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  1. Thanks for the review! Great information!
  2. sjhoffman87


  3. I have been playing golf for about 9 years. My usual score on 18 is 80-85 I love the challenge of golf. You are challenged against yourself, against the course, and against other playing. I came to MGS for the impartial and honest reviews. I was tired of reading reviews in spaces such as 'golfdigest' that claim every new piece of equipment is the greatest gift to golf. I live in Wisconsin. I do not belong to a course and play all over southeastern Wisconsin - a course I really enjoy and play often is Washington County Golf Course The worst is the shortened season due to the weather. The best is that Wisconsin surprisingly has several courses that are routinely listed as some of the nation's best. I am a Nurse Practitioner My handle: It's my email handle, initials, last name, and birth year - I'm creative.
  4. Stephen Waukesha/Wisconsin 12 Nike VR Pro Cavity Titleist T200
  5. Stephen / Wisconsin Handicap - 12 Nike VR Pro Cavity 7 Iron Carry - 180-185 yards
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