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  1. If I am ever selected for a test, this is the one I would choose over all others. I'm a good ball striker who has struggled with putting. I have gone through many putters, and far too much money, the last few years. But I have not tried anything like a LAB putter. This is the way. I'm all in on testing, documenting, and posting/sharing my results and experiences. 

  2. This is an exciting test opportunity. Edel irons are very interesting and appealing! I would love to test a combo set. I know my specs and have easy access to GCQuad and Trackman. Providing detailed feedback posts, including comparison with my current irons would be a blast. 9 hc (have been as low as 6), I currently play ZX7 irons with steelfiber i95 stiff (hard stepped once). Thank you. Good luck to everyone! 

  3. I would enjoy testing the Paradym irons. I currently play Srixon ZX7s with steelfiber i95 stiff shafts. I still get fairly good club speed (~90mph 7i) but turning 60 later this year, I have started to think more about irons that offer more distance and forgiveness while retaining playability. Fun to think about.

    L.A.B Putters


    Putting is my weakness. The rest of my game is solid. I have gone through many putters. L.A.B. would an interesting option for me to test. If I can benefit, that would say a lot of the their putter design approach. 

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