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  1. Boy, you've gotta quit posting this stuff! You're making my pockets burn! Looks like you're absolutely pounding that thing, good for you
  2. Hey y'all. With the off-season coming up, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on lessons. I'm curious what kind of questions would be good for me to ask potential pros? I've never had any lesson before, am about a 16 hcp, and live in Michigan, where winters are coooooooold... I've gotten a list of potential instructors from MGS and coworkers, just trying to whittle it down from here.
  3. Good looking wedge! I've never heard of them...
  4. 52/50 - 102; 32 putts, 6% GIR, 33% FIR Is there such a thing as a good 102? Take out my 11 (3 drives straight into a field), a quad and two triples... Felt like I putted and chipped well, but good lord it was sloppy AF out there. Was driving the ball great until the back, then kinda lost it. Approach game was iffy at best. Felt like I was striking the ball well enough to break 90, instead made some bonehead decisions and went triple digits.
  5. Absolutely. I think the fanbase is a pretty solid combination of football-stupid, and illogical (I've been a die-hard Michigan fan since birth, and the fanbase even annoys me a decent amount of the time). Like Shank said, unless it's Jim leaving (don't think his pride would let him leave on a sour note), or some sort of ethical downfall, he's staying until they have back to back sub .500 seasons. Couldn't agree more, I think you're spot on. As much as I would love to see Jimmy and the boys bashing in the Buckeye's helmets and winning national championships, what we have now is waaaaay better than the Hoke/RichRod-type potential alternative.
  6. Yeah, that was a rough one. Strung it out and broke our hearts...had chances to win it!
  7. Congrats testers! Excited to hear what you find!
  8. Love the black, like the look way better than the white headcover personally
  9. Reiterating what a few people have said... think of the sheer amount of people who are in the "market", but just grab a sleeve of balls at the pro shop during their 1-2 rounds per year. No way in the world they're buying ProV1's, nor should they. Even if they may benefit from it, that kind of golfer simply doesn't care that much about the game to make expensive tour balls even slightly worth it. Which is a totally different story to a mid to high handicapper who's really trying to improve and puts time and energy into golf. Then the advantages of tour balls make sense
  10. Had a company outing, 4 man scramble. Probably my best all around ball striking I've had in a long time, from tee to green. Putting was frustrating, aerated greens and burned so many edges...but can't complain! Smoked some drives, had some great approaches. Our foursome hit every green in regulation, including a par 5 in two. Ended up -3, but could have easily been 5 or 6 under. Ended up losing by one stroke. Only downside is the cooler weather was a not-too-friendly reminder that the playing season doesn't have a ton of time left
  11. Going for $4.99 on The GolfWorks... https://www.golfworks.com/lamkin-z5-golf-grips/p/lk0152/?utm_source=eblast&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=LK0152-Sale
  12. ncwoz

    New Cut DC anyone?

    Unfortunately I haven't tried any Cut ball at all. Have they continued to perform pretty similarly to ProV1X's for you?
  13. Great advice, I've been eyeing some of Adam Young's material and it looks really solid. I like the training aid idea to really cement the ideas to work on from the lessons too.
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