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  1. To clarify, I've been watching online at NBC's coverage. Watching the true TV live coverage requires a cable login, but you can select 1 of 2 "Marquee groups" and just follow them. I just wish they would make following Koepka a little easier, seems like that'd only be good for the game in general.
  2. Could someone explain to me how in 2 straight majors, NBC's "Marquee groups" fail to include the world #1 golfer? I mean I'm all for the story lines too, but Brooks has plenty, not to mention the best golf currently played on the planet.
  3. Had some kids from the youth group bunking it at our place, and one of them managed to put their foot through the drywall. I suppose it's payback for all the drywall I busted through as a kid.
  4. Honestly, I think cost is the biggest thing keeping more people away. Sure it's an instant gratification culture and what not, but I think if you look at former athletes they don't exactly fit that category. By and large people who've spent a lot of time practicing and training in another sport would be likely to enjoy golf that way as well. That's why I enjoy it so much. But, paying $4k for a golf membership, that only pays back if you're playing ~2-3 rounds a week, that's just not gonna happen. Certainly the biggest hurdle imo.
  5. Completely agree, I think you're spot on.
  6. @palvord @Bucky CC @Nunfa0 @bardle @robertson153 Two Questions: 1. With the new clubs, what's the biggest difference you've noticed in terms of the actual shots? Distance, shape, spin, etc. 2. Knowing what you know now, if you could only keep either the clubs or Arccos, which would you keep?
  7. Nate, Michigan 13.2 Mack Daddy's Favorite to hit - assuming I don't thin it across the green - is a slightly open 60* almost flop that plops down and settles quick. Gotta love Cleveland's wedges, they always look great and seem to always perform great as well!
  8. Whew, that looks sharp!!! I've been getting kinda curious myself... Did you find it difficult to get it the way you wanted?
  9. Man, those clubs are gorgeous. @Shankster Great pics as well! I'm curious how you like the trajectory/spin, and how the clubs have been holding greens for you?
  10. That seems like really sound advice, but how do you practically go about that? Focus on shorter distances at the range? Or play rounds starting off 150 out on the fairway? I'm just not sure I'd be able to stomach green fees if I feel like I'm missing out on half the holes.
  11. Not trying to change the subject, although I see CBD seems to be quite the hot button issue... Just wanted to say I'm really glad to hear the team reiterating their mission to bring truth to the everyday golfer, particularly with the ball test. If somebody wants to "make" their own tour level ball that's fine; but saying it's gonna compare to a Titleist/Bridgestone/Srixon, well, frankly there's just going be differences, especially without the R&D capabilities. And for those of us who don't wanna blow through ProV1s, some Vice or Kirkland's or something similar is still probably the best all around go, especially for the price. Thanks MGS for not getting distracted by other people's chatter and sticking true to your mission.
  12. I know your guys' ball striking is probably all waaaaaay more consistent than mine...but if you completely chunk a shot is there a way to take that out of Arccos' club stats? Not meaning to make this an Arccos question spree, but what can I say, I'm curious and might be looking into Arccos or something similar
  13. Love your tips, thanks for sharing! I definitely feel myself strain more as I go higher in the bag, and inconsistencies are always quick to follow. I'll have to give it a shot!
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