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  1. That's a Joe Pesci putt - it's a mean little 5 footer.
  2. Public and semi-private. The public couses I play have all upgraded their greens and overall maintenance to the point they are as good as the semi-private ones. The biggest difference is the clubhouses, with the semi-private ones having bigger and fancier ones. Played a fully private course a couple weeks ago and I have to admit both the course and clubhouse were a step above any semi-private course I have played. That said, I would not want to only play one course and at the price I would likely feel compelled to play the private course to justify the expense. I suspect many private course members justify the cost as business related expenses, but I am retired. As Groucho Marx said: "I wouldn't join any country club that would have me as a member." Apropos of nothing, when Groucho was told he couldn't join a club because he was Jewish he replied: "I'm only half Jewish. Can I use the pool if I only go in up to my waist?"
  3. Mike/Pittsburgh/USA Cleveland Huntington Beach 9 - center shafted Piper C
  4. Here goes: Been playing for a few decades. Handicap (unofficial) is around 18, but that's not an official handicap. Been shooting in the mid-80's but not immune to low 90's on a bad day. Oddly, I can play well on a challenging course and lousy on an easy one - go figure. When I still worked (now retired) golf was how I got away and just relaxed. I would tell myself (and still do) that there is nothing else I would rather be doing and no place else I would rather be, just to remind myself that whatever the score it was the best thing I could be doing. Since retiring I have been working on my game...and likely will be as long as I play. Long time MyGolfSpy reader. Don't know any other Spies - but then how would I, if they are Spies?? Pittsburgh is my adopted home. My home course is probably Saxon, although I like Buffalo, Birdsfoot, Suncrest and Pittsburgh North. Former member of River Forest, but let that go this year - happy to discuss if anyone is interested. The availability of good public courses at very reasonable prices is the primary advantage of living in Pittsburgh. Slow play is the worst thing, but really its just an occasional irritant. I was a transit system planner/project manager before retiring - primarily rail transit but also bus, busways, one cablecar and pretty much whatever a client would pay for that I could do competently. User name is just a placeholder I suppose. No special meaning (I thought GolfGod would be a bit presumptious - and amazingly inaccurate, maybe GolfDud, I have to think on that).
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