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  1. Man, awful break for Westwood getting a divot lie after such a great tee shot.
  2. I can't find anything either. Could that be the longest back they have data? It's hard to imagine someone giving it a wack in 2003 that would go that far, unless they were playing in a hurricane or something.
  3. Wait a minute, "longest drive on the 6th hole since 2003"? Who hit it over 370 in 2003?
  4. Just had a phenomenal mixed drink out at dinner with my wife. Maker's Mark with a few different bitters (I think?) that ended up making a killer drink. I might need to up my home mix-drink game!
  5. Similar to a few if you guys, I've been working most of the off season to improve my rotation and eliminate my early extension. Have been doing the wall drill at home quite a bit, and at the range basically I'll go through half a bucket with waist-to-waist swings, feeling like my right pocket "punches" toward 11 o'clock (noon being target). Then I'll take that feel up to full swings for most of the rest of the bucket, save for ~5 normal driver swings and ~5 fast-as-I-can driver swings. Yesterday was a good day! I'm liking where I'm at so far. I'll probably continue to work on this in the
  6. Good for you, all around!! That's really really impressive to not only drop that weight, but keep/gain muscle in the midst of losing weight overall. Excited to see how your season goes, and here's to a hopefully toasty and dry-ish spring!
  7. I'm jealous, especially during the winter months!! Have you felt like your simulator numbers have been somewhat close to what you've seen on the course, or do you feel like you need to make some adjustments when you're doing the real deal?
  8. Bringing this thread back from the grave I've been noodling around in my head how I might get some better carry/gapping numbers through my bag before the season starts. I'm pretty sure I'll be renting some time on a simulator in town and I'll get 5-10 shots with each club to average out. If I have the time I'd like to also get some info on a "3/4" feel swing I like to do especially with my shorter irons, but I'm not sure how many swing variations I'll be able to squeeze into the rental time.
  9. I think these kinds of setups are quickly becoming my favorite to watch. Even though Collin had things going so well throughout the final round and was in control, it still felt very possible that he could get tripped up on a hole and let some other guys back in, or that Brooks or someone else might put together a whirlwind last few holes and really put the pressure on. There's plenty of tournaments that basically feel wrapped up if there's a 3 stroke lead on the final 9. Concession (to me) didn't truly feel like it was done dealing until Brooks didn't convert the birdie putt on 17
  10. Yup, no doubt. Doesn't seem like anyone is quite ready to make a surge and take it from Colin at this point.
  11. Man, Viktor is having a heck of a comeback after his quad!
  12. Looks like Hideki and Smith are on the same diet
  13. I've always wondered the same thing. I've heard some people say that PGA fairways can be just as firm and fast as many average muni greens!
  14. @THEZIPR23 mentioned he's tried slimming down a bit lately. According to an article I saw earlier, seems as though he last ~10 pounds since his previous high
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