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  1. Yeahhhh, these look good enough that I need to just stop looking at them in general for the sake of torching my golf budget for the year before we even get to February. Cobra is so underrated
  2. Thanks for the suggestions!! I've been sorta curious from a distance if that makes sense, but didn't know where to start. I'll have to give some of those a go and see what happens!
  3. Any recommendations for some "sipping" rums for someone who enjoys whiskey?
  4. Can confirm, spornia nets are awesome, but definitely not shank proof
  5. Always a good question to wrap up the season! Think I'm replacing my wedge heads (lob at the very least) but likely staying with the same heads. Past that, I'm debating reshafting my current hybrid and potentially replacing my 4 iron with either a fairway wood or hybrid. Driver and putter are safe as can be. Iron heads are a lock, but those have had the wrong shafts for a while now so we'll see if I reshaft them in the off-season or not.
  6. Yep, this is it Grooves are like little "trenches" that help divert moisture, grass, debris, etc. So the grooves don't "make" spin, but more accurately maintain the spin when other stuff gets between the ball and the face. In the absence of that "stuff" a grooveless face would likely spin more, because of the increased surface area and thus increased friction. One helpful analogy I've heard is in race car tires - when it's dry they'll use "slicks" which are smooth, but when it starts to rain, they'll use "grooved" tires to divert the water away. On the subject of replacing wedges after grooves are worn; it's because the wedge doesn't divert the "stuff" as well or (more accurately) as consistently anymore, so spin rates will be lower as the stuff gets more in the way.
  7. As my phone has gotten older I've been seeing some buggyness with Arccos, but I'm almost certain that's because of my phone. It seems there's some dissatisfaction with Arccos amongst members here, but I've had almost no negative experiences. They have added to their data available to review and the interface to view it, which I've appreciated. I've had the system for about 3 years now, most of the sensors I have no issues with at all, there may be 1 or 2 that might need to get replaced soon because they miss a shot every now and again. Not enough for me to be worried about it yet though.
  8. Looking for some advice on a shot that has always (but particularly lately) given me some issues. It's when I'm on an uphill lie, with anything from a 1/2-3/4 wedge up to roughly a full 9 iron. I believe I'm a generally steep angle of attack player, but nothing extreme. What I struggle with on these shots is if I try to combat the slope and keep the ball from ballooning, I end up digging into the hill very deep. Sometimes my club barely even exits the turf it gets so dug in. Usually on these shots my contact is unreliable. Other times I try to shallow it out more along the slope, but these shots balloon up really high and often come up short. I don't do anything specifically different from a setup perspective. So my question to you - what should I be doing on these kinds of shots? Are there little tweaks you make that I should try to get more consistent at these shots? Thanks in advance!
  9. Absolutely! In the spring and fall we have a few around here that offer good off-season rates, which is a great way to zip around the course and get things dialed in.
  10. Wasn't sure I'd get in entry with the weather turning up here in Michigan, but snuck out for a quick 18 this morning! Little "exec" type course that I really enjoy (Indian Trails), but admittedly makes it tough to compete net haha. My handicap: 5.9 Course handicap: 3 Gross score: 73 (net 70, +4) 3 net birdies Longest drive was 331, got ahold of a downwind drive! Tons of 5-15ft putts, wasn't getting a ton of them to go early in the round and started making more towards the back end. Had a couple shots that felt really nice, love playing this course because it really puts an emphasis on the scoring portion of the game which is always good to get some extra practice.
  11. You're a lot closer to me than you give yourself credit for! I don't think I'm even a full club longer than you. Also to be fair, this hole ends up playing like a short par 5 from the tips for me because I can't always reliably play a draw off the tee. All the more reason I was pumped to get the birdie!
  12. Tough finishing hole for the front 9. Tree lined on the left that you can't go over, and bunker you've gotta carry, if you can hook it around the corner it can be 30-40 yards closer approach easily. I left my DI right and got just unto the rough. Flier lie and a little downwind and downhill to the green, which is guarded by two huge trees that "field goal post" the green. Best swing of the day with my 7 iron to just over 15 feet, and got the putt to drop for a bird!
  13. Played 9 with a buddy this afternoon in absolutely perfect fall weather! Played pretty up and down with some doubles and some birdies, some really good shots and some silly mistakes. Fall golf up north I always say is a win no matter how the score ends up!
  14. Rough day today. Played a flat course with plenty of water hazards, which made the 20+mph winds quite the challenge. Wind made things tough from tee to green, and my short game and putting wasn't as sharp as I've been lately either. Shot a 90, first time I've had this tough of a round in a while but sometimes a little humble pie brings some low scores afterwards!
  15. Nice set up! I'm (hopefully) in the early setup stages myself, but it's gonna be a slow burn getting everything gathered and assembled for me. Have a spornia net and some supplies to make a hitting platform, but still need to get that fabbed up. Sim is likely the last piece of my puzzle, and might be a year or two away once I get the rest of the garage ready.
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