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  1. Allan-Charlotte Apple iphone 10 and i pad: Outdoors with and without a net , and indoors with a net Will You be Using a Net Yes or No-YES
  2. Allan Charlotte NC Titleist Tour Speed Last Top Flight I played was Z Ballata many years ago. Found one recently and cut it open and rubber bands shot out in different directions. The golf ball has come a long way since then!
  3. Allan/Charlotte, NC I have used a net before but not my own personal one. Hit into a net in a friends garage. I did not use a LM howeer, I do have one I use on the driving range.
  4. Allan/Charlotte, NC 8.5 medium Adidas Code Chaos Strong support, roomy toe box
  5. Allan Charlotte NC Eight handed Driving Iron- Regular Hybrid-Regular Handicap 10 Currently use 3 and 4 hybrid
  6. Allan Charlotte NC Titleist TS1 10.5 40 gram shaft 8.9 index 84-90 TSi2
  7. Allan Charlotte NC Titleist TS1 10.5 40 gram shaft 8.9 index 85-90 mph TSI2
  8. Allan Oxman Charlotte NC Seemore Corona Del Mar X2 Ping Mallett
  9. Charlotte NC SeeMore Corona Del Mar X2 9 Handicap Ping Ketch
  10. Allan Oxman Charlotte NC Index 10.1 Titleist 718 AP 1 5-GW
  11. Allan Oxman Charlotte Nc Vokey SM6 52 & 56 56 degree
  12. Allan Oxman Charlotte NC My watch battery just went kaput. As did my watch.... too much trouble to replace a non replaceable watch!!! Ordered one watch on Amazon and have returned it as it was 11-17 yards off on every shot. Using a Leupold Pin Caddy 2 but would love to test this watch also..
  13. Allan Oxman Charlotte NC practice about an hour a week average 4 3-putts a round was a guest at 2020 PGA show and actually saw this device...Probably the most interesting product that I saw at the show... very real... has to help you with your putting. Great training aid.
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