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  1. Looks AWESOME! Can't wait to play a round there soon!!!!
  2. Beautiful morning here. Nice mild temperature today hopefully the same tomorrow so I can get out and play 18! Enjoy your day!
  3. This is one of many different Lincoln morning poses. Such a great dog. So glad we rescued him 2 years ago this weekend.
  4. Played nine today, with basically no one within 9 holes of me, so I was able to take additional staged shots with the Edison wedges. I am feeling pretty comfortable with them at full to 1/2 swings. Here are a few of the shots taken. 51* well hit straight approx 95 yds, landed on a small hill bit and rolled back to 20" 51* 105 downhill par 3 small kidney green water on left. Well hit 7' left of pin around 100 yds , 51* hit slightly fat (wet/soggy conditions) approx 88 yds and 10' left 55* slightly fat again 62 yds 6' left Basically, same results from both shots from different distances. They were literally 6' apart. Here is a slightly more than half swing with the 55* smooth slight toe contact. 42 yards about 10' right on the apron. This user struggles with wedge chipping and it continues with the Edisons. I did get 20 chips in when I finished with very mixed results, though the last 2 were better.
  5. Good morning, Cool and partly sunny this morning here in Bellingham. Yard work and bill paying today. Got 9 in yesterday afternoon and played well for me. 5 pars and 4 bogies for a 40 (second best 9 ever) Lots of leaves on the course, with greens not rolling well with some leaves and bumps. The course had 4 total golfers on it (2:00) 2 on 18 and 1 on 9 when I started. Walked it in 1:30 with some practice edison wedge shots at certain distances. Hope to do it again on Friday! Have a great day Spies
  6. Congrats testers!!! I am looking to step up to a new putter so this test will be interesting to me. looking forward to watching the journey!
  7. My wife Kelly is really not interested in playing. She has thought about it a couple times, but says she is not interested. I know she would enjoy walking 18 with me, so maybe soon we will do that!
  8. Happy Thanksgiving Spies. Hope your day is great!!!!!
  9. 2023 review: *On track to play at least 1 round of 18 holes in all 12 months *Played the most rounds of golf ever (right now 38) hope to get at least 4 more * Played 2 new great courses this year Sunday River (bucket lister) and The Ranch * Dropped my index for 22.4 to 20 *4 rounds in the 80's with my best round ever 85 (46/39) and broke 40 for the first time. 2024 Goals: *Play 45 rounds *Drop my Index to 18 *Play more golf with my son and grandson *Work on my short game! *Play 2 new courses with one from my bucket list. (Belgrade Lakes)
  10. Had another simulator session last week. Hit 30 of each. G710 49*, Avg carry 96.9 yds, total distance 101.2, backspin avg. 6835, Apex 75' Edison 2.0 51*, Avg carry 87 yds, total distance 89.2, backspin avg. 8372, Apex 61' Edison 2.0 55*, Avg carry 74.1 yds, total distance 75.4, backspin avg. 8956, Apex 57' (seems strange) Ping glide 2 54*, Avg carry 80.6 yds, total distance 84, backspin avg. 5254, Apex 68' I was all over the place with this club. Not a lot of good crisp hits. I went to the local sim, which did not give me the ability to separate each club's data only shot by shot. Below look at I am finding that my shot grouping with the Edisons seems to be much tighter and with more constantly well hit balls.
  11. Good Morning Spies Very cold this morning in Bellingham 28* and a good frost. Looks like this continues for the next few days with highs in the mid to upper 40's. Not looking good for golf this week, might have to hit a simulator.
  12. Thanks but if I do the Edison 2.0 will be miracle clubs.
  13. I also have the yips around the green. Because of that I have gone to the bump and run with my 7 or 49* depending on lie and green elevation. I still struggle with the Edison 2.0 51 and 55. Between chunking or not getting under the ball mixed bad results. Going to do some work at a range to see if it is a feel thing or just confidence
  14. Gloomy early morning turned into a gorgeous SE Massachusetts day. got 9 in. Glad I did
  15. I do like the finish as well. I have become a fan of the black finish on my Irons and wedges, but the soft lines and the brushed look is very appealing the more I use them. After the first couple of swings, I am getting a better feel for the weight which seems to help with my follow through. I do like the ease of the club face setup at address. I am going to an indoor video range today for some number comparisons with my glides. More info tomorrow.
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