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  1. I have some questions that I haven't been able to find the answers on my own, as I don't have the equipment or devices to correctly measure any of this. I'm looking for any opinions or insight you guys may have! (Right or wrong I don't care, just want to hear others thoughts) My numbers are from indoor trackman and outdoor GCQuad. I'm currently gaming a 42.25 Ventus Blue TR 7x in my Stealth Plus+ 3 wood. (Don't know length with the head on.) I have the upmost confidence in this club. Strike, dispersion, speeds have all seemed great. Club speed is between 115 and 120, ball speeds in the 170's and carry's between 290-300. Here is my issue and the reason for this post.. My driver shaft is a 44 inch Ventus Blue TR 6x with a callaway Paradym Triple Diamond. (Don't know length with the head on.) Club Speeds between 120 and 130, ball speeds are high 170's to low 180's. Dispersion is not great and I honestly feel like my driver carry's or rolls out just as far. Is my swing weight messed up with a 44 inch shaft? I have all the confidence in the world standing over the ball with a 3 wood, and absolutely zero standing over the driver. Strike could be way off the toe, might flare it out to the right or toe hook it. Shaft length? Swing weight? Just suck with driver? Send help
  2. I recently bought the stack system for the cold off season here in Missouri. Did my first baseline session with the results shown below. I am interested in seeing the results after the training sessions it gives me. It suggest I do the Foundation Speed program. Excited to get started and start building for next season. Should I post updated sessions or wait a few sessions to post the progress? For those of you that have tried TheStack, what results have you seen? Any tips/tricks with the programs I should know? #SpeedSZN
  3. Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come
  4. How it always goes down for sure. One side will always take heat for the picks when they lose. Makes it awesome haha
  5. Justin Thomas getting hot at the right time…? Let’s hope
  6. Wesley has now gained 2.15 strokes approach through 2 days(2 holes left). promising sign for Takoko for sure! Tour Validation is huge
  7. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEEKEND WE GOT COMING! Football - Golf to watch! Does it truly get better than that? ...... why yes, it does. Add a round of golf in each day! Lets do this!
  8. Love to see more players not taking deals from companies and finding what's best for their game. Wedgley is one of the few we know almost everything about with Youtube/social media side. His ball striking is abysmal to say the least. He has GAINED strokes on the field just ONCE in the last year. Will be a fantastic look right away this weekend at these irons. Hope he turns his career around and gets full status back as well! Go Wesley! EDIT: Wesley has gained .75 strokes approach so far through today. Hopefully that's a sign for the Takomo irons! Positive sign if there is any. He still struggles off the tee and is 2 over. Hoping for a turnaround!
  9. I just want the slowest rounds to be 4.5 hours. I feel like that isn't too much too ask. It doesn't need to be 3.5 hours or even 4. Just don't want to be waiting 20+ minutes over every shot.
  10. It is very underrated isn't it?! How are you liking the distance/forgiveness? I play the Paradym personally, I find it hard to believe there's a better driver out there than this one.
  11. We are officially 2 weeks out from a greeting from Marco Simone Golf and Country Club. Teams are set. Long term weather reports are showing some rain and wind. What is everybody's prediction moving forward? Pick a side and a total! Give me.... USA at 15 -13 victory!
  12. Unfortunately I have to deal with some weather in Missouri. and I'm still a fairweather golfer. Conditions aren't fun. I'll stay inside.
  13. Off-season is right around the corner in Missouri. I just got fit for some new Srixon ZX7 Irons and will be on trackman all winter to get numbers dialed in as much as possible. Hoping to get to a +3 or 4 next season!
  14. I see absolutely NO problem in my eyes... but then again..maybe we do have a problem
  15. Perfect timing for Tiger to display his advice yesterday. "Don't watch YouTube video's."
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