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  1. My top favorites I've played in order... Aldila Synergy Black Fujikua Speeder Evo Tour Spec PX Hzrdus Green Diamana D+ Aldila RIP Phenom NL
  2. I've still got a Bangomatic 400 7.5 head laying around. Face was so deep and that thing was loud even with hot melt. I've thought about pulling the tip on one of these shafts laying around and putting the head on one of those to play around with for some giggles.
  3. I’m still seeing more of the same. The B XS just outperforms the ZStar in every way for me.
  4. I broke down and ordered one today, will be here next Tuesday.
  5. Typically you lose 3 swing weight points per half inch. May not be exact, but it's in the ball park. To add one swing weight back, you need to add 2 gr of weight to the head. Best thing I always recommend is lead tape. Play around til you find what you like. At that point, you can either buy a heavier weight or take it to someone who can hot melt the weight for you, or just leave the lead tape in place. Some people are more sensitive to these changes than others. ETA: YMMV since you didn't cut the original shaft and simply replaced it with another one that was shorter. Depending on shaft weights, balance point, etc...this could all make your swing weight different. If the new shaft is heavier, it can make the SW reduction not as severe.
  6. I'm in for the birdie/eagle challenge. So far, I've played the front 9 a lot more than the back and I've got a big jump on that side. It's been so wet though, the par 5s are playing much longer and I've not yet had an eagle, but I have birdied 3/4. Cherokee National - Gaffney, SC (blue tees)
  7. This topic is one that is discussed quite often and the best advice remains the same, it's trial and error to find what works for you. Some players will benefit from a shorter driver while others won't. Some players will lose distance, while others find more. I believe that each swing has a sweet spot length and that's why it's important to try things out. I've got two drivers that I'll rotate round to round. One is a 44.5" M3 with a Tour Green 85 TX and the other is a 45.25" M5 with a Synergy Black. The M5 combo is a bit longer, but the M3 combo is a bit straighter. The difference between the two is so little though, it's really a wash...for me.
  8. Congrats guys. I’m a shaft junky and have an OG F1 in the closet so looking forward to following this one!
  9. My shaft ho'ing tendencies bit me again. I picked up an Alidla Tour Green 85 TX with the graphene tech in it. My intentions were to try this out as a shortened driver shaft since it was heavier, and if it didn't work out, I'd cut it down for my 3 wood. Well, I tipped it 1.25" and trimmed to 44.5", and I've now got me a fairway finding missile launcher.
  10. I like your comparison to what F1 does and think it could be applied here. The problem is still that the long guys will be long and short guys will be short. You've either got speed or you don't. Sure, there are things each individual can do to increase speed to an extent, but some just have different body physiques/compositions that allow for a faster base than others can even obtain as a peak.
  11. My current setup is a 44.5” driver with a 85 series shaft. The shaft weight is typically for a fairway but with the shorter length, it lets me keep the static weight similar and only had to add minimal weight back to the head to get the SW back to what I like.
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