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  1. If you’re considering the Hzrdus Green 6.5 TX, my builder can get the 80 and 90 gram tour only weights and likely has some in stock. He did the last time I was there. Even with your speed and that shaft, I’d only recommend a max of 1.5” tipping if that’s something you need. This shaft becomes nearly unplayable with any more than that. If you’d be interested in getting one, let me know and I’ll give you his info. ETA...if you’re looking at the Fuji Ventus, he can get them in the heavier tour only weights too.
  2. My only argument to fitting vs trial and error is with smaller fitters when there aren’t enough varying lengths, tipping length, etc... to test with. Had it not been for shaft hoeing, I never would’ve gotten my hands on the Aldila Synergy Black. I’m not currently gaming that shaft, but it’s still my all time favorite, just didn’t work as well in the M5. It is definitely more expensive, but I like the trial and error method with shafts. It helps when, like what @chisag said, you have a good idea of shaft profiles that work for you. I’m far from a pro and my swing is not always the same day to day. Because of this, what I see on a launch monitor today may not lead to real world results tomorrow. Plus, it’s just fun.
  3. This is one of the most important things I have learned throughout this review process. I've been busy lately and we've had special tournaments going on the past few weekends so I've been relegated to mostly range work. I've let several people hit these on the range lately and the consensus is they're just as good as any other iron in this category. One guy, who plays TM 790s actually said he liked the way these felt over his gamers. I think this iron is big enough to inspire confidence in someone who may not be the best ball striker, yet are not overly large to where someone who prefers a smaller club head will feel like they're swinging a shovel. They really are a nice balance that can fit a lot of people.
  4. No it is the PVD Green in 6.5 TX. You can find them on eBay (see above) but my club builder has the ability to get these.
  5. Glad to hear things are still working out great for you Tom!
  6. I have a set of Srixon Z745s with the 7.0 LZ shaft, it's a great combo. The LZ shaft has very stiff handle and tip section, but it's the midsection that's softer and where this shaft gets its pop. Because the mid section is softer, there's a lot of whip and action in this shaft and it really does unload on the ball. I get fantastic smash numbers with this combo. For me, this shaft requires a smooth transition. If I get aggressive from the top, it'll get loose and launch too high which makes controlling distance much more difficult. The standard PX shaft requires a harder transition to load.
  7. I was able to get on the Trackman Saturday and here are the average numbers... Srixon Z965 - KBS Tour 130X Club / CHS / Ball Speed / Launch / Spin (rpm) / Height (feet) / Carry (yds) 5 iron / 96 / 138.3 / 11.9 / 4787 (deviation 55 rpm across 5 shots) / 96' / 206.5 7 iron / 94 / 132.3 / 18.4 / 6139 (deviation 64 rpm across 5 shots) / 126' / 183.1 9 iron / 90.5 / 115.9 / 23.2 / 7401 (deviation 90 rpm across 5 shots) / 116' / 155.6 PW / 88.3 / 107.9 / 24.6 / 8135 (deviation 113 rpm across 5 shots) / 105' / 141.2 Sub 70 699 Pro - KBS Tour 130X Club / CHS / Ball Speed / Launch / Spin / Carry 5 iron / 98.1 / 137.8 / 9.5 / 4879 (deviation 257 rpm across 5 shots) / 76' / 203.1 7 iron / 95.3 / 125.5 / 13.9 / 6149 (deviation 909 rpm across 5 shots) / 87' / 178 9 iron / 90.3 / 104.8 / 22.3 / 8325 (deviation 48 rpm across 5 shots) / 88' / 137.7 PW / 90.4 / 102 / 23.7 / 8507 (deviation 578 rpm across 5 shots) / 88' / 133 So a few disclaimers, it wasn't my best of swinging days, it was miserably hot and humid, but the biggest things I noticed are: A) The Srixon Z965 irons are definitely more consistent in spin and carry distances. These irons launch higher, are actually longer, and I hit the center of the face much more consistently. B) The Sub 70 699 Pro irons are definitely more consistent in flight windows. The peak heights were very consistent across the board, yet these launch lower. This is mostly due to my attack angle being steeper with these for some reason. My AoA was almost 2.5 degrees steeper with these clubs which is interesting in itself. With the 7 iron that spun much less than average, it carried 12 yards longer. I did see a 9 yard hot shot with the lowest spinning PW shot as well. I was hitting off a mat on grass but these numbers don't seem to match up with what I've seen on the course with the 699 Pros. On the course, they have been about a 1/2 to 3/4 club longer, launch higher, and spin less. It's an interesting comparison in a static environment though, but shows the importance of hitting clubs on real turf and getting fitted there if possible.
  8. I've got the 6.5 TX in my driver and 3w, (60g in driver and 80g in 3 wood). It's a beast, but I can't think of a more stable shaft I've ever hit. I've had some that were longer, but didn't have the consistency for me. I swing in the mid teens and have a quick transition. My driver head weight is right at 204g. But everyone already mentioned it, the PVD vs non-PVD is the same shaft in every flex, with the exception of the 6.5 TX which is a completely different animal.
  9. To add to my above comment, I think these irons are just lower spinning, at least for me. I'll have some validated numbers this Saturday. Had an opening come up and changed to then from next Wednesday.
  10. I've had some fliers out of the rough, especially in the longer irons and a couple with a short iron in hand. Even when clubbing down because I'm expecting a flier, the ball still went further than expected. I've also had one shot in particular where I had an uphill approach from the rough that was in the mid 190s. That is normally a solid 6. I hit the ball and made good contact, but the ball didn't get 30-40' in the air, flew 170ish, but rolled 25 yards past the pin. I'm going in for an iron gapping next week so I'm interested to see if this can be replicated at all there. I'm not one to hit many draws anyhow as most of the time mine turn to hooks.
  11. I don't have a lot else to update at this point. Is there anything else anyone would like to know?
  12. I’ll finally get some actual launch monitor data on 9/4. Unfortunately, it’s the earliest I could get in that fits with my work schedule.
  13. That was something we noticed as well. The loft gap between the 4-6 is 3 degrees per club, after 6 it goes to 4 degrees, and then the 9-P are a 5 degree gap. Same thing between my wedges, my sig needs updating. I'm sure the lofts at the top end explains the gaps being closer. The swing speed was not that different between the 5 and 6 though, Club - CHS - BS - SF - Launch - AoA 4i - 97.8 - 142.2 - 1.45 - 10.1 - (-4.4) 5i - 96.0 - 138.3 - 1.44 - 12.2 - (-4.6) 6i - 95.3 - 135.9 - 1.43 - 14.6 - (-5.1) I've always been pretty decent at hitting the center of the face, it's the lining up of the swing path and face to path angles that doesn't always work out. I really like these Sub 70 699 Pros. They're definitely more forgiving on the toe side miss, which is where I miss 99% of my shots. The problem I have is spin control out of the rough (not sure if Tom or MPR have seen that) and the bottom end gapping...maybe the solution would be a wedge set in the 48/53/58 range instead of 51/56/60. We've had our county am and club championship within the past month and the bermuda rough has been pretty gnarly. I've definitely been scoring better on par 3s though, but my overall scores have remained near the same. I haven't beaten my handicap with them yet, but I've also not had them in the bag very long. With my Srixons, that would occur 1/3 of the time and the rest was within a few shots on average. Granted I've had those in the bag for almost 5 years, so familiarity is there. I don't yet have that with the 699 Pros.
  14. Several of you have asked about the wear of the black finish. I finally remembered to take some pics. The first pic is of the 7, 8, and 9 from left to right. The 7i has the most wear, but I've hit it the most on the range. I expected the finish to wear so it's not something I'm disappointed in or knocking Sub 70 for in any way. If I practiced in drier conditions, I'm sure it would hold up better but my best practice time is early when there is dew on the ground. I couldn't get an angle to get the glare off, but it does show the markings. Here are some individual pics... 7i 8i 9i @GolfSpy MPR mentioned it in one of his posts on page 8, but the strike pattern definitely seems to drift toe side on these for me as well. It's evident across the set, but these show the most wear. When I look at these irons in the pics though, it looks like that may actually be where the COG is. The problem though, is when a shot gets a little outside of that pattern. I've started noticing some fliers lately out of the fairway and I'm not too fond of it. I've mentioned the 699 Pros seem to be hotter, well...there is no seems to be at this point. I'm not quite a full club stronger, but it's close. The lofts on the 699 Pros are 1 degree stronger than my Srixon Z745s, except the 4 iron which is only .5 degree stronger. About a week before this test began, I went to have to have my Z745s checked and adjusted if necessary, and went through the full bag to get my average carry distance with my irons. My averages were... 4 - 215.3 5 - 206.5 6 - 197.5 7 - 185.7 8 - 170.4 9 - 155.1 P - 141.3 GW - 123.6 SW - 106.2 Now though, I seem to be about 3 yards short of a full club distance gain. Where it's causing me issues is inside 150 which is no bueno. It's one thing having a 18 yard gap between PW and GW, that's manageable. It's another when that gap is almost 30 yards. I've been grinding, trying to get the feel for flighting down the PW, but for someone who doesn't get a lot of range practice, it's tough. I'm interested to get on the Trackman and validate the numbers though. I've talked to Jason about maybe weakening the loft a degree through the set, but I'll consider adjustments after TM validation.
  15. I’m back home after a nice vacation. I should be able to get back to playing this week and will have some additional updates as I, hopefully, continue progressing with these irons. I’m going to get some Trackman time scheduled next week and am very interested in how these irons compare in both distance and dispersion. From what I’m seeing on course, these are not quite a club stronger, but close. My GIR is the same as it was with my Srixons, but my par 3 scoring average has improved slightly. At the beginning of this test, my par 3 scoring average over the past 25 rounds was 3.4. Not great, but I have dropped it to 3.2 since starting this review.
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