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  1. Looking for a Gen 2 PXG 2 wood. Head only is fine
  2. Can't wait to see the results of this one. Definitely keen to get one
  3. Looking for a PXG cart bag. Will consider 2020 Hybrid or tour bag. Prefer black, but will also consider white. Thanks S
  4. Looking for driver shaft: Graphite design AD IZ 6S Preferably untipped. Any adapter is fine. Std length preferred
  5. would you consider a swap? I've just listed an AD XC 6X - same condition as this (PXG tip). Been keen to try this shaft. S
  6. GD AD XC 6X Driver Plays 44.5" in PXG Proto Tipped 0.5" Pure Pro logo down Played about 20 shots with it UK seller, can ship world wide at cost. Looking for best part of £200 GBP for it.
  7. I use the manual putting feature, but this is only because my putter has a counterweight, so I can't use the tag. I did find this to be problematic before, and had the same issue you described. Making a habit of using the manual putting feature has been helpful I think.
  8. Battery life supposed to be significantly better. The battery life was very poor with the V2, and was my main prblem with it. My pre order is due to ship next month, will post some early tohughts.
  9. These have been done beautifully. Absolutely stunning.
  10. Hi all, Set of PXG Gen 1 0311T irons - 5-W. Condition is used. Please check photos carefully - the 7 iron has been re-plated recently, so looks almost brand new, but one screw was chromed, but I will repaint this black for buyer. The PW has had the grooves recut (by previous owner) - see photo. The shafts in the photo will be pulled. I can sell these heads only, or can box them with a set of KBS $ taper 110 with PXG Pure grips (-1/2"). The shafts are essentially brand new, and came off my Gen 2's. I will ship these unbuilt, or I can build them for you with my ferrules/epoxy for a small fee, but thought it might be preferable to allow the buyer to have these built to their own specs. There will be an extra shaft for a 4 iron that I will throw in free. Price is £600 £525 £500 for the heads, or £700 £625 £600 with the shafts (unbuilt). Shipping worldwide at actual cost. Sean
  11. seancgmartin


  12. Hi all, Brand new, in wrapper left hand tour issue M6 4 hybrid. Specs can be seen on the sticker in photos. There is a tiny almost unnoticeable bit of damage to the rear, pictured £125 £99 shipped if in the UK. $125 + shipping to USA/Canada. Happy to discuss. Sean
  13. Hi there, Epon tour wedge. Had it refinished - regrooved etc and then refinished in cerakote ceramic. Has a pured KBS 610 shaft in it. Can paint fill the logo if buyer wants. Never hit since refinished. Looking for about £75 posted in the UK. Can work out international shipping costs or head only if international shipping. If Batman had a lob wedge, he'd probably play this. Sean
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