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  1. Wondering do you use foam balls while using the spray on the club as well? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Tester Update: I just wanted to update everyone on where I am currently with the Kanibi products. I still continue to use the tincture on a daily basis! I have never felt the want or need to go to a full dosage in fact I have gone from 75 to 50 on my morning intake. occasionally I'll take another 50 in the early evenings if my stress seems high for the day. I have gone back to the lemon lime flavor from skittles just didn't care for the skittles flavor. As for the chewable or gummies I ran out of my initial bottle and never purchased another. When I did have some I would use it
  3. So my clubs were expected to arrive at the end of November got the call that they were in yesterday so what did I do? I did what anyone would do left work early and headed across town!! Can’t wait to get to the range today and course tomorrow! New Callaway Apex 4-Pw -.5 inch shaft stiff flex, standard lie. I also bought some the Vokey wedges yesterday since the loft on my Apex differed so much mainly because I opted not to get the Apex GW. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. So put the full tincture to the indoor test with my recent iron fitting. The last time I went in for a fitting I struggled for about the first 20-30mins of a 90min fitting with feelings similar to first tee jitters. The shop that I go to here in Dallas is fairly small and very personable so if you are being fitted there is always 3-5 folks watching you. Now I know them watching should not have nothing to do with me but as I've mentioned before im very competitive and always want to perform well in front of others. I'm happy to say the fitting went very well I hit the ball well and actually got
  5. Can I get the tester 20 badge please.
  6. I recently went through a fitting and found the Ping I210 to be most forgiving out of the clubs I tried. I tried the T100's, I210, Apex, Z785. In the end I went with the Apex irons I will say the T100's were the hardest for me to hit they are sexy as hell at address but man that face looked small.
  7. I did hit a mix of both players and Players distance just to make sure I was playing work worked best. I couldn’t get the ball spin up high enough with any of the players distance and it was then bringing my landing angle down. Which brought me back basically same issue I was having before limited distance and not holding greens. I think I’ve landed on what’s gonna work best for me for quite some time Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. So an update to this post. I went in for my fitting today told the fitter I was looking for something along the Players Distance line to compare to my current F8 -.5” and +1 lie setup. After hitting about 10 shots with my F8 we began trying out some new sticks. First thing he mentioned was I needed to move up to stiff flex from Reg. Second thing he said was we were going to look at the players irons instead of the players distance. We started with the T100 I liked the feel and wax hitting it well but the face seemed too small address for me. We moved to the Ping i210 I was hitting this one
  9. The wait is over head over to the 1st page and check it out!!
  10. So I ran out of my full tincture earlier this week and had a tournament scheduled for Friday. I quickly put in another order of my own. However it didn’t arrive in time for the tournament. So I was left to rely on the gummies alone. I have to say there is no comparison between the 2. I’ve played some of my best golf, gotten some of my best grades on test since I started using the full tincture. The focus I have is like no other. And I missed that although my first whole jitters were gone yesterday. I still struggled to stay focused or in the moment. There were a couple of times my buddy said m
  11. I think the demo route or fitting will be my best option on making this decision. I played my last scheduled tournament of the year Yesterday so now I’ll start seriously looking. I’ve been researching so I could begin the process in the off-season which we don’t really have in Tx I play year round but not many tournaments in the fall. As far as lessons I ran through a program with my coach last year got to where my ball striking was very solid. I go to the range 2-3 times a week. If he’s not busy he’ll put me on the track man usually for a about 15 mins once a month just to check my data all
  12. Yup that was me and no I wasn’t a fan of the Sub70 699 it wasn’t a big enough improvement to justify the change and I wasn’t overly excited about the look at address. And thanks for the heads up I’ll take a look at the PXG that 30 day return policy would be good if I don’t like them thanks again for the input. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Very true I’ve taken many lessons over the last 3 years they’ve most definitely played the biggest part in my improvements. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Thank you everyone for the input. I guess the answer is to set up another fitting and compare. I would say that my biggest concern is what some are calling ballooning of my shots I'm not sure what causes that.
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