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  1. Yea putting for me is about like judging the distance of an unknown 3D archery target. I used to shoot competitively and when I'd judge a target, I'd walk up, study it for a few seconds, make my guess and go with that number. I found if I spent to much time, I'd start finding reasons to second guess myself and I'd start losing confidence and not execute a good shot. Putting is much the same, I typically walk the length of the putt to have an idea of the distance and study the grain on the way. I'll then get behind the ball and imagine the line needed and just go with it. I don't do well over analyzing things, it's an instinctive feel thing for me.
  2. I'm the same way with that Z545 3i. It's been bent to 19*, so it's not really a "3 iron", but the thing is so hot off the face. I was in the golf shop last week and picked up a UDi 2i. Sure looked sweet at address but I didn't want my 545 to get the cheating vibe off me, so I put it down real quick.
  3. Disclaimer: Putters don't count here... With the recent discussion on your go-to shot, what is the one club in your bag that you can never see yourself parting with? The club that will have to be pried from your cold, dead hands? Mine would be my Z545 3i. Off the tee, the shot shape is a tight little fade that I can always count on. If there's ever a day when I struggle to hit it, I may as well go home because nothing else is going to work. I just have the confidence to point and shoot with that thing.
  4. They sure look pretty sweet. I came close to buying a gently used one off the shelf last week. Had it been an 11.5, I probably would have.
  5. I'll go on a limb and say that Jordan runs them down before it's all over with.
  6. Excited for the opportunity. My SM7's are about 2 months old so this should be a real good comparison.
  7. I picked up a new, yes still in the plastic, 34” Odyssey Black Series #3 this weekend. Amazing putter that has already found a home in my bag. Coming from a white hot pro VLine I’ve been using for the past several years, I had forgotten how much I love the feel/sound of a milled face.
  8. I tried the super stroke s-tech cord before they were readily available. It was a bit soft for a cord grip, but I found them to have piety of tack and comfortable. A bit more comfy than the Lamkin UTX.
  9. First Name/State: Chris / SC Handicap: 5.2 (trending to 4.7) Current Brand Wedges Played: Vokey SM7 50 and 56 bent two degrees weak for the extra bounce Your favorite type of wedge shot: On a hole where I've had a bad shot somewhere and am facing a 30-50 yard pitch shot to get up and down. Then, execute the perfect one hop stop at tap in distance. That shot will keep me coming back.
  10. I'd say that really depends on what someone does have available. I had a pretty close idea (actually within 5 yards of the TM session data) how far I hit each iron just from familiarity with my equipment (I'm not a hoe) and making notes on par 3 shots. I would write down how far I carried each one based on how far the ball mark was from the hole and figured that against what the actual distance was based on my range finder. This can work great if you have an evening where the course is all to yourself and it's a longer par 3 that you can work your way down the bag hitting approaches. That was the best route for me because range balls can be finicky and you don't have targets for each distance at a range. As far as my driver and 3w, I had an idea of the overall distances, but not carry.
  11. But to answer your question, for my stock distances, I went to my fitter and spent an afternoon on Trackman. I hit 8 shots with each club and excluded any abnormal shots. Then took the average carry distance and wrote that number down. I want to go back and do an afternoon where I'm only hitting waist high, shoulder high, and choked down scoring iron shots, as I believe it could be beneficial, but I've always relied on feel for my approach shots. I couldn't tell you the last time I hit a full shot from inside 150.
  12. I put my gaps together during a trackman session, but it had only confirmed what I had already put together just tracking things and making notes over time. I know my stock numbers for perfect stance and lie, but knowing how different stances and lies affect those distances is just as important and that's something you won't find on a launch monitor.
  13. I’ve switched from the XV to the std Z Star this season. Distance is nearly identical with all clubs, much straighter with my driver, and better approach control...for me. It really is a great all around ball.
  14. I’ve been falling back into some old habits of overrunning arms in my backswing. Two things that help me get the proper feel back is to stick an alignment rod under my trail arm pit, leaving about 2 foot sticking out. Get a full shoulder turn and stop the arms once they contact the rod. The other is to really make a conscious effort to keep the trail arm straight. This won’t happen, but the feeling will keep me from allowing the trail elbow to break down, thus, keeping my left arm straight and not running my arms up after my shoulders stop, but allowing for a nice, wide swing arc.
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