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  1. //gonna rant a little so feel free to skip the first paragraph - or all of it for that matter// For quite some time the Olympics have been all about graft, bribery, & making obscene amounts of money. Sport is way down on the list….. they used to give them these big-ass medals made of gold, silver, and bronze that had monetary value in and of itself. Most recently they look more like crystal art works. I have no issues with Pros playing - that horse is not only outa the barn, it escaped the paddock. That being acknowledged, it is well past time to PAY commensurate with their result. Let’s say for each individual medal the IOC PAYS $1m gold, $500k for silver, $250k bronze. Each team medal pays $100k gold, $50k silver, and $25k bronze - fully tax free since they are representing their county, right? //end rant// Now to my thoughts on Olympic golf and how I would like to see it done: Each “qualified*” country should be permitted to enter ONE male and ONE female (and I do not care how a country decides who they send) for individual competition and one additional male and female as alternates or designated as the 2 player mixed team. Male and female individual competition … Day one play 18 holes stroke play. The men and women should play concurrently 2 male and 2 female per four some (separate m/f tees as needed but have them play some holes from the same tees (but not necessarily same par values). Do not group team mates together. NO CADDIES. The top 24 Of each gender moving on to play match play day 2 until there are 3 men and 3 women left. Medal round follows in the afternoon of day two. The three survivors of each gender play the three toughest holes(for their gender) stroke play for the medals. Ties move on to play the NEXT three toughest holes sudden death. I would love to see the last hole being a par 3. For the mixed team I would seed them based on the average placement from both players from the individual medals. Play match play, alternate shot from the mens tees. Teams must alternate tee shots by designating which player will tee off on all even or all odd numbered holes. This will force some additional strategy to the team event. Or I could pour two fingers of bourbon into a rocks glass and just watch the women's beach volleyball! * - changed from entered to qualified because I believe that there should be a limited number of spots that each country must qualify for through placement in international competition
  2. Tip from the firearms world, after you clean them just wipe them down with Ballistol or Barricade. Or you can just let them develop a natural patina.
  3. Late to the party here, but fully believe that I enjoy the game a lot more walking…. To the point that when my father in law was still around we would split time between walking and riding. When he would take a cart I would walk most of the time and let him & the cart haul my clubs around. Agree with most, right front pocket 2 tees, divot tool, coin/marker, two balls. Back right pocket scorecard wallet with card, notepad and pen. Whether pushcart or carry, i jettison extra gear…. No wind or rain then the pants, jacket, and umbrella get pulled. Range stuff like foot spray and old shafts for alignment get pulled. Sometimes pull clubs that I don’t see a high probability of needing. Dump watch, wallet, keys, other pocket clutter and wedding ring into the fur lined pocket and make sure it’s zipped closed. Routine/rythm. Tee to green I as I walk I get a feel for the distance, conditions, and type of shot needed as I approach my ball. At ball I make my final decision on club and shot type. Pick line and aim points from several feet behind the ball. Take one or two practice swings from behind the ball then step up and send it. Clean club as needed, go find my ball rinse and repeat. Write score and any notes while walking to my ball or from green to tee. Putting, i try to get a basic feel for what the green does while walking up the fairway. Have my initial read by the time I step onto the green. Maybe make a lap of the green to confirm thoughts on speed and break. Make final decision from behind the ball. Take stance and one or two practice strokes while looking at the hole. Verify alignment and send it in its way. Edited to add, I have a laser rangefinder…. Tried it on the course and it really doesn’t help me much and probably slows me down. It now lives in the case on the belt of my archery quiver.
  4. Wish I had a picture of it, but one time i wore a long sleeve dress shirt, bow tie, vest, and plus fours….. wonder whatever happened to my plus fours!?!? Not that i could squeeze any part of my fat self into them….
  5. Been a while since i ordered from Matlby’s. You kinda got me interested in that putter. May need to order some grips so I might add it on….
  6. Guest-O quoted you for the JD picture….. frigging love it! At one point in my life I would go out and specifically purchase loud, miss matched clothing like this specifically to poke fun at some particularly stuffy courses ~ala~ JD or Rodney Dangerfield vs Bushwood cc. I just made sure that it met the minimum requirements…
  7. When that day comes, they can whip it outa their mankini to pee on the spot my wife dumped my ashes and I wouldn’t give a rip! //edited to add a note for those that don’t get my dry sarcastic humor - that was a joke folks….. //
  8. First, thank you for your service. Three uncles and several cousins were Air force - all Strategic Air Command, one uncle was killed when his B47 crashed on takeoff Christmas 1958. Now… i think you may have done a bit of assuming on my behalf. The only assumption that I was making was that we have been talking about playing courses (any courses -public/private/muni) with dress codes in place and part of that discussion implied “should someone need to acquire certain clothing to play (because of a course’s dress code)”. I didn’t establish diddly squat as far as dress code…. The discussion did. Variations of dress codes were already stated in the thread and the common requirement seemed to be a collared shirt/polo and non-denim shorts (sometimes not cargo). Golf is not cheap - that is something we pretty much all agree on. I supplied an example of how one could cheaply acquire the needed clothing if you really wanted to play that course. Simple question of choices, priorities, and fiscal responsibility…..….. Had nothing to do with ME PERSONALLY wanting to exclude them or being elitist…... I really couldn't care less what someone wears to golf or shop at walmart or wherever. No skin off my ass…. If you want to golf naked, have at it and be comfortable in your skin - but don’t put words in my mouth or call me elitist and exclusionary when you don’t know me and have never met me.
  9. I would really like you to elaborate on why you feel my opinion is elitist and exclusionary.
  10. That was not meant to be a joke, nor was it meant to be elitist…… just a simple observation…. Read second post for more context. And yes, I do tend to be blunt, saying it as I see it. If that makes someone not want to share a round with me so be it.
  11. There is a difference between not wanting to meet an established dress code and not being able to afford it. My comment shows that if a person can AFFORD to play golf they can ALSO AFFORD at least one set of clothing that that meets the usual dress code. If they cannot afford to invest what amounts to the price one 18 hole round to purchase acceptable clothing then they need to re-think their priorities. If you don’t wanna meet the dress code that a course sets, there are plenty of other courses that have a more “relaxed” dress code. Rob, I too have shopped thrift and goodwill stores… only it was out of necessity…. Whats your point? As for your hypothetical new/young golfer…… IIt has nothing to do with whether they emulate some style or not. We were discussing dress codes….. a courses dress code, not mine. If it were a matter of them just not being able to play somewhere because their chosen style of dress is unacceptable according to the courses dress code …. Well that’s a tough life lesson…. Life ain’t fair and you don’t always get what you want/earn/deserve….. Now, if that same youngster wasn’t an arrogant ass and couldn’t afford a couple shirts and pairs of pants I might just arrange for them to get what they need to help facilitate what might be their big break.
  12. If you can’t afford to go to walmart and spend $50 on a polo, and a pair of shorts or a pair of pants to play in then you got no business spending $25-50 to play a round of golf in the first place. REPLY
  13. Cannot see joining the military just to access golf courses……. And just to add perspective, when I was at Ohio State late 1980’s we had a foursome that played 18 holes twice a week as long as it was 45* and no rain at tee time. Played OSU Scarlet or Grey courses as well as a handful of public courses around Columbus. We could still afford pizza, wings, and alcohol. Now, I doubt we would be able to do it…..
  14. I’ve played Dauphin. Nice course. Any chance you could get the league to move there? Your prices sound about average for 9 holes on a lot of the public/municipal courses here in SW Pa….
  15. Even later to join in… I wear 2xl gloves and maybe should wear 3xl. Past 25 years I’ve played mid size GP tour wraps with 3 layers of tape. Been thinking of going a little bigger but don’t want to pull grips at this point. So, I’m going to add a layer or two of bat or tennis racket grip tape for testing purposes then measure and match what feels/works best. Who knows….. I could easily end up just taping the whole set if I like it. For those older souls…. Anyone remember Tacki-Mak grips? For a while back around 1990 I played Tacki-Mak tour wrap jumbos but went smaller when I got new irons as they felt too big at the time. I did love the feel of those grips.
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