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  1. I've had a spornia net set up in my garage for the last year and change, I think you'll really enjoy it!

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    Selling Nippon Modus 125 shafts, X-stiff, 4-GW with Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Midsize grips. Standard lengths, the grips probably have another season left in them. The grip on the 8 iron has a ~1" tear at the bottom that you can see in on of the pictures. Asking $175, including shipping to continental US (unless you're willing to pay the fees to get it shipped elsewhere) Let me know if you have any questions!


  3. Life has gotten busy and kept me from being as active as I'd like on the forum, but this was too good not to post! First 9 holes under par!!! 34 (-2, net -5) 3/7 FIR, 8/9 GIR, 15 putts Everything was just humming today! Really good off the tee, approach game was fantastic for me, and I think I scared the hole every single putt but one. Actually had it to 3 under after 8, bogied the 9th for the only blemish of the day, but one that I'm not upset about at all!! So pumped!!!
  4. First night of league last night! It was cold and WINDY, but great to be starting back up. My short game was unreal, I chipped twice to within 2 feet, and had a couple longer putts drop. Off the tee and approach wasn't terrible, but off just enough. It felt like each hole if it wasn't the tee shot it was my approach - if it was good contact it was misjudging the wind. Just one of those days. Ended up with a 43, but tons of great things to take from the round. Hoping next week the weather is a little more mild!
  5. Excited to follow along this year! And man, Cobra just keeps putting out awesome looking clubs!
  6. Nice! Totally agree, and really reasonable rates too. I haven't played white or blue, but I really enjoyed the other 3 that I have played!
  7. Love that course, one of my buddy's dad has been a league member there forever! Which 9 did you play?
  8. I use it similar to you - after every hole I edit the putts and will see pretty quickly if one of the other shots was missed or wrong. Makes for a little more work between holes than I'd prefer sometimes, but there's no way I'd be able to remember all the putts accurately after the round so it's a small price to pay for the awesome data!
  9. Downwind, downhill and a friendly hardpan bounce all definitely helped But you won't find me complaining!
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