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  1. Love the polished look, however polish On the top may prove to be difficult due to the reflection from the sun. but it does look cool. Put the icing on the cake and remove the paint and make it your own dont forget the custom putter grip.
  2. Looks like you answered your question with in the post. However you did mention wishon and BBTG so,,,,,, If we use the 919th verses say a new mizuno ST driver. both are adjustable however the ease of adjustability is quite different. Can the same be said of the rest of the fixed hosel drivers,,,, nope. When talking about to spec or BBTG that takes on another discussion. to say who's spec and who;s BBTG. Each maker has a preference hopefully based on some science and some design limit from the CEO. I.E. which golfing demographic does the designer want to lean towards.
  3. A lot of bourbon folks here. I represent the other side for single malts. Took an anniversary trip to Scotland. Got practiced in the art of Scotch prior to going. Learned a little too while I was there. Now its the glass of choice for happy hour. The Daily drinker switches between Dalmore Glen Fiddich 18 Balvenie most recently Macallen
  4. I have a monday live stream that talks to golf club fitting and repairs among other things. If you have question join us on the youtube channel "mcgolf custom clubs" at 1730 or 530 pm eastern.
  5. don't sweat the colors, there is a regular and oversize model that works just fine https://www.golfworks.com/graphite-shaft-extensions/p/gse/
  6. If you were fit to the added 1.5" there is no need to make them longer. The added length is to obtain a swing weight not needed to find. Graphite is lighter and the by product is a lighter swing weight. I would suggest looking at the lie angles to ensure they are similar to the irons, as a whole the Hybrid my be more upright per design and that can be a deal breaker at the bottom of the set. Have fun increasing your assembly techniques and seeing the fruits of that labor then start to modify your gear as needed.
  7. as for the 23rd I am out of the running. It is mrs mcgolfs birthday weekend where family is coming in. Please keep me in mind for the next one
  8. Saw the title of the thread ,,, duh> Need to check with mrs mcgolf.
  9. Im in just need the date and the place. Keeping in mind the further our the better as our fitting schedule is filling up like pouring water into a glass
  10. thanks for the compliment, tip weight selection is really determined by the shaft that is used for the build. Pure grips are easily installed with air but I am an old schooler and it works the same
  11. If you mean by "bullet weight" a smaller tip weight for the shaft. It takes a bit more work and a little more heat. There are two methods I use. 1) heat the hosel out and in much like a shaft extraction, clean out the hosel as much as you can, use an AWL to move the weight around and loosen the weight from the hosel. tap it out, this is shown in the video below. 2) most of the tip weights are either lead or brass. Mostly brass to stay away from handling lead. after applying heat in the same manner as described above. use a small drill bit to start a pilot hole in the tip weight. Then move to a larger bit. It is here where the bit typically bites and grabs the weight and simply pull it out. You are making heat with the drill bit to also help loosen the weight from the hosel. You may have to use 3 bits but usually only 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKA6_QSAQBM
  12. One of the key factor for most folks switch was the wear and tear on the body. putting the bag on and taking it can takes it toll on the golfer during the round. The additioanl storage if you are a pack rat. If nothing else you can place essentials with reach. Things to consider when looking 1) will it fit into the trunk of the vehicle, seems easy but it does get over looked. Some cart fold into a sliver of the original size while some fold in half and take up substantial room. 2) which brings us to the ease of folding, Do you need a degree in origami to get the cart small or is it intuitive. 3) stability, carts come with 2 , 3 and 4 wheels, depending on the amount you haul can dictate the number of wheels and how they are configured. 4) adjustability. if short , tall etc, with the cart no open, adjust to your particular needs. The maladjusted cart can cause as much strain as pulling your golf bag out of the trunk a 100 time before the round. In the beginning there were IMO only two to choose from Sun Mountain and OGIO, however bag boy, click gear and several other makers of cart have popped on the scene. If you are a searcher of the internet do a search for the top 10 cart or for that matter the top 5 carts on youtube and see what pops up.
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