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  1. As well as the Miuras, looking for a set of Epon personal 2s S
  2. Hi all, Looking for a head set in vgc/mint. Ideally CB-301 or CB-202SN. But will entertain other models if the deal/condition is right. Happy to discuss shafts etc too, but heads only is fine. Best, Sean
  3. Hi all, Sorry if this has already been asked, but can't find it on a search. Can anyone give me a tip to graphics measurement on an untipped smoke green SB PVD shaft please? Thanks Sean
  4. Anyone got a LAB directed force 2.1? Ideally black, and ideally 35"
  5. Brand new 58 degree hi toe bigfoot Has hi rev 2.0 shaft £120 shipped in UK. At cost shipping worldwide
  6. Forgot to put price - £275 shipped in UK. At cost worldwide.
  7. UK Seller, will ship worldwide at cost £275 shipped in UK. At cost worldwide. 35" Bettinardi Queen Bee #6 Will ship with spare standard size Pure grip (matches putter) Mint condition as pictured.
  8. Looking for a Spitfire putter. Head only is fine
  9. Looking for a Gen 2 PXG 2 wood. Head only is fine
  10. Can't wait to see the results of this one. Definitely keen to get one
  11. Looking for a PXG cart bag. Will consider 2020 Hybrid or tour bag. Prefer black, but will also consider white. Thanks S
  12. Looking for driver shaft: Graphite design AD IZ 6S Preferably untipped. Any adapter is fine. Std length preferred
  13. would you consider a swap? I've just listed an AD XC 6X - same condition as this (PXG tip). Been keen to try this shaft. S
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