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  1. I put my 905R with a Prolaunch Red on a GC2 when the 917’s came out. My old 905R held its own! I still bought the 917...
  2. For me, the ability to change CG, and the shape of the TSI3, made the difference for me. I brought my DI-6X to the fitting, it was a perfect fit in the TSI3. Have not been this happy with a driver in years.
  3. Pretty sure I know how this is gonna go. I cant wait to see the results of the testing.
  4. I’m sure this will change soon...well some of it, the irons aren’t going anywhere: Driver: M6 10.5 Graphite Design Tour AD GP-6X 3W: 15* SIM Ti Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6X 5W: 21* 2016 M2 Diamana W Series 70X Hybrid: 19* M6 Graphite Design Tour AD HY85X UT: 21* (bent to 22*)Callaway Apex Forged UT PXLZ 6.5 Irons: Callaway Legacy Black 5-PW PX 6.0 Wedges: SM7 Raw Black 60.04L, 52.08F Putter: Futura 5R Bag: Vessel 14-way Stand 2.0
  5. Hello MGS!! Ive been playing golf for around 20 years, with a hiatus here and there. I usually shoot in the mid 70’s to the low 80’s, depending on how well I’m putting. Decent ball striker, my misses aren’t gonna be a round killer. I love everything about golf, except slow play. Originally from WA, now reside in AZ. I am a Superintendent for a Heavy Civil construction firm. My user name is due to an utter lack of imagination. I was going to use something Caddyshack inspired, but decided against it. Like most, I can pretty much quote the entire movie. Anyway, I’m an absolute club junkie, probably to a fault, but what the hell, it’s my hobby. You name it, I’ve owned it.
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