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  1. Just received my new fitted irons (5 thru SW) and haven't even hit them yet, but wanted to show them off. As for specs, they're 1 degree flat, 1 degree weaker loft, 1" longer than standard (38" 7 iron), and mid-sized grips (which I've never used on irons before). Hope they hit as good as they look!
  2. Both before and after look pretty respectable to me, but on the after swing your lower body looks much more stable, more balanced. Anyway, glad that you're making real progress!
  3. Looks like you're making great contact there!
  4. Got to hit this new driver over the weekend and I really like it. I especially love the muted, yet solid sound it makes. Coming from the excessively loud Bombtech Grenade, this a welcome change. Launch is fairly high and it's a bit easier for me to draw my drives. Looking forward to trying it on the course on Wednesday.
  5. Well, look what FedEx just dropped off at the house!
  6. I was just looking at this deal on their website and thinking I'm going to go for it. Haven't heard anything negative about them and the fitting guy I met with last week also thinks it's a great deal.
  7. Just had my fitting today. Basically, he said my Grenade wasn't too bad based on the numbers Trackman was showing. But he had my try about a half dozen different combinations and his recommendation is the ProjectX Even Flow 75, 5.5 flex. Distance numbers weren't dramatically better, but the dispersion of my shots was fairly tight, mostly with a slight draw, which I rather like to see. I was using a Ping G410 head for most of my trials. My clubhead speed was generally in the 96-98 range with several just outside of that range. This particular shaft also seemed to give me a bit higher trajectory and higher spin (most of Grenade shots were pretty low, well under 2000 RPM). Anyway, now I'm going to scour the internet and see if I can find a good deal on a used club with this shaft, otherwise just try to find a head I like and have him put one of those shafts on it.
  8. Thanks for the input. BTW, I already cancelled my GolfTec fitting appointment and plan to get a fitting through an independent shop. Had a nice talk with the guy and while they deal strictly with Mizuno and Ping, he said he would gladly assist me with finding whatever is suitable, including used options, once he's dialed in on the specs. From his point of view, it's almost entirely about finding the right shaft and then the clubhead is secondary. Seems like you may be saying essentially the same thing.
  9. Well, you already know what I'm playing because of the thread, except for the details of 10.5 loft and stiff shaft. I would say a good drive for me is in the 270 range, average maybe 255-260? Not sure what you mean by "start line". As for misses, I'd say I'm probably a bit more prone to having a mild slice, but occasionally I'll get a straight pull to the left. Anyway, recently I've been doing pretty well at avoiding the big wayward drives. As for the fitting, if I can come away with some meaningful numbers that will help me find a suitable driver as I continue shopping around, then I should be satisfied.
  10. Unfortunately, I don't have any data like this to share. My appointment is at GolfTec, where they're offering a discounted price of $100 (normally $150) for the fitting this month. But I'm sure the plan is that they're going to want to sell me one of their $400-500 drivers after going through this exercise. I'd be more inclined to just take all of the fitting details and then shop around on my own, for example picking up a good used one off eBay that closely matches my specs. Any thoughts on this?
  11. I actually just got a fitting appointment set up for next week so I'm very interested to see what it reveals in terms of identifying the optimal specs for my swing.
  12. I bought the original Grenade driver about 5-6 years ago. Initially had some trouble feeling like I could control it as easily as the club I was replacing, the Cleveland HiBore. I now feel pretty comfortable with it, but have been curious to hear opinions comparing the new 3.0 model versus the original to help decide whether it's worth upgrading. I heard their 2.0 version wasn't well-received, but got the impression that the 3.0 was better, perhaps from an accuracy standpoint. The original I have is indeed LOUD and from what I'm reading here that apparently hasn't changed (it's named the Grenade, so I guess it has to be loud, huh?) In my case, I really haven't hit enough of the modern drivers to make a fair evaluation of how my driver stacks up against the competition. Maybe it's time to go get a proper fitting and see what's really the right driver for my swing.
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