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  1. Looks awesome. It is always a great feeling after a full day of yard work!!!
  2. Welcome, Live a mile away from Maplegate so it is my go to course. There are many really good courses within 30 min. of you. Have Fun
  3. Was fitted for the Ping G410 9 degree loft with alta CB red 55 stiff shaft just waiting (6weeks) for it to come in. Also hoping to get the 3 and 5 fairway woods.
  4. I have been golfing for 43 years. Played somewhere between 4-10 rounds a year. I have never been a really good golfer ranging around 98-108. Over the past three years averaging 12 rounds I was able to close the gap to average 100 (94 - 104). This year after my typical 8 rounds, my son Mark, gifted me the Ping G710 irons. At first I liked the looks of the flat black heads, the crack as you hit the ball and the ball launches off the club. Since then I have played 22 rounds. My average score has dropped to 96 with 12 rounds 94 - 98, 6 rounds 102-106 and 4 of my best rounds ever 88, 91, 92, 93. I have fewer bad shots, have gained at least 10 yards on my iron play with more accuracy. As my 88 shows I am hitting more greens in regulation and putting myself in better position if not on it. So the clubs were used for 30 rounds this year (8 by my son) not including many buckets at the range. I feel they have held up well and still really look great. Looking forward to some Video rounds waiting for courses to open again in March !!!!
  5. I am definitely a protein type person, and fairly knowledgeable about food. I suggest that you use as many whole grains (antient grains like farro, spelt, Kumat, quinoa etc) as you can as well as many colors and textures in the vegetables you use. Include lots of nuts and seeds (for protein). As you can see below I like to cook!!!
  6. What a beautiful day to play 27 holes. Scrambled to a 48 with trouble off every Tee shot. Then tied my best score on the next 18 88 (45, 43 5 pars, and a Birdie on 15 (1' from pin). Maplegate CC in Bellingham, MA is coming back nicely. Fairways and greens are in great shape, can't wait to see them bring the rough back. Here is to hoping for a few more rounds this season Pete
  7. Peter/Bellingham, MA Yes right handed 18* - Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular 20.3 Hybrid no long iron (3H)
  8. Peter Bellingham, MA taylormade bubble shaft 20.4 105 TSI2
  9. I normally don't practice putting, except if there is time before a round at the course. I have been looking at matts this summer as I try to lower my score. I just started to realize that I practice every skill I have, but one of the most effective ways to lower my handicap.
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