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  1. Agreed. I hope Denver trades back, picks up a second in the process (they don't have one), and he's still there in Round 2.
  2. As a Broncos fan I'm seeing a lot of mock's that suggest McCarthy won't be there at 12, but Nix will. But, those same mocks suggest Nix at 12 is a reach. We'll see.
  3. Way to keep after it. How often are you practicing on a range? Is some of your practice "dry"...in other words away from the range, not hitting balls, just working on repeating the movements you're describing? And have you played lately? Wondering how things are translating to your scores.
  4. Right, I used version 1 and it was on Trainerize. During our introductory call Mike shared that he consistently got feedback that a less-than-great user experience with that app was a constant point of feedback he received, and he was frustrated because he didn't really have any control over that. Consequently, @Fit_For_Golf2.0 is entirely his and developed from the ground up.
  5. My little treat to self arrived yesterday. If you guessed TaylorMade Qi10 7 wood with Ventus Blue 7s w/Velocore shaft, you guessed correctly. Can't wait to get it out on the course!
  6. Wow, 3 degrees of lie angle is a significant change. And how weak are we talking on the lofts? What will your PW be, for example?
  7. FWIW, from the Edel website: "All golfers have an aim bias. Every line and visible attribute of a putter drives one's eyes to a specific location and dictates where a golfer aims their putter. This creates path deviations and face rotation challenges, among other compensations. Solve your aim bias by pairing your Array Putter with your optimal alignment plate." Personally, and I think where you're going with this, I think Edel's intent with their alignment plates is to give you an alignment that corrects for your bias, not necessarily give you the one that best comports with your bias or feels the best.
  8. Changing the alignment plate was too easy. Two screws accessed via the longer-than-average Edel wrench is all it took. Now for some Stack putting with the new alignment plate.
  9. I had a very similar experience. Like you I switched from an Odyssey, the White Hot OG Double Wide. I left them short for a while, but I did acclimate and distance control is improving for me. Going from an insert to milled is not a small change.
  10. Used TaylorMade’s 15% discount and built myself a custom gift to self that arrives tomorrow. Ya’ll are just going to have to wait and see…
  11. With few more Stack putting rounds under my belt, I continue to really enjoy the F-1. I've had a hard time consistently breaking through the 1.19 putts per hole threshold, but I suspect that will come with a little more dedicated practice time. (I've had an extremely busy couple of weeks professionally.) And interestingly enough, according to this limited sample size Stack Putting says I have a bit of a right miss bias with the 3-dot alignment plate. The 3-dot alignment plate is what my fitting prompted, based on the notion that the 3-dot can correct for a LEFT aim bias that was identified in my fitting. However, I'm of a mind to further explore that nuance, so tomorrow I'll be changing the alignment plate to the 3-line version and testing to see how it impacts the direction bias. Either way, I still think this is a damn good-looking putter...
  12. With 4 of 6 testers up and running, I'm looking forward to finding out which of the many program options they'll be jumping in to. One of the big improvements from the old app is the FFG Program Matcher, a quiz that assesses your equipment access, current fitness level, golf goals, and how much time you can dedicate to the workout to point you to the right program. The old app (which I was a big fan of) required you to read the text descriptions of each available training program and make the best determination you could. The Program Matcher doesn't force you to choose its recommendation, but it's a really nice way to find the best training option for you. For me, I'm in the Velocity program given the time of year and my clubhead speed goals. I'm already really looking forward to the offseason to hammer the Mass program though.
  13. A HUGE thanks to the very patient group of testers we have here. Mike ran into some obstacles getting the app out the door, but we now have 4 Android-using spies with the app in hand and 2 Apple users who should have it in 2 weeks time. I’m very excited to see their first impressions and watch them progress!
  14. Tend to agree, although I would offer the Stack is far more a “side hustle” than how Sasho makes his money. He’s been a biomechanics professor and tour consultant (nicknamed “The Savant of Speed”) for far longer than he’s been selling a speed training implement.
  15. That’s not consistent with Sasho McKenzie’s findings, wherein speed training golfers often find improved technique as they learn how to more efficiently create speed in their swing. Do you have experience in speed training yourself?
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