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  1. So we took a quick trip this weekend and I woke up yesterday with some tightness in my neck drove him super annoyed by it. When I got home I decided to take a edible to see if it helped in response to your inquiry, and to my surprise it did took another before bed and slept pain or issue free. There is still a little tension this morning but not enough to warrant another edible which i'll take considering it was uncomfortable to even look when changing lanes yesterday.
  2. I haven’t used the edibles as much as I thought I would. I’m looking to use a bit more going forward. I will say I have not experienced the tightness in my knee and lower back that I normally would after walking a couple of rounds a week. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Been a bit since my last update but here we go. I have really enjoyed taking part in this testing the taste of the tincture and gummies are top notch!! I have the tincture everyday for 3 weeks now. Except for one day only because I needed to know if all of the positive feels were real. I went to sleep at my normal time 10:30 and woke up at 5:35. I normally take a 1/2 dosage in the morning and 1/2 on the way home. On this day I took none. I felt sluggish and unfocused all day and fell asleep on the couch about 7:45. Before actually going to bed I took a gummie and sleep was the same as days prior. My sleep has been amazing I definitely have more intense and memorable dreams. I guess after looking at previous comments that’s a result of my increased REM sleep. According to my data my REM sleep has increased 1:45avg. I mentioned to my wife I will likely continue to take CBD long after the testing. I haven’t felt this good in a long time and my need to drink alcohol in the the evenings has lessened. Golf related I still think it has helped at the early parts of the round. I’ve noticed that my HR has jumped at around the turn of my round. I’ve posted some of my best front nine scores but the back 9 haven’t been soo good. I feel the pressure of the front I think I may try a gummie close to the turn to see if it helps. The cream has been amazing I was working out and did something to my neck/shoulder area I applied the cream twice a day and was able to play the first day it happened. The cream helped rid the knot or kink in my neck within 3 days. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Sun mountain makes a Lh golf bag Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. I'm pretty new to playing golf at any level that can be considered competitive lol. But i'm very very competitive in all things that I do. My wife is constantly asking why I cant just do anything for fun?!? That being said all of my nerves are from not having the confidence to be consistent with my swing yet when my swing is on and I know it there are 0 nerves.
  6. I have yet to experience any grogginess on my end but also have not taken the gummies much before bed. I did wake up twice on the night that I took it, but still felt like i had a clear head when I woke up.
  7. I've been invited to a couple of tournaments that I have turned down for this reason. I'm getting better but mentally could and would get stuck after a few bad shots and its ruined my day. I had a terrible experience playing a beautiful course in the Hill Country last yr.
  8. I spent this Labor Day weekend Playing golf, Mowing, Chasing Kids, Swimming, and Doing Homework. All this gave me plenty of opportunity to try different combos of the CBD. I still continue to take a 1/2 dosage twice a day 7am & 7pm. After using the tincture for about 5 days I can say that the taste is good im using lemon lime, and I feel amazing I have not felt this good for this long in quite some time. I have constant level of energy with no jitters or anything that you would feel from coffee or caffeine. However on the other side of things i'm getting better rest than normal as well. My tracker is showing that I avg 2 hours in REM 3.5 hours in Deep, and 2 hours light sleep. I was previously at about 45mins to an hour of REM. This has obviously led to my recovery increasing daily by about 10-15%. I will say that I tried to take a Gummie Sunday right as I laid down to see if would help with sleep. I woke up I laid down around 10:30 and woke up at 2:12 and 4:10 but had no problem falling back to sleep just felt like it was time to wake up I prob wont try that again. I was able to play Saturday and Monday and had another Tee time scheduled for Tuesday Morning so after a very busy weekend my usual knee and lower back pain and stiffness started to set in Monday night. This was my first time using the cream. Initial thoughts smell was very mild the heat feeling mild as well. I applied the cream to my lower back and knee then did some stretching. It seemed to dim the pain but my knee was still a bit tight. Today I woke up applied a little more cream since I was gonna walk 18 happy to say by the time I hit the first tee box I was feeling pretty good no tightness in my back or knee. I defiantly prefer this to my usual bio freeze. Some golf related thoughts as far as the tincture. goes. I'm bouncing back from a 2 week stretch of bad golf. I shot 87,83,79 playing 2 of those rounds with strangers and once with my dad. I will say I have not felt the nerves like I usually do when playing with strangers this is one of the biggest things I was looking for this keeps me from throwing my first 4 holes away. Throughout the round i'm still able to maintain focus and haven't gotten overly frustrated with myself like I normally do. I plan on upping the dosage of Tincture to 3/4 starting tomorrow.
  9. Today was my second day using the tincture. Yesterday I took 1/2 a dosage when I got to work at 7:00. By around 8:00 I felt a little different. The best way for me to describe it is a clear head a little more focused and upbeat. I dread talking on the phone for longer than a minute or two, but yesterday conversation seemed less forced. The noticeable energy and focus seemed to taper off around 5pm. Today I took the same 1/2 dosage in the morning then added another 1/2 dosage on the way to the driving range. Although the initial feels are focus and energy at the range I felt calm and focused able to shake off bad shots and move on to the next. Part of the reason I wanted to try another tincture dosage this evening was to try and replace my usual afternoon/evening drink that I use to take the edge off. I come home to 4 kids under the age of 5 so things are often chaotic in the evenings. Im glad to say I felt very relaxed this evening, and settled for a straight ginger ale. I will hopefully have some sleep and recovery data by the end of the weekend as I iron out a routine. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. I’m super excited to be a part of this product testing as well using my Garmin S62 to track all data from H.R. to scores and rest/recovery. I received my package last Thursday and wasted no time giving it a try. I had a tee time for Friday morning with a buddy and 2 of his friends whom I’d never met before. This situation normally causes issues for my first 3-4 holes anxiety or nerves. I’m typically a Bloody Mary kinda guy to take that edge off. Instead I opted for 1 gummy on the way to the course. Initial feels were very relaxed even after a terrible warm up on the range I step on 1st tee box feeling surprisingly comfortable, but not over relaxed. I normally shy away from driver right out of the box but pulled it out and striped it down the middle. I think the gummies helped a lot throughout the first 9 to keep me calm in times I would’ve normally brought up previous mistakes. Back 9 was hard to tell only because it was ridiculously hot so I’m gonna scratch all that data. After the round analysis shows my HR on the first tee was 75 much BPM lower than previous round and my average HR for the front 9 was 98. My previous round with similar conditions my 1st hole tee box Hr was 105 and avg HR of 125. Today is my first day using the full tincture so I’ll update later. And should a have update on the cream because I have 2 tee times scheduled.
  11. This summer I started playing the Srixon QStar Tour and was really liking them. I saw the Tour Speed at my local range and decided to give them a try. So far I'm really like liking the ball its a little longer than the Srixon, plays really well around the green I usually get 6"-12" of roll out after it hits. Previously my ball of choice was Snell but I decided to try something different to see if there was a ball around same price point that I could get locally. After saying all of that i'd have to say I am torn between going back to Snell or starting to play the Tour Speed.
  12. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this testing. I look forward to sharing my experience and data with everyone.
  13. I hope its ok that I keep updating I just wanted to keep those interested in Sub70 informed through my experience of my LH 699 Demos. 1. Ordered LH Demos 2. Received RH Demos 3. Sent email to Sub 70 expressing how disappointed I was blah blah you know the drill. 4. Received a call the next morning as well as email apologizing for the mix up and they assured me they would correct it at no cost in fact they will be refunding total amount when clubs are returned. 5. 3 days later received the LH clubs 6. I've played 4 rounds with the clubs and the bag and went to the range about 6 times. made a spreadsheet with the avg of the top 20 shots didn't see much diff. from my F8 to the 699 on distance except that the 699 were shorter on the 9i but longer on the 6i. Today I received a call from Jason on the way to work we spoke about my questions concerns the dispersion of the 699 was much better than the F8's but I was still concerned about the distance loss on the shorter irons. After explaining that the 9i would climb and then seem like it got caught in the wind Jason asked me to try to get some more info Club Head speed and Spin rate of the 4 clubs. He mentioned we may need to go with different shafts between Long and Short irons. So I guess you can say I have gone from being ready to ship these back and stick to my F8's to reconsidering buying the 699's. The service after the mistake is exactly what I had hoped for when I began this process of demoing the Sub70 699.
  14. I picked up an older clicgear on FB marketplace. It’s a 3 wheel pushcart and I’m loving it. I’ll likely upgrade to a newer one once I figure out what I want exactly. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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