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  1. Well I put the 002 Mid Mallet into play today and it was nice to me!! First couple of holes were kinda rough the Course is currently without a practice green so took a couple of holes to figure it out.
  2. Just got word my putters have shipped!! cant wait to put them in play this weekend along with my new driver as part of the Dollar Driver Club testing.
  3. I actually ordered 2 because I was not sure which I wanted. I ordered the 002 mid mallet and the 005 wide blade.
  4. I had the same thought when I received the email.
  5. Less than 24hrs after placing my order I was notified my shaft is not currently available. I will keep y’all updated through this process…
  6. Very nice I ordered mine the day the article came out I believe my payment was just processed on the 3rd I’m hoping that means my putter will be arriving in the next week!!!
  7. Just posted my intro and we are being told work is being done behind the curtain and the wizard will present it soon. I ordered my first driver last night going with the LH Titleist TSi2 Stiff flex Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw 65 (Mid launch and spin) shipping to North Texas was $12.28 to get the item but return shipping is complimentary. I'm not much of a tinker when it comes to shafts so I don't know that I'll be making many changes but having the ability to do so might open the door to it.
  8. @jddaigneault I'm just glad there are more than 3 options for LH for a change..
  9. I too read the article and had been looking into buying one. After reading the article I ordered the 002 and the 005 in LH. I plan on running these 2 through quite a few rounds and possibly return 1. I'm gonna use Arccos to track my putting with each. I normally game a blade but purchased a TM Spyder about a yr ago and just dont like it.
  10. Fellow Lefties please let me know if there is anything specific you'd like to see done in this test. Either by replying to this thread or DM. I'm really looking forward to this testing since being in Tx I have get to play year round.
  11. Thanks for the chance to take part in this testing. I look forward to trying some new Brands and representing for all the Lefties out there!!! Lets Go Lets Go
  12. Just wanted to follow up and give an update putting and chipping has improved quite a bit since I started practicing. I do still from time to time back off the putt and check the alignment. I've used arccos over the past month and its been good for tracking issues with putting distances as well.
  13. I appreciate the input fellas this is literally the first year I have actually started working on putting somewhere other than in a round lol. I think i'll swap out one of my 9 hole days for chipping and putting practice for a couple of months and see how it works out.
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