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  1. Like my G425 LST, but lacks the booming distance I have seen in the past, although very accurate. Hoping for a TM that is long and straight like the LST.
  2. I have been playing TP5X and would like to try the X version.
  3. Been playing T400's for past season and ready to move up to T200's or T300's. I'd welcome testing them!
  4. Please include me in the testing.
  5. I have a TSi2 5 Hybrid and really like it a lot. I want to get a 4 Hybrid as the 7 Wood I got isn't doing it for me. Was curious if I put a Tensei Raw Blue Hybrid shaft into the TSi1 (same shaft I have in the TSi2 5 hybrid) will it be a better fairway wood replacement? Or buy the TSi2 4 hybrid? Thanks
  6. Just got the G425 Max with Tensei Raw Orange 55 gram. Very solid and went with a regular stiffness.
  7. Looks fast and I would welcome to test one.
  8. I welcome the opportunity to test any of the models.Especially the ER5v.
  9. Thanks appreciate it.
  10. Thanks I have the Tensei Orange Raw 55 gram R shaft with a 26 gram weight. It's a bit heavy compared to the Callaway and TM i tried in the store, but had best consistency in play but shorter.
  11. I have a G425 max driver and want to get more distance ( MOI is great). I noticed on TXG, they used a 7 gram weight in the G425 LST and got much greater distance. Any thoughts on what a lighter weight will do in the Max?
  12. RSS

    TP5 dilemma TP5 or TP5X

    Decided to go TP5X thanks for the input.
  13. I found a TP5X and played it until I lost it the other day. I liked it and went to the store where they have a special to buy 3 get on free. They know me at the store and said I would be better with the standard TP5 as my swing speed being under 95 MPH could get more from the softer ball. I need to make a choice and wont have a chance to buy a sleeve of each as the sale is over today. I could use all the distance I can get so need to make the right choice. Thanks for your input.
  14. Thanks good article.
  15. Rich Seifert Los Angeles, CA Scotty 2020 Squareback 2.0 Impact 3
  16. Just picked up at Roger Dunn (have 90 day return) a S62 watch. I used it once and really like it. I saw the new Garmin release of the S42 and for $200 less looks like the same watch. Any thoughts and have any one tried both?
  17. Would love to test play 2-3 rounds a week. Walk to club from my house and walk 100% of time. Have a Bagboy Nitron and like it a lot, but course is hilly and having this cart would be AWESOME!!
  18. 210 G425 carry 220ish for Speed and RAD.
  19. Thanks everyone for your help. Another idea?? What if I get a lighter back weight for the G425, would that get more speed for more distance and keep the solid MOI of the Ping?
  20. Thanks all the commented. You have given me a better appreciation for the club.
  21. Thanks about 10 yards shorter on average with roll and Ping dispersion was tighter groupings with TSI2 2nd. Thanks
  22. I recently purchased the G425 Max 10.5 with Tensei Orange 55 shaft. It worked well against all the others in my fitting. The only downside was the distance being shorter than the TM, Callaway and Titleist. The consistency was the best however. Now that I have it on the course I am second guessing myself and wonder if a longer not as accurate driver is better for me? I am a high handicapper and need all I can get. Also other than a few Youtubers, the club has not been well liked. Appreciate your thoughts.
  23. I have hit the G400 Max, owned the G410 Plus and am looking to upgrade to the G425 max. I would say the difference for me is the shaft. I really like the Tensei Orange Raw 55 shaft offered with the new model. If money is an issue, not much difference in the 3 heads.
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