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  1. Whatever makes it easiest for you, as having to re-enter data could become a bit taxing. Scores can still be posted in a thread to promote discussion.
  2. Why not just create a template on here so all we have to do is reply to you with the info filled in (I added an additional item): Name: Course HDCP: O/(U): Net to par: Net score: Net birdies or better: Longest drive: Closest to the pin:
  3. Has anyone done any side-by-side comparisons between Callaway STMax, Mavrik and/or Epic 5w or 7w? Very curious if the differences are even noticeable. I’ve always gone the hybrid route and have never played fairway woods, but there are a few holes I’d like more distance on a second shot. A few days ago I went to the range with my wife’s STMaxD 7w (cypher men’s sr shaft) and really liked it - was hitting about same distance as my 3h but with higher trajectory. Today I hit a demo ST Max 5w with regular flex and really liked. Nice mid-high slight draw trajectory with about 190 yd carry, 205ish total. But the price differential between STs and the Mavrik and Epic is substantial.
  4. When the sun is directly behind casting a shadow over your ball can be very distracting, but unavoidable. As we take a practice swing, thinking about the shot before addressing the ball, it’s not always apparent. Then when addressing the ball is sometimes the first time one notices the shadow. When that happens, step back, recollect your focus then readdress.
  5. Just keep focus on the positives and don’t beat yourself up on the negatives. Some days are just like that. Swaying is one of the easier things to fix, but with that being said, nothing in golf is easy.
  6. Nice variety. I play the Q-Star Tour and have for a few years. Love the feel and performance for the price. Our range uses TourResponse, but I found a real one (non-range) awhile ago and liked it a lot. Got a great review on this site. Also found a Chromesoft awhile ago and liked it as well. May be as good or a bit better than The Q, but need to find it on sale. I plan to next try the Elixr next, but in the meantime, the Q is my go to.
  7. My wife had an old set of Adams Idea clubs and was fitted at our pro shop this past spring with Callaway which she absolutely loves. She bought the ST Max D driver and ST Max 7w both with Cypher forty 5.0, ST Max OS 5h with Cypher fifty 5.0, then 7 -PW ST Max OS irons with fifty 5.0 and a JAWS 56*. She doesn’t have a fast SS but data showed best results with these shafts. And I think they shortened her shafts as she is barely 5’-5” (and a hundred nothing pounds). Her drives are 170-190ish. I don’t have any fairway woods but took her 7w to the range yesterday and loved it. Need a regular flex but the look and feel is very confidence inspiring. She has some major hand issues so she has all oversized Winn wraps, and I am trying that on my driver.
  8. It’s all about ‘feel’ for me and interpreting the driver trajectory. Until a few years ago I didn’t have a hdcp, but a friend thought I was ~ mid-20s. I always needed to hit the range about 3 times after a layoff, then would at last have respectable drives, until a few years ago, when I got desperate and got lessons. First lesson after watching me hit a 7 iron, we talked a lot. He was trying to assess what I really wanted. Told him I wanted to be decent and <20 hdcp. Asked me if I was really committed to improving and willing to put in the work and make changes. When I said ‘yes’, he (light-hearted) said ‘with your swing, you don’t have a chance’. We both laughed and I really appreciated his frankness. He totally rebuilt my swing from all arms to no arms. 3 lessons and a lot of work. At first lost a lot of distance, but stuck with it. I also did a lot of reading and research. Read Bobby Jones “On Golf” 3 times the last couple years, each time picking up different nuances. Eventually regained distance and ultimately enjoy golf more than ever. I am 82% FIR but only 40% GIR. Last year started focusing on wedge play and everything inside 100 yards. This year more short wedge play around the green. Putting still very much a work in progress.
  9. Hit the range today. Had a really good session last week trying to fix a swing issue with my driver, made a lot of progress then played 9 last Friday and drove really well. Got rained out on sat &sun. Todays session was to reinforce ‘the fix”. Also worked on baby pitches/chips with my 58 and putting. I’ll go in streaks with good drives and staying really connected. When things go well with the driver, I’ll hit straight, occasionally slight draw and occasionally a slight fade. Over time I’ll get more fades and occasional strong fades, no draws, then as things worsen a slice here and there. The cause is over time on the last 1/3 of the backswing, in addition to rotating back, my arms will also draw the club back. Very subtle as far as feel goes. I might not even feel it, but the ball trajectory tells me everything I need to know. Another contributing factor is during the down swing, I tend to want to lean slightly toward the ball with my back shoulder. When I stay closed longer and in better balance is when I get a draw. For me, one of the best feelings of accomplishment I get is when something goes wrong, I’ll practice and work out the mechanics then translate it to the course. While my drives last Friday were 100% really good, I didn't score well (45) but felt really good with the outing.
  10. That’s good info. I’ve been playing the Q-Star Tour the last few years with good success and distance. My SS is in the 88-92 range. The Elixr caught my eye and I want to give them a try but may talk to their customer service before I buy. In the past have tried the Bridgestone e12. Has a very similar feel off the tee and fairway as the Q ball, seems about the same distance but doesn’t hold greens as well. It’s a 3 piece but not urethane cover. I may also try the TM TourResponse as it got very good reviews by MGS. Seems trying these other balls just confirms and increases my confidence in Q-Star.
  11. Congratulations on your win! Spartan here; the UNL story has certainly been bad for the B1G West and your guys likely sealed Frost’s fate, but a great win for GASO. On Oct 1 his buyout goes from $15M to $7.5M, and in the meantime, he likely doesn’t beat OU.
  12. Past 3 weeks have been dealing with post-Covid or long Covid issues. Had Covid mid July , and long covid symptoms often start 6-8 weeks later. Have had 3 occurances affecting my eyes. Think the most severe dry eyes you can imagine x10 with swelling. Each time has lasted 4-5 days each, with 2 good days between. Have tried to maintain the swing at the range when possible to fix a swing habit I fall into. Anyways, had a great 2 hr practice Wednesday as I was starting to feel better, then played a tough 9 today. Shot 45. Drives were excellent, hitting all 7 fairways with good distance. Putting wasn’t good - three 3 puts, but overall felt pretty satisfied.
  13. I like how you answered that as I’ve been in kind of a quandary as which way to go: set wedges vs specialty wedges. With my current/old set of pings, I have a PW/UW/SW, then added a very old 58 deg low bounce that was given to me. Over the past couple years worked a lot to develop 3/4 swing for the 3 pings, then added a ‘touch’ (1/3) swing with the SW. Adding the 58 deg, I’ve worked on a variety of shots with squared and open face depending on turf firmness. With a new set of irons, I’ve decided on a ‘set’ PW and AW for the full and 3/4 swing shots, then debating on whether to go set or specialty for the SW. What I’ve decided is to likely go 54 deg HB specialty with characteristics to support both full swing fairway and also sand, then a 58 deg LB for sand, squared and open face touch shots close to the green. Looking at Callaway MD and Cleveland RTX for the specialty, still trying to understand the various grinds.
  14. Thank you, that’s good to know. I never really thought about graphite shafts but but all 3 felt good. Presently have an old Ping set of irons with their original AMT and stiff flex. I still hit pretty well, and like the idea of ascending weight, but being older something lighter probably makes sense but I’m going to ask to hit the Pro Modus 105 next time then compare to one of the graphites.
  15. What is your opinion of the Mizuno gizmo that is used for shaft fitting? Was at pgaSS recently and after hitting 7i: Ping 425, Titliest T300 and Mizuno 921 with stock steel AMT shafts (because I told him that’s what I wanted to hit) the sales guy said he wanted to do a shaft fitting. I was actually hitting the aforementioned pretty well but didn’t save any data. The fitting recommended 2 graphite and 1 steel. I hit the same 3 clubs again with Recoil 780 ES R, Tensei Red AV AM(2) R and Recoil ESX 460 F3. The steel recommendation was Nippon Pro Modus Tour 105 (didn’t hit). Titliest and Ping results identical, a bit more carry and a little less spin with Mizuno. 7i SS was in the 72-74 range. Back to original Q, is the shaft fitting device decent?
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