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  1. Jeeeez, how is it already the end of November?!
  2. I know this is a flier seeing as we've gone quite a while since the original post, but is the Diamana Thump shaft still available?
  3. Dang, looking awesome!! Is your garage setup something you've gotta put up and tear down each time you use it, or do you have the space dedicated?
  4. It's an easy enough decision if you have a 50/50 chance of going into the hazard/OB whether you're using driver or 6 iron like me;) If there was a little more room short of the green it'd be a no brainer for me, but there's almost no room for a mishit to come up short at all. It's one of the things I love about Devries designed courses tho, because as you look at your shorter club options there's really nothing that stands out to me as the obvious choice. Like @edingc said, if you lay up there's still a good chance you're left with a really tricky approach, and if you're like me the layup is still intimidating enough that I nervely hooked it OB. On top of it all, it's absolutely beautiful when the sun is going down at your back.
  5. Loving the updates so far! So how much total room do you guys think someone would need to have this net setup and be able to full swing? Also, if the hitting net was set up against a wall behind it, would there be any concern that the ball would hit the wall before the net slowed it down?
  6. Could be wrong, but it I remember right Edel's site has a spot where they list out fitters that stock their stuff, might be worth looking into.
  7. From other threads I knew your lifting experience was pretty extensive, but man those are some crazy good numbers, especially at 195! @edingcand I were talking about how loading up the big 3 and making sure to take them through their full range of motion is surprisingly helpful for mobility (as opposed to the "muscle bound" stiff stigma I've heard specifically in the golf world), but I'm curious what your plans are to improve your mobility? I'm getting back under the bar more consistently myself and have noticed some helpful flexibility improvements, but I still have a few tight areas that could use some freeing up.
  8. Nothing new from me - winter is settling in up here, so my season is on its last legs, but I'm continually impressed with the jumper "protection" from the T100's. I am going to see if I can get my hands on some Modus 130x shafts that I was fit into so hopefully next spring I'll have even more perspective on how these puppies work
  9. I had one today with my brother that gave me a scare. Slightly uphill par 3, back pin. I hit a partial 8 iron and the ball was all over the pin the entire flight. We saw one hop, then it disappeared and I really thought I might have plunked it. Turns out I flew the green by about a yard, and the ball plugged which is why it disappeared so fast Still have my aceless membership card!
  10. WOW, what a shot!! Heck of a poke too!
  11. The more muted glare would be great! That's probably my biggest complaint with my TSW's - when the lighting is just right the glare can be pretty intense.
  12. I know this wasn't the question, but this was something I was really pleased about with the T100 set. I didn't have to worry about gapping at all, going from my 54° SW it then goes to the 50° set GW and 46° PW. Of course it'd be a fitting question of which head gives you the best launch conditions and stopping power, but might be worth giving both a shot in a fitting.
  13. Hey, nothing wrong with filling us in with your thoughts once you get them! I'm certainly planning on keeping my thoughts going on this thread even though we're "done". I didn't mention it in the official review (as the review was for the heads, not the shafts imo) but I'm hoping that some of the supply chain issues will clear up so I'll be able to try these irons with the shafts I was fit to. With how well they performed for me during my fit, and with how well the clubs performed with shafts that I wasn't fit into, I'm really excited for whenever I'll be able to get my hands on the Modus 130!
  14. That's an interesting question, I'm not really sure where that information would be found. Last year's line had both the T100 and T100s models, but after a little googling I couldn't find which was sold in more volume for the current or previous models.
  15. My final review is up, go check it out here! Spoiler alert - these T100 irons are good!
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