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  1. Looks like it's time for me to bust out my Nitro... It'll be against doctor's orders, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do...
  2. Stay stress-free, enjoy the experience and have a blast! Best of luck to you out there! Cheers!!!
  3. Couldn't agree more! Many poorly-scoring rounds for me were some of my "better" ones because at least I was having a decent ball-striking day. They may have been going off into the weeds, but they were "pure"! Many times I am simply satisfied with a good hit and if it is off-line, so be it. I'll just say to myself; "that was a damn good hit!" and walk away with the knowledge that I know I have the ability and only need some little tweaks here & there...
  4. Congrats all! Have a blast out there with those! Looking forward to hearing your reviews!
  5. War Department was in Phoenix last week on business and wound up going out with the fellas of her group to Top Golf of all things. I was a bit miffed, but she brought me back this; My new favorite hat! Thanks Hon!
  6. Just getting caught up with this one...WHEW! Sorry for the troubles there but so glad it worked out!
  7. OK, OK...Love my B60 putter and with the GP SNSR grip I just put on it, but damn...the Pro Shop I frequent has a new PING Sigma 2 Fetch that just feels like a dream! It just sits so nice and the face is just so creamy when the ball is struck...On the top of my B-day wish list for sure!
  8. 47 is nothing to be ashamed of...heck it's my usual score to be honest. So long as you have a good time, can relax a bit and enjoy the game, who cares what the bleeding score is..?! Have fun out there and keep plugging away! Cheers!
  9. I won't be able to offer any comparisons either, but the DLX I have is the 2017(?) model I picked up from Global Golf during their year-end clearance that year around Christmas time. It's black & grey with blue highlights that I believe was geared to match the G-Series stuff they had at the time before the G400 came out. Anyhow, doing my normal diligence of on-line research at the time, MGS had their most-wanted bags article up ( https://mygolfspy.com/2017-golf-cart-bag-buyers-guide/ ) where it was #2 right behind the Pioneer. To me, the DLX (deluxe-?) was simply a Pioneer but with a vinyl shell rather than a cloth-like exterior, and I felt the vinyl would be better at shedding rain, dust & dirt and also stand up to the abuse of a former Marine. So far, so good. This bag is AWESOME! So much storage and so well thought out! Shoe storage, personal affects pouches, clip for keys, Velcro for the glove, magnetic pocket lid for RF, 15-way divider with a big putter well, handles in all the right places, etc., etc... If you wind up getting into one, you won't be disappointed.
  10. A few nights ago, I was rooting around in my golf grip stash and found I had a Tour SNSR putter grip hidden in there (red, yellow & black). Can't remember where I picked it up, but I've never used it before. Now to start, I had done a awful job when I re-gripped my B60 with a PING PP60 grip last year, and it was time to fix that. I was simply going to pull it off, re-tape it, but had to cut the dang thing off..!. I only cut it off since I knew I had an immediate replacement handy so on went the GP SNSR. So far my experience with it is positive. It feels good and I'm seeing some positive results with it right away. I just re-read all of the reviews on this and you all, @chemclub, @BigtazzGolf, @JDHolmes & @gchester33 did a fantastic job with this one! Right now I am 20/20 play it!
  11. All the best to you out there! have some fun and kick some tail!
  12. Dang, I should-a snapped a pic of the driver face before I wiped it down. There were ball marks all over that thing that indeed looked like it had taken a shotgun blast! Something tells me I may have voided the warranty with PING for "improper usage" or "abuse beyond normal golf activities" or some such...
  13. Thanks Bud! Yeah, I was expecting someone to call the Funny Farm and send the "nice" men out to pick me up and haul me away in their rubber truck, but I somehow was able to avoid all that..! Heck, that may still happen...
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