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  1. I've been using my 3 wood a lot more recently. I have been hitting it farther than my driver and it is a lot more accurate than my driver.
  2. Good evening everyone! I'm happy to be a part of the community that I have heard so many good things about from one of my good buddies. I've been playing golf for 9 years in total but really have only taken in "seriously" the last 5. My normal score is around 95. I love being able to walk 9 holes and enjoy being on the course and active. I also love that there is always something that I can work on to be better. I enjoy the challenge of self improvement. As I mentioned before, a good buddy @JohnSmalls is to credit with getting me on board! I'm excited to become more involved and learn more about the game! I am from upstate SC, in Due West. I tend to bounce between Cobb's Glen and the Links at Stoney Point depending on which direction I am driving for the day. The best thing about golf here is that I can play year round! The worst thing about my immediate location is that the nearest course is thirty minutes away. I work as an athletic trainer for men's and women's golf, men's soccer, and baseball at a small college here in town. I picked 20xUnited because I am a massive Manchester United supporter and that's how many times we have won the league. (Liverpool are still only at 18) GGMU!
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