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  1. I just paid $40 to Ping https://ballfitting.com/ to identify which is best ball to play. One of the questions was around willingness to pay premium for balls. I checked okay to pay for best recommended ball. After plugging in my numbers which are very average, the ball they selected was the Pro Plus. Followed by Chrome Soft X and Z Star. I just played a round with them the other day and liked them a lot. I also lost 3 balls so the lower price was helpful. I was playing TP5 X prior.
  2. Like my G425 LST, but lacks the booming distance I have seen in the past, although very accurate. Hoping for a TM that is long and straight like the LST.
  3. I have a TSi2 5 Hybrid and really like it a lot. I want to get a 4 Hybrid as the 7 Wood I got isn't doing it for me. Was curious if I put a Tensei Raw Blue Hybrid shaft into the TSi1 (same shaft I have in the TSi2 5 hybrid) will it be a better fairway wood replacement? Or buy the TSi2 4 hybrid? Thanks
  4. Just got the G425 Max with Tensei Raw Orange 55 gram. Very solid and went with a regular stiffness.
  5. Thanks appreciate it.
  6. Thanks I have the Tensei Orange Raw 55 gram R shaft with a 26 gram weight. It's a bit heavy compared to the Callaway and TM i tried in the store, but had best consistency in play but shorter.
  7. I have a G425 max driver and want to get more distance ( MOI is great). I noticed on TXG, they used a 7 gram weight in the G425 LST and got much greater distance. Any thoughts on what a lighter weight will do in the Max?
  8. RSS

    TP5 dilemma TP5 or TP5X

    Decided to go TP5X thanks for the input.
  9. I found a TP5X and played it until I lost it the other day. I liked it and went to the store where they have a special to buy 3 get on free. They know me at the store and said I would be better with the standard TP5 as my swing speed being under 95 MPH could get more from the softer ball. I need to make a choice and wont have a chance to buy a sleeve of each as the sale is over today. I could use all the distance I can get so need to make the right choice. Thanks for your input.
  10. Rich Seifert Los Angeles, CA Scotty 2020 Squareback 2.0 Impact 3
  11. Just picked up at Roger Dunn (have 90 day return) a S62 watch. I used it once and really like it. I saw the new Garmin release of the S42 and for $200 less looks like the same watch. Any thoughts and have any one tried both?
  12. Would love to test play 2-3 rounds a week. Walk to club from my house and walk 100% of time. Have a Bagboy Nitron and like it a lot, but course is hilly and having this cart would be AWESOME!!
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