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  1. I have 2 Vokey wedges ( 54/12 & 58/8) Just bought new PXG 0211 irons and purchased PW plus 2 gap wedges. I had one of the GW bent 2* weak and one bent 2* strong. Starting with my PW I now have a 4 degree spread between each of these 5 wedges. Yes, I carry 5 wedges and have found that at age 74 there are many more opportunities hitting shots within 120 yards then there are for hitting shots in excess of 200 yards.
  2. My new set was just delivered yesterday - 6i thru GW. Actually bought 2 GW and had one bent 2* strong and one 2* weak. This gives me 46 and 50 plus I have a 54 and 58 Vokey SM8. These clubs are BEAUTIFUL. All my clubs, except for the 2 Vokey wedges are PXG, including a Bat Attack putter which I love.
  3. Should sand and lob wedge shafts be the same as other irons, heavier or softer. I have seen recommendations all over the place. I just bought SM8 54 & 58 degree wedges and am thinking of having the same shaft model as that which is in my irons, but about 13 grams heavier. My iron shaft is about 67 grams. What are your thoughts?
  4. I just bought Vokey SM8 54 and 58 with Nippon NS Pro 950GH shafts and TaylorMade P790 irons with Recoil ES 760 Smacwrap. Lie angle is 2* flat. I was fitted for the irons, but not a formal fitting for the wedges. Thinking of replacing Vokey shafts with Recoil ES 780 Smacwrap (about 13 grams heavier than other irons, but similar shaft). Any thoughts or comments on changing the shafts and or lie angle. I saw 1 instructor online who suggested wedge lie angles be anywhere from 2*-4* different from irons. Thanks
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