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  1. Being a design engineer (not golf related), I feel for the designers and engineers at Honma. That can be a really frustrating situation to be in. Sometimes the design side just doesn't get it done, but other times you can do everything they want and more, and it's still not enough.
  2. Chuck is the man haha. And he can take it just as much as he gives it out.
  3. Worse golf, but much more entertaining than the Taylormade driving relief so far imo. I'm wondering the same thing haha
  4. Adjusted my driver down a few degrees, which opens it up slightly as well. Probably should have done it at the range before I took it to the course, but it was way too beautiful not to get a round in! 44/45; 89 36 putts, 3/14 FIR, 6/18 GIR I was a little streaky off the tee and with the short game, had some great shots and some really poor ones. I still feel like I'm leaving some shots on the course, but 89's definitely on the low side for me! I'm happy with the consistency I've seen so far this year, hopefully it leads to some new lows.
  5. Way late on the putter update here, but I've been the gaming the Evnroll ER2B since the testing opportunity last fall. I have also realized that the shafts on my irons don't match up . Most have the zz lites, one has the Ping JZ shaft, and one has a Dynamic Gold. Needless to say, irons are next up on my upgrade list! I think after that I'm going to look either at driver or for something to round out the top of my bag where my 2 iron currently resides.
  6. Definitely agree with you here. So much back and forth it was painful. I will say, I think having Payton and Phil involved certainly increases the chance of better banter. But probably not any less commercials.
  7. I meant to throw the link in myself, must have forgot . Thanks for covering me!
  8. They also did this follow up video with a G400 vs Miura for a little more extreme example than the Srixon
  9. Yeah, I definitely agree there's more good strikes with the blade. But like @RickyBobby_PR said, maybe more important is that the poor and very poor shots are grouped a lot tighter. I do wonder if perhaps the mat might be altering the outcome some? Or something else I can't think of. I also think it's curious why Crossfield games the Launchers if this video seems to suggest blades are the way to go, even if that's just for him. I'm not totally sure what to do with it to be honest! I do like Mark's honest and frank perspectives. I think I remember TXG doing a video on blades vs GI irons, but I don't remember their conclusion. I'll have to dig that up and watch it tomorrow to jog my memory.
  10. I'm not trying to stir the pot...but I just watched this video, and I'm curious what some more knowledgeable people's opinions are on the matter?
  11. I've really liked the Srixon All-Weather as well, especially when it's raining or especially warm/humid. My "normal" weather glove is the Kirkland Premium Cabretta. I like it a lot but will say they run a little larger than the Srixon.
  12. I wonder if they kept the course roughly the same conditions as they typically have it, or if they spiced it up to more tour-type conditions.
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