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  1. Super interesting! I use my 3w probably like 75-25 off the tee vs off the deck. And I'm definitely curious what makes the Aldilas good driver shafts but not always good fairway shafts, I absolutely love getting into the details on equipment like that.
  2. Ahh, okay yep that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!
  3. Oh man, now you've got me digging into the memory banks a bit;) That was actually another thing I wasn't super impressed by the fitter with, he didn't really even say which heads we were going to try. Not sure why I didn't just ask or look myself, I guess I just got caught up in the moment. I know for sure I also hit the Apex (forged I think), i500s, MP20 HMBs, and I think also the T200s. There were probably another two or three heads I'm forgetting/didn't register the day of as well.
  4. First of all, WOW. Thank you so much for all the time and thought you put into these posts, I am extremely grateful and humbled that you were willing to offer your knowledge and thorough information, especially to a stranger literally across the country! That all makes really good sense to me, again, seriously thank you for going into the depth both on my swing and on the potential variables and directions to try out for clubs. I think the only thing I lost you on was the getting to 90° at the top, and that Tiger is getting 120°. What angle are you referring to there? I almost feel bad asking for your thoughts on my driver and 3w, but you obviously know your stuff extremely well and I think I'd be silly not to take you up on at least your hunches of good directions to seek out. I have the Fujikura MotoreF1 65 Stiff shaft in my driver (R9 SuperTri 9.5°) and the Aldila Tour Green 75 Tx Stiff in my 3W (15° X2 Hot). I bought both of them before I knew of MGS, and at that point I'm not even sure I knew that extra stiff shafts existed, let alone that I might need one. I'm sure the stiffness incompatibility doesn't help either of them, but I'm not sure if I could really well discern which shaft I like better. The Aldila feels like the head gets a little loose on me if that makes sense, but the Fujikura feels like it's pretty light. I'll be honest with you though, I've not swung a ton of different shafts so I don't have much to compare to and am mostly just trying to give you as much info as I can. Again, thank you @Manimal26 for your time and willingness to impart your expertise! I think if I lived anywhere near Fort Worth I'd be headed your way for a fitting in person!
  5. @Manimal26 Thanks, I appreciate your time and thoughts! Unfortunately I don't have 6i/7i club head speed or driver club head speed any more than an educated guess. I am 6'1", weigh about 200 pounds, coming from playing basketball and running track. I was a shooting guard/small forward, and a mid-sprinter (200 & 400 primarily). I do know from the hybrid fitting that my club head speed with that club was about 108mph, and I carry it 230-240ish yards (it's an 18° head if that's helpful). Also, I hit my gamer 6i (Ping Eye 2+, ~32° loft) about 180, and I was hitting the P790 6i in the fitting about 200-210yrds. Unfortunately both those shops are ~2 hours away from me, but that's definitely not out of the question. Maple Hill (https://maplehillgolf.com/launch-kitchen) is the shop up the street I've heard some good things about their fittings, and have done a putter fitting with them previously as well.
  6. Man I really want to get in on this action but I'm not sure if I'll be able to swing it this week either. I'm bummed cuz I think the forum member participation is an awesome idea!!
  7. I appreciate your thoughts! To be completely honest, I was going into the fitting with 90% certainty I would either be finding a DTC similar set composition to whatever they fit me to, or pulling the set together by parts. When I saw the price they quoted, 90% went up to 100% certainty really fast haha. Your insight (especially because you do fittings yourself) on the fit is giving me some more reason for hesitation in trusting the fit though. The fitter was pretty young (nothing inherently wrong with that), but didn't seem to be abundantly knowledgeable. His explanations and answers to some of my questions were really basic, but it's hard to tell if that was an indication of his potential lack of knowledge or if he is used to fitting golfers who don't have much of an idea of golfing/club fitting concepts. I asked him what he was looking for in the shaft that he thought would fit my swing, and his answer kinda felt something along the lines of "let's just put a bunch of shafts in there until you hit one well". I guess not inherently the worst strategy, but doesn't feel like there's a lot of knowledge and science behind the decision. He was also predominately concerned with smash factor when selecting both the head and the shaft, and didn't mention almost anything about angle of descent, potential gapping, dispersion, spin, etc. I was a little bummed as well that I never got access to the Trackman data from the fitting. The thing I found most curious about the fit was that he fit me to 1° upright, even though I was consistently hitting a my few yard draw throughout the fitting, and almost every single "miss" swing I hooked far left (also what I do on the course). I asked him specifically why he thought 1° upright would be better for me, and he just told me to take a swing and said something along the lines of "See I was right". I didn't know the Nippon Pro 1150 was more suited for an aggressive transition, but don't feel like I am particularly aggressive. Here's a video I took for the Tour Edge hybrid review, I'd be curious if you do think I might be more aggressive than I thought: We are fortunate enough to have a few options for fitting near us, and I know @edingc has had good experiences at Maple Hill. @Manimal26 As a fitter yourself, do you think it would be worth trying another fitter to see if they fit me into something similar to Club Champion, or if they go a different direction entirely? Again, thanks for your insight.
  8. I don't blame you a bit! I'm pretty seriously considering another myself for a 3 iron replacement.
  9. That's awesome, I really hope there's a good chunk of new players that keep up with golfing post-covid too!
  10. Yeah, I don't disagree that DJ is a phenomenal player at all, he's no doubt one of the most talented of this generation. But Brooks wasn't wrong that he's only won 1 major, and I believe he's now 0/4 in majors when he's got the 54 hole lead. I think it's fair to wonder if it's a coincidence or a trend. And back to the original question he was asked, I still don't think he was wrong at all. He said he needed to go out and play solid golf, and that he's bringing a lot of experience to the table (experience that ended with a good chunk of wins). He never said DJ or any of the other guys at the top were terrible golfers, just made the point that there's no one he needs to be intimidated by. That just feels like a fair point to me, one he has earned the right to say.
  11. Okay, just watched the interview and personally feel like it's getting a bit blown out of proportion myself. Do I like Brooks so maybe that clouds how I perceived his comments? 100% admit I am probably biased. Do others (possibly some media folks too) maybe already have some disdain for him and are more likely to see that as inappropriate/disrespectful? Could totally see that too. I don't know though. Amanda Balionis (who's been doing a great job of asking the players good questions and not shying away from subjects like this) simply asked what he needed to do the next day to make it 3 straight, and what his thoughts are with the guys around the top of the leaderboard. Feels to me like his response (direct quote from BK: "Just play solid golf, just do what I've been doing, I feel like I'm right there") and saying that he's bringing more experience than the other guys at closing a tournament, I'm not really sure how that point could be argued. I mean he's got more majors (4) than the rest of the top of Thursday's leaderboard combined (Rose 1, Day 1, DJ 1, unless I'm missing someone). I dunno, I guess it feels a little more to me like he doesn't skirt around interviews and give fluffy & empty answers like a lot of the other guys do, and I have no problems with that. But hey, I fully recognize that's just my opinion and don't blame people for having different ones! And carding 4 over on a day you thought you'd be carrying the trophy isn't going to do anything to silence critics lol
  12. Ah got it, thanks for clarifying for me
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