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  1. Ironically I did but the T100s the other day. It was just the stock shaft, but I was really surprised how well I hit it. Up against some more forgiving irons, it didn't seem to lose much at all. And it looked and felt fantastic to boot!
  2. I've been mulling over new irons now for almost a year, I know I'm going to pull the trigger it's just a matter of getting fit (again, lol. Not good experience at Club Champion). Mizuno was gonna do some free fittings at a local shop, and I snagged a time cuz why not? Unfortunately though the shop called me up saying they had to send a few of their staff home sick so they were postponing the fitting. Darn covid always making things difficult.
  3. Played 9 at a short muni, used two balls and kept two scores as a little practice round. I tried to be a little more aggressive off the tee than I typically am to see how it worked. One ball was +7 (net +2), the other +1 (net -4), and the +7 was really due to two silly doubles that didn't have much to do with the more aggressive shots off the tee. I think I need to start getting more aggressive off the tee box next year. I also continue to miss a bunch of birdie putts haha. Not sure what the deal is, because I feel like I hit way more equivalent length par putts. I think I just need to ke
  4. That's kind of a cool way to stay on your game! When I was younger my dad would pay me to read personal improvement books, or let me get new shoes if I got a certain amount of jump shots in, and it definitely worked for me haha. For my game right now though, it's been easy enough motivation just knowing that I can be a lot better than I am. If/once I hit a plateau, I might need to get creative!
  5. Is that supposed to be V stiff & V X stiff? Cool opportunity, this will be a fun one to watch!
  6. It'd be a shame not to give them at least a few swings!
  7. I've not yet had the pleasure of "real" golf competition, however earlier this summer I beat three friends all playing best ball against me with my first sub 80 round. That felt pretty good!
  8. Did Brooks just take a 5iron from 265?! I mean he ended up a little short, but still... Wow.
  9. I tried out a box earlier this summer, not surprised at all that there's good results! I liked this ball a lot
  10. 5 dozen "practice" Tp5x's. Won't just be practice balls for me tho!
  11. Yeah, I'm a huge cold brew fan but I can't say it's ever sounded good in the middle of winter when it's -5° outside lol
  12. If not cream, you might actually want to water down the cold brew a bit. Depending on how you make it, it'll sometimes come out more of a concentrate. Otherwise you'll really be revving your engines.
  13. Just ordered myself 5 dozen...thanks for the tip @chisag!
  14. I'm definitely known for some occasional embellishment, but unfortunately in this case I'm not. Particularly on holes narrow enough where I'm taking an iron, he's probably in trouble +75% of the time
  15. Looks like I stumbled onto a great thread... Love the coffee life! I lived with a barista in college who would make all sorts of wacky espresso beans for fun, so we'd all get to drink them. Didn't know what we had until we moved out lol. Unfortunately our budget is limiting my coffee game similarly to my golf game, but once we get over a few humps I think I'll be trying out some new roasting/grinding/brewing methods. But for now it's relatively cheap whole beans, ground and French press and it's good enough for now!
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