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  1. I have found four companies that I enjoy playing. Driver is my Srixon ZX5 driver, fairway woods and hybrid are Ping G425 and for my irons are Mizuno JPX-921 Hot Metal irons. forgiving, great height and long. My putter is a Bettinardi Inovai 8.0 putter
  2. I have... Driver Mizuno #3wood Mizuno ST-Z #5 wood Ping 425 Hybrids - Mizuno JPX 921 Hi-Fli Irons Mizuno JPX-921 Hot Metal Wedges Ping Glide 3 Putter Ping Vault 2.0 Piper
  3. I work at a local golf store...those serial numbers dont look like the set we get in the store,,,we are a big Mizuno sales shop...they just dont look good to me...
  4. Paul Duval Chesapeake, VA Galaxy Note 20 outsidw with a driving range
  5. Paul/Chesapeake VA Odyessy Toulon Portland putter Wouldmlike to try the Heppler ZB3
  6. Handicap of 13.6, Chesapeake, VA I hit my PXG 8-iron 140 yds I learned about Sub 70 on the forum from MyGolfSpy website
  7. 1. I am a 12.7 handicap 2. I have PXG irons, I het an * iron 145 yards 3. I read about Sub 70 on My Golf Spy and wanted to know more about the clubs
  8. I currently have the Gen 1 and I do love the feeling and the sound...I just wonder that that Gen 2 is a better driver...ideas? Comments??
  9. Thanks I'll go check out this page...
  10. I was looking at the PXG driving iron and a Ping Crossover. I cant try the PXG and I have played a Crossover before, Anybody tested the PXG???
  11. That might be the truth...Itook the club home and it hit the ball really nicely, I think I'll call Titleist tomorrow at work.
  12. I work at the local golf shop. I found a used U510 utility iron that does not have a serial number on the hosel. A new U510 does have a serial number and they look the same. Is there any reason that the used U510 does not have a serial number???
  13. The stroke is more controlable...Stroke Labs dont go where I aim.
  14. The only problem is that you have to use Callaway balls to match with Triple Track putters to get the full effect.
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