ridiculously heavy. You could always then trim the shaft down to drop the swing weight, but you’ll still be much heavier and a 43” driver. In my own personal testing, once I get over D5 with a driver, it becomes a hook machine. Maybe you’d be different though, who knows.
  12. I'd say your biggest thing is hitting off a mat instead of turf. Hitting off mats will generally produce significantly less spin than off turf, but higher launch angles. It's been several years, but I remember TrackMan posted to their blog about some differences they had noticed. Of course, the ball can play a big factor in spin numbers too, but I'd lean towards the fact you were hitting off an indoor mat being your biggest contributor. TrackMan blog
  13. I had a Rogue SZ in my bag last year, absolute pound machine. It was an easy 7-10 yards longer than my M3, but it's not as forgiving. It punished my bad swings much more than my M3.
  14. The New Level blade looks an awful lot like the Miura MC-501 as well. There's only so much you can do to a blade... IMO, it looks nothing like the new Mizuno blade.
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