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    Golf, Fly Fishing, Bowling, Vacations to anywhere with a beach, Football game day parties, BSU Tailgates, House parties of any kind, Cooking, Naps.
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  1. PING Apologist #9

    Bridgestone Commercial

    The glazed-over look Tiger has reminds me of his mugshot...
  2. PING Apologist #9

    My Old School Bag

    Good looking stuff there!
  3. PING Apologist #9

    In the Bag..... for the moment....

    Throw us some pics! Love to view them! Also, the doctor is in on this thread about your shoe affliction...
  4. PING Apologist #9

    Help..I need a ruling over here

  5. PING Apologist #9

    What Are You Watching?

    I somehow missed the release of season-3 for The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime several weeks ago, so I binge-watched the first 5 episodes and then got to see the 6th Friday. Those guys haven't missed a beat and the production value is just as superb (or even better) as is was when they worked for the BBC. For those of you who may be wondering, this is the independent spin off of the British car show Top Gear with Clarkson, Hammond & May as the presenters. 100-times better than the American version which came after and was/is redundant.
  6. PING Apologist #9

    Happy thread

    Great work out there!
  7. PING Apologist #9

    Happy birthday MattF

    Cheers Bud! Hope you have a great day!!!
  8. PING Apologist #9

    Sluggo’s 2019 bag finally

    That's a damn fine looking set up there Sloggo! Enjoy the heck out of 'em! Looking forward to hearing about their performance-Cheers Bud!
  9. PING Apologist #9

    Happy Birthday GolfSpy_MBP

  10. PING Apologist #9

    My bag

    Greetings from Idaho BTW... Welcome to the forums! We all love pictures-got any to share?
  11. PING Apologist #9

    How'd you play?

    Gotcha. So is the one you have "infinging"?
  12. PING Apologist #9

    How'd you play?

    A recalled putter? What happened?
  13. PING Apologist #9

    A seventeen on a Par 4... in a tournament. Golf is hard

    I bet they have a massive bin inside the proshop filled to overflowing with "barely-used" balls that they gleen from here...
  14. PING Apologist #9

    Shoe Ho's Anonymous

    Oh, I'm most likely gonna get hammered by the War Department myself...Worth it!!!
  15. PING Apologist #9

    Shoe Ho's Anonymous