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  1. Indeed. It's quite a change from the 400 and very...well, "distinctive" for sure...So far it gets low marks from me on this particular quality. Now if I could just hit the damn thing with some consistency and get gains like others have found, I may overlook this blemish, but I've been struggling with driver for some time now. Hope to be out of this funk soon.
  2. So he sat back and watched Dustin send one 350 off the lighthouse...
  3. Check out my video in my Stage-1. It picked up the sound pretty well and it sure is different than my G400.
  4. The Easter Bunny made his annual appearance this morning and my boy was waiting patiently by our bedroom door for us to get up and go look downstairs for what he brought since 6...Now it's egg-hunting time... Happy Easter everyone!
  5. Could someone please pipe-up and remind my sorry butt what the command is that reduces the giant space between lines (like in your signature) after you hit <enter>?
  6. I laid-up with a 5w off the tee and struck it to dead-center about 200 down range. Blasted a 3w 210-yds over the water, but left into the green-side trap. The shot was my 3'rd using my 60* well flat from maybe 25'. Hit the stick and it dropped dead 3" from the hole for a "gimme" par. Damn, I love this 60!
  7. Fellow testers, @jlukes, @tony@CIC, @fixyurdivot, @GolfSpy STUDque & @Golfspy_CG2, anyone beside myself hating the sound of this driver? I've not heard anyone pipe up about it thus far, but for me it's almost as obnoxious sounding as my old G-Series that I just couldn't stand. To me, PING has stepped backward with this aesthetic where the 400 had a more muted tone to it which was a major reason I got it last year. I plan on doing a comparison between the sound each makes in my pending stage-2, but so far the "tinny" report this thing makes is just not pleasing at all. Thoughts?
  8. Celebrating 17-years of marital bliss today with the woman who stole my heart 21-years ago. Looking forward to our date tonight after we ditch the brats... I love you Honey! (Now I just hope she'll forgive me if I golf tomorrow instead of having Easter dinner with the in-laws...better not...)
  9. Whoops! No. Meant +10...editing...
  10. Welcome to the club fellow Shoe Ho! Good looking line-up there!
  11. You stole my round! Had pretty much a carbon-copy of what you had yesterday myself... Got finished with a project early and ditched work to play a round. First drive nearly wound up in someone's yard, then dumped 2 in the water on that damn par-3 4th...Topped my share of approach shots and just sucked for most of the first 9. Putting was there though and was at +13 at the turn. Turned it around on the back going +10 and finally settled down on my shot making. Only one real birdie chance (pared), but made 3 pars overall and no snowmen. Counting as a "win"...
  12. Heh, at the moment, I only have 2 shafts for my 410 driver; Tensei Orange in stiff (-1/2") which is what I had PING put on it and I also have an Alta in reg (std length) I got off the Bay. The Tensei is far better of the two for me so the Alta is going back up for sale soon. I want to try a PING Tour shaft though... Been struggling with both drivers of late (due to my grip change most likely), but there is potential there that I just need to unlock. This new grip style has really helped out my irons and has actually given me some distance gains with them that was much needed. Drivers continue to frustrate however...
  13. I hit the range after the Masters Sunday for a full-bucket session. After warming up, I started in with the 410 SFT and it's "new" Alta R-flex shaft I picked up off of the Bay for a trial. This was the shaft my "fitter" recommended for me, but it just felt wrong in some way which is why I ordered my driver with the stiff Tensei Orange. First his with it were awful. Fiddled with loft a bit and this shaft just did not work for me. Chucked the Tensei back up on the neutral 10.5 setting and wham! 240 right off the bat with a slight fade. Tried that shaft once again later and just confirmed it is just not for me in any way. Hit my 400 and was steady with it out to 230 on my better hits, but the 410 feels like it maybe has more in the tank. I hope to hit the range again Thursday and than maybe play sometime this weekend. Side note: Our Range Troll coach dude offered some unsolicited help and identified that my grip needed some work. He was actually correct that my grip was overly weak and got me working on a much better strong grip that is proper. I had thought the way I was holding the club was with a strong grip, but I somehow had it backwards with my right hand way under the left. So this new feel will take some time to adjust to, but I see "hope".
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