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  1. Great question. I've fiddled around with that, but haven't tracked the stats to compare. I don't trust my consistency to deliver the face how I'd be trying to do the test justice, but it does feel way better off the Evnroll. The Cushin feels awful when you mishit it, and goes nowhere. Biggest difference I could feel was the ER2 didn't lose nearly the distance on those off center strikes. It was hard for me to tell how much left to right difference there was between the two, because I couldn't quite tell how much was my stroke potentially delivering the face non-square on the intentional off center hits.
  2. Jeez, those are insane. I haven't had much exposure, but those are by far the thinnest and most intimidating address pics of any iron I've seen
  3. He's saying it's more important to be putting that to be hunting pins. Which, is generally true for any mid+ hdcp golfer. Also takes into account that putting is much lower risk than chipping/pitching. No duffed putts. If it's true that your chipping is that much better than your putting, you're in a great spot. Because putting is the easiest thing to get better at. If you really improve your putting and maintain a great short game, your scores should drop quickly. That's probably the lowest hanging fruit. Turn two putt bogeys into up and down pars. Improving short game is a lot easier than building or rebuilding a more consistent full swing. If you're putting yourself in such a bad position off the tee that you consistently need to take drops, that might be the exception. Penalties kill the score, as I know all too well;) in that case, see if you can get some lessons and focus on really tightening the dispersion for your driver.
  4. My gamer is an old Ping Cushin, so solid face with no grooves. The Evnroll is actually the first grooved putter I've hit; I've tried a few stoked with a handful of insert faces from people I know. Totally agree that it seems the groove provides the most performance capability. I'll also say I'm not a huge fan of the feel of insert faces. They feel almost mushy to me if that makes sense. Like I'm putting with marshmallow or something. The grooves do also seem to give a slightly softer feel than solid faces, but not in a bad way at all. I prefer the feel of the ER2B face to the Cushin by far.
  5. Unfortunately, I think I'm out. But good luck selling them! That's a great set.
  6. Hit the heated bay yesterday for a bucket 'o balls. Mostly just a touch up day, went up through the bag and then spent the rest of the time working on partial wedge shots. Swing actually feels really good for the off-season. I've got my first lesson coming up in a week, so I'm looking forward to seeing what he says with my swing!
  7. I gotta say, this putter just continues to give me so much confidence. Took a little while to get accustomed to the feel, but now I'm loving it!
  8. I promised myself not to buy clubs until I get a few lessons under my belt so I can get a better fit...but dang what a set. You're not making it easy on me!
  9. Dang, sweet opportunity! Excited to see what kind of ball this ends up being!
  10. I have heard multiple people say the more of a digger you are, the harder mats are on your arms, wrists, etc. Although, as @cnosil said, you should be hitting ball first then mat/turf. In which case, a fitting on turf seems like it'd be close enough to get a quality fitting, assuming you don't have to alter your swing to avoid pain
  11. I do sometimes wonder how much of putting changeups are actually tech/spec driven and how much are purely confidence. And that's not too say that confidence, or lack thereof, is a bad reason to change it up; I think standing over the putt and feeling confident is huge. I don't know, something about putting has just always felt like a mystery to me. Way more of a soft science compared to relatively black and white specs and performance that I feel you get from the full swing clubs.
  12. I'd bet someone could come up with a good way to make artificial turf that worked well for golf instead of football or soccer. I'm just not sure it'd be easy to convince someone to put the time and money into creating such a turf, or find many courses interested in putting them in their play
  13. I wish the Mountaineer logo didn't come with such bad memories for me, but I was at the App St v. UofM game, cheering for the losing side That's a sweet ball marker though!
  14. Love the Michigan nods! Except...is that an App State Mountaineer?
  15. Biggest difference for me so far is actually starting my putts on line. Which surprised me; my own understanding of the groove technology had me thinking I'd see more improvement in the way of distance control, but I've been pleasantly surprised at how true the ER2B rolls! I've done some head to head testing between my current gamer and the ER2B, again, I've been really surprised at my findings! I was honestly a little skeptical that there'd be much of a difference between the two...but pleasantly surprised. More details to come in my Phase 2!
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