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  1. Thanks all appreciate the feedback.
  2. I am a high handicapper that can't hit a driver. I do well with my 3 wood and have been thinking about a smaller driver, i.e. TS4. However, most smaller heads are for better players. Would getting a TS4 head and use a lighter shaft., i.e. Kuro Kage work. I did try hitting it at Roger Dunn store, but they only had the Hazardous shaft, which was too heavy. Any suggestions? Thanks
  3. I like the hybrids a lot. Very fast and sounds strong.
  4. Anyone playing the new XXIO Black X fairway woods? I play the hybrid and it is solid and fast. Thanks
  5. Thanks gonna get the charcoal one.
  6. Any news on what to anticipate in next gen Ping woods? G410 was great how do they improve on it?
  7. Thanks what color did you go with?
  8. Does anyone have history with this bag. I currently have a Callaway Fusion bag and notice it scratches my clubs. I play Titleist so this looks good.
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    2021 Driver rumors

    What did Ian say specifically (Titleist)? Any mention of new tech and release dates?
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    2021 Driver rumors

    Thanks for the answer.
  11. Looking at getting a new driver and overheard fitters talking about next TS and new G series showing up soon. Does anyone have any news to share?
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    G710 or T400

    Thanks will do.
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    G710 or T400

    Looking for some help out there and am going SGI. I purchased the T300 but not impressed. I see Ping has the G710 coming out this week and rumors of the Titleist T400. Any direction is appreciated.
  14. Richard S./ Pacific Palisades (L.A.), CA Just purchased the Garmin G80, taking it to the range today and have not used the GPS functionality as of yet.
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