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  1. Using the 70 X and going after it would require a significant jump in speed to get an physically unstable shaft. Id suggest using the mevo and if you are not seeing about a 10 mph or better jump then it may the person at the end of the shaft.
  2. So the idea of being on a staff deal is to represent the brand offering you the deal in the best light possible. If you cannot perform well or talk about the brand well then there is no sense of taking that deal. Figure out what works best play and have fun
  3. I did not read any of the comments on purpose to answer: Based on the post above it would seem you really did not attend a fitting. You may have gone to a place such as big box store to "test drive" a golf club and yes the person watching is following orders to push a particular brand based on his supervisions direction. Ok that's business. If you are looking for a fitter that has your best interests in mind I would suggest that you look for one that starts with finding the best parameters for your game THEN making recommendations based on the manufacturers availability because contrary to popular opinion not every maker has a club to fit you.
  4. There are a ton of categories to choose from. If I were to break them down: Drivers: you already have them, Smoke, Q10, Wilson Ti, St Max Irons/ Wedges: a compare of the hollow bodies, Mizuno 245, Paradym Smoke, Tm 790, Then the wide soled wedges. Callaway CB and W grind wedges. Putter: you guy already did a solid for me,. but Makefield, or even try the Capto EZ for a golfer improvement item. Range finding: if there is a company that make a GPS device and a range finder. Put them side by side to see which one benefits the golfer better. A hands free push cart. jumbo max grips. and because Im me, how about a gripping station.
  5. 294s are virtually a unicorn. I do have some old wood wood shaft I believe are 270s, but would be tooooooooooo soft for the putter Since it is a putter you might consider making cuts the length of the shaft much like the callaways did woods and irons in the day. Using a 355 shaft while making a 3 or 4 cuts may allow you the need room for insertion. If it did not go in far enough then I would look at reaming it to 320 ish
  6. If you are a digger of sorts with the irons a high bounce number is a great start. That means the leading edge will not turn into a shovel directly as you interact with the turf. the rearward "bump" in the sole acts like a ski to prevent divot the size of Rhode island or breaking your wrists at impact with the turf. a possibility for the disposition to the rearward sole design in that your swing is not a severe version of chopping wood and more towards a golf swing.
  7. I was going to mention the post mount over the hosel also. However The ferrule threw me off. You can tell about the hosel by using a drill bit. Clean out the hosel, then try to insert the a 3/8 drill. The tip of the shaft is 370 and 380 is a typical dimension to receive the shaft and make room for the epoxy. Yes use centering beads. The drill may not go in easily or all the way but you should be able to tell. If it doesnt go in at all then try another drill and do a decimal conversion. Chances are the putter will need a 370 or 355. As far as finishing goes. you could remove the chrome with a grinder, sand wheel or sanding belt. BUT!!! you will remove the protection from rusting. You could polish to a high shine and it will look good as long as is is sealed with something as simple as car wax. It will also be lighter. As this is a first time into building that may not be a big deal.
  8. LOOOK another guy working with LEFTY golf clubs,,,,,,,,,,,, We had to go to another country but hey a win is a win
  9. typically,,,,, if a golfer tends towards hitting irons well, has a steep attack angle or demonstrates they dont like woods is a candidate for hybrids. the opposite is true for fairway woods. A 7 wood, is the bridge between to the two sets of clubs. it is shorter and more upright design as compared to a 3w.
  10. I prefer the 4+ grip because my lower hand is dominant and helps with the pulls
  11. typically if using double sided grip tape (not carpet tape) results in twisting two things may have occurred. An air bubble got trapped, easily fixed with a needle or tip of an exacto knife. 2 ) the core size and shaft butt end are very different. Lastly and a bonus the grip actually sucks. this happened to me using CP2 grips where the core just would not grip after 2 seperate attempts a quick stick with a knife and some heat to dry the solvent worked.
  12. no I remove the outer layer of tape. My tape dispenser does this automatically.
  13. having tested the T24s, they are very solid, Im a white satin guy, not so much a blue club guy.
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