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  1. Hi spies, I will be visiting Manchester and wanted to see if any Manchester based spies would want to play a round or two with me. I'll be available to play 19 & 20 Sept
  2. Still looking if anyone is selling
  3. Yeah, that's the list I was going off of and where I got Derek's name from. I used to play out at Sugar Creek but never got the chance to go to Jim Murphy, but from what I read and stuff, he seems very old school
  4. Thank you so much! I'll look into all of them. Have either of y'all hear of Derek Hooper? I read up on him and saw that he was listed amongst the best in Texas.
  5. Hi Spies, Any have any recommendations for coaches in Houston, TX? I have tried everything and feel like I need a proper coaching session or two to fix some of the issues I have with my game. Please suggest good coaches that y'all might have had experiences with. I look forward to your replies. Thank you!
  6. That's good idea! I'll do that. Thank you! Sent from my GM1910 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Hi Spies, I am considering buying the "Ultimate Irons" coaching plan from MeAndMyGolf to improve my iron game, as that is my biggest weakness. Has anyone tried it or heard any reviews about it? Would love to hear y'all's feedback. Sent from my GM1910 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Yasin Sugar Land, TX M5 10.5* 16 90 TSi3 10.5*
  9. Hi Spies, I'm looking for a slightly used Garmin Approach S62 Golf Watch. If anyone is selling one, please let me know.
  10. Oh. That makes sense. Tbh I'm not quite sure what the style of a good instructor should be, I've only been to one golf pro for a couple sessions, Neil Wilkins in Missouri City, and that too was like 10 years ago. So don't really know what to be looking for and what to expect. And yeah, he isn't all that expensive, a video analysis is for like $75 and a if you get the Improvement Plan, $50 a month, the video lesson goes down to $50, so not a bad deal at all. Brady Riggs, another known coach is offering video lessons, so send him the video, he analyzes it and gets back to you, so I'm reaching out to him for pricing too, I've heard he's really good.
  11. So for me, FaceTime lesson isn't really feasible because of the time difference, so recording my swing, sending them to the coach and receiving feedback is realistically my only option. I just downloaded it and it has A LOT of coaches, didn't know that existed. I'll look at all the options there will see which one I like. Thank you dude! This is really helpful!
  12. He offers swing analysis too, so I can reach out to him and get his feedback too Sent from my GM1910 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Yeah, that's also what I'm looking for, I don't want to just go off of just simply videos online and follow them blindly, I want a coach to analyze my swing, give me feedback about what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right and how to correct the issues have, let be drills or specific videos or whatever. Has anyone heard of "SwingLineGolf"? I found them online on Instagram and they seem to offer swing analysis and coaching for quite cheap, but idk how they are and can't find any reviews on them. Sent from my GM1910 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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