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  1. Was 55' from approaches of all distances? Including par 3's perhaps? I do wish Arccos let users see "behind the curtain" a bit more as to how some of their numbers are calculated.
  2. That is a little strange. Although they're still pretty close, I'm not sure I would be too concerned about it. Coming from the guy who just a bit ago said to make sure everything's accurate But within about 10% of each other doesn't scare me much. Either way, those are pretty good proximity numbers!
  3. Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't that showing that from 50 and closer your average distance was somewhere between 11 and 12 feet?
  4. Really interesting read here so far, I think the only thing I might want to chime in on. I'm wondering if it might be a good idea to start marking pins in Arccos if you're really going to try to understand how many strokes you're gaining/losing over this distance. From say 150-200 yards wherever Arccos drops the pins (just in the middle as default ?) probably averages out pretty well since most players are more or less aiming for the middle of the green over those distances. But on the shorter shots, dispersions are tight enough that it starts to make sense to aim closer to pin locations instead of dead center of the green (ie. the specific examples you and @cnosil have already gone into on a few holes). I fully admit my engineering brain kicks in and I want to make sure I have all the data to show the "true" story, and sometimes I can take that too far. But I'd just want to know for sure that your data is showing the most accurate depiction of your actual game. I do know messing with Arccos during the round is kinda tedious, so I don't blame you for not setting pin locations.
  5. People take advantage of the fact that they're working and are probably a lot less likely to call them out than someone in the general public. Makes it even more inappropriate, if that's even possible. I don't care if the cart girl is 17 or 35, or if the guy is 75 or 20. Just be a good person, the bar really isn't that high on this one
  6. League last night was a very nice 40 (+4), net 1 under. However, it could have easily been a fantastic round, with two back to back tee shots that always cause me trouble. Back to back water balls led to a bogey and a triple bogey. I did birdie 3 holes though, which I'm almost certain is a first over 9 holes for me! The putter has been hot the last few rounds
  7. Blocked out by some trees on a quirky par 5 last night in league. I was just on the shorter side of a normal PW for me to get to the front of the green, with the pin front left. I set up for a 20-30 yard fade, figuring if I pulled it I'd be safe as long as I didn't go to long. Hit the shot exactly like I was picturing, left me with about 18 feet for eagle. 2 putted for 1 of my 3 birdies of the day!
  8. That was undoubtedly a fantastic finish for Morikawa, but holy moly that dude needs to go buy a lottery ticket. He took advantage, but it felt like from mid-way through the front until most of they way into the back 9, he was flirting with bunkers and rough and just kept getting it bouncing his way. Again, good on him for taking advantage of it, but he definitely had it all going for him
  9. Man, Brooks has a heck of a round going today, even though he's been burning edges! Couple more of those drop and that coulda been a special day
  10. Those look great! Any specific reason you have a soft spot for math?
  11. I still need to pack up our place and finish moving...but it's gonna take a lot of self control to actually get to work instead of just watching golf!
  12. Man, I really don't understand where Bryson is coming from sometimes. I'm personally of the belief that he just doesn't always understand how he's coming off until afterwards. But yeesh, I definitely feel for the Cobra guys who I'm sure put in a ton of work specifically for Bryson and then he just kinda discards all that effort in one comment
  13. Speak for yourself - I'm getting pretty good at finishing in the bottom 10%!
  14. Boy, would love to see Louie take this by the horns! He's had sooo many close calls, I've been feeling for him ever since he dunked the drive on 18 in the team event.
  15. Phew, made it in by the skin of my teeth!
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