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  1. Hello all, New golfer here. What an incredible game 1- I've only been playing since last August , so the majority of it was playing in wet and/or cold conditions, winter greens and all.. There have not been many opportunities to play qualifying rounds, so my officially registerd handicap (EGA 50) is not a true representation, but I'm still really a beginner golfer. 2- I love being outside, and competing against my own skill level and being in the company of friendly people is amazing. 3- I stumbled upon MyGolfSpy on the Internet, and love the attitude towards
  2. Fantastic opportunity! Beginner golfer here, I've only been playing since last August. I am already seriously addicted to this game though - it's fascinating and loads of fun! Although my game has been improving rapidly, that is not necessarily reflected in my handicap - it's been cold and very wet where I live, so there haven't been many occasions to play a qualifying round, due to wintergreens and such. I would really love to try a set of modern irons, and documenting my experiences and (hopefully!) my further progress would actually be something I'd very much like to do. I kinda like my
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