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  1. ND looks to have a pretty darn good looking team again this year, so you should be fine. Predictions are that they aren't as strong this year compared to last, but I've learned to never underestimate them at all...ever...Be rooting for them tonight myself
  2. So I indeed went out to hit a bucket, but then decided to play a round despite the heat. I put my longer Aldila Tour blue shaft back in (I had been using a short Tensei Blue that wasn't making any distance) and was having the same old swiping issues with super-slice-a-ronis as usual. Fiddled with loft and landed at 11.5* and with a little choke-down action, I began to see better performance out on the course. Many straight shots and even some that went left to places I've never played before since I'm almost always right on every hole. Distance was OK, but I still had 2 moon shots that were way short after hitting under the ball. Choke-down seems to be key for me at this point.
  3. Went out mid-morning yesterday to hit a medium bucket before the heat settled in, and wound up going out to play. I was supposed to be grouped in with a 3-some, but they no-showed and they let me go out alone. Fine, good practice time. Sputtered quite a bit on the front, but then played bogie golf on the back. Made 3 pars the whole round, all on par-3's including my "nemesis" hole at #4. I give myself an "OK" for the day. Edit: Forgot to mention that I literally played until my hands bled. Had to ask a marshal for some Band-Aids to cover the blisters I made on both my index and ring fingers on my right hand at hole #12. He didn't have any but zipped to the clubhouse and came all the way back out to meet me at #13 with them. Left him a tip with the staff after the round.
  4. To everyone over there, please be safe and hunker down. Hope to see everyone back here happy & healthy.
  5. Wish I could say the same thing...been a rather arduous journey for me since the reviews. Shaft changes and constant tinkering with the hosel adjustments. Simply put, I haven't found equilibrium or my "happy place" with this driver and it's been rather frustrating...so much so that I've taken a break recently (including here) to maybe flush some demons. My experiences with it are basically as follows: Hammer the snot out of a bucket on the range with nice, long and mostly straight hits Embarrass myself on the course with constant distance-killing slices and shorter duffs Go home pissed I'm still in a bad position where I can't afford lessons, so most likely I'm piling on bad habits onto an already flawed and crummy swing. I am also wondering about my ball choice and am contemplating trying something different (note that I recently tried a sleeve of Srixon Q or Z-Star that I hated-covers just got chewed up bad after just one round). Headed to the range here shortly before it gets too hot to hit a few and see if this recent break has done anything positive.
  6. Had a watch party here yesterday morning with potluck dishes and just about every kind of brunch drink imaginable. Unreal second quarter holding Florida to zero points and our Broncos showed their "giant killer" moxy. If they can learn to protect the QB and keep him in one damn piece, he may grow into a phenom. Very impressed with the running game tho and we have momentum to go deep this season. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks a bunch Rick! And indeed it was!!!
  8. Thanks all! Had a pretty good day of it yesterday. Snapped up a new putter with my gift $ and will be giving it its first "see-trial" later today. After that, took a nap while watching the PGA guys and then went out to Texas Roadhouse for steak dinner and drinks. Fine day!
  9. Late to the party here, but I hope you all had a great day out there! Cheers!!!
  10. Dig the spreadsheet!!! Noticed I have no tier-5 pick listed for some odd reason. I just went back in and looked. I inded have Beef Johnston selected, but I guess I didn't say "my tier-5 pick is:"
  11. Indeed he was. That's his 3w, and if you think that's old, you should see his blades...He also still has a PING Eye-II wedge in play as well...
  12. Man I am digging seeing all the new run this thread has gotten...WOW! Lots of great content here especially from @cksurfdude! Keep it coming Spies! All good stuff!
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