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  1. Charleston is a good option. Plenty of places to stay between Charleston, Isle of Palms etc.
  2. I typically buy used irons as I play a lot and they get beat up fast. I bought my current set from Callaway Pre Owned.com and had a great experience. They even replaced one that I broke. Also had good luck with golf traders group on FaceBook. Putter and woods for me need to be new.
  3. I think course management comes down to knowing yourself and playing smart. Know your miss and play it to your strength. I also think golfers don't take enough time to read the scorecard and understand the hole. Play your tee shot to the widest part of the fairway/green. Sometimes hitting driver is not the best idea. It's not necessarily course management but practice areas that you need improving most. If you three putt multiple times around, don't blame the driver for a bad score. Maybe the next range session the putter needs the work. If you aren't improving, change your routine. Think about the course different and restructure practice.
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