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  1. Im a 15 handicap...Chesapeake, VA
  2. I would love to test one of these Edel putters...the fitting they use to customize these putter is outstanding
  3. Paul Duval Chesapeake, VA Galaxy Note 20 outsidw with a driving range
  4. Paul/Chesapeake VA Odyessy Toulon Portland putter Wouldmlike to try the Heppler ZB3
  5. Handicap of 13.6, Chesapeake, VA I hit my PXG 8-iron 140 yds I learned about Sub 70 on the forum from MyGolfSpy website
  6. 1. I am a 12.7 handicap 2. I have PXG irons, I het an * iron 145 yards 3. I read about Sub 70 on My Golf Spy and wanted to know more about the clubs
  7. I currently have the Gen 1 and I do love the feeling and the sound...I just wonder that that Gen 2 is a better driver...ideas? Comments??
  8. Thanks I'll go check out this page...
  9. I was looking at the PXG driving iron and a Ping Crossover. I cant try the PXG and I have played a Crossover before, Anybody tested the PXG???
  10. That might be the truth...Itook the club home and it hit the ball really nicely, I think I'll call Titleist tomorrow at work.
  11. I work at the local golf shop. I found a used U510 utility iron that does not have a serial number on the hosel. A new U510 does have a serial number and they look the same. Is there any reason that the used U510 does not have a serial number???
  12. The stroke is more controlable...Stroke Labs dont go where I aim.
  13. The only problem is that you have to use Callaway balls to match with Triple Track putters to get the full effect.
  14. Putting is particlarly for the indivdual person, The SAM does give data...but it;s about feel too when it comes with putters. When you are told that you have an arc stroke and the give you a face balance putter, I dont know about that.
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