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  1. All done and I’m in. Team Gmanrick
  2. Rick Gallard / Victoria BC / Canada Love to try: Zelos 8 Stiff Graphite Swing speed: 102 - 104 Current Shaft: HZRDUS SMOKE BLACK 6.0 60 GRAM (STIFF)
  3. Rick Gallard / Victoria British Columbia Canada Yes I am RH Love to try the 3 wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram X-Stiff 15 handicap 2 Iron and no hybrids
  4. Rick Victoria British Columbia GS53 Ben Hogan 15 102-104 TSi3 8.5 degree if possible
  5. Rick / Victoria British Columbia 15 51’ Cleveland & 55’ Taylor Made I love the raw non-shine maybe as mine aren’t shiny given they’re old. Shiny may be distracting!
  6. Rick Gallard, Victoria British Columbia Canada I practise my grip(s) and swing the putter but no balls (wood floors) Used a few in the past and everything helps Fast Green please
  7. Rick / Victoria BC /Canada Cleveland Frontline Cero Putter Love to try the Heppler Tomcat 14 as I need a mallet/bigger putter and the alignment dots will definitely help me centre the ball! Thx and fingers crossed!
  8. I’m hoping since I tend to look up frequently that the coloured ball will make me focus better on the ball and improve my game.
  9. Rick / Victoria BC Canada 51 degree Cleveland, 55 degree Taylor Made (sometimes 64 degree Dunlop) 60 degree or possibly a 53 f available I'd love to try
  10. WOW this would be EPIC so all entered ow waiting with fingers crossed...except when swinging my clubs!
  11. Is Tiger going to bust it open and take player of the year when the tour restarts? If not then who do you think will have the best year this season? I want to say Tiger but think DJ will have a resurgent year and take it all. What do you think?
  12. Who you got for the first PGA tour event back? I got Rickie Fowler how about you?
  13. Who would be great participants for the Match III. Let me start: Charles Barkley & Larry the Cable Guy matched up with Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson and go....
  14. For those that tried the Ben Hogan GS53 Is it not the longest, straightest and most forgiving driver you’ve hit. Definitely has been for me and I’m a 16 handicap hitting it 300 plus.
  15. Hey all, Im new to the forum and thought I’d ask everyone who they think benefits and will win the Masters now that it’s late in the year? Weather be a factor? Distance minimized? Curious what you think. Thanks, Rick
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