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  1. If you are doing this as a hobby and for the love of it you may want to consider other company, Mitchell is a top notch consideration but a golf mechanix, golf works model might be better suited to your needs. I would also consider a double end motor and put a few different wheels on it for finishing or a frequency machine
  2. using the butane torch about 20 sec on three sides. Give it s a few seconds and repeat then try to twist off. sometimes the taper tips can be logged in the hosel. Makes for a secure fit but a real pain to remove. if they are 370s. and you glues the ferrule in also and have not moved it first it could be an anchor to removing the head.
  3. I would consider a graphite wedge shaft. Such as ACCRAs spt that comes in 95 and 125 g models
  4. Is a book recently release by the Golfworks. It chronicles Mr. Ralph Maltby and his career through the golf industry and some of his personal life. Leading to the Golfworks and work they have done since their inception. I live about an hour and a half from the Golfworks and made some great friends there, attended courses and met Mr. Maltby on several occasions. Its neat to read about A time in Golfworks history that I know. If you are golf history nut. This one will need to be in the book case. below is a link to the book. I don't get a thing from this , Just enjoyed the read. golfworks book
  5. I have 2 citizen eco drives and a citizen that is my work watch but none of them are worn on the course. Much like no wallet, keys etc., just a tee and a ball marker
  6. I also found CAPTO, a putter device for instructor and fitters. The information provided is massive. Im working on the level 2 cert to get and idea of how the trembling info factors in. JB the coach is a treat to talk to
  7. to show you how cold it was and some things at the demo day,,,,,
  8. that would probably work except I do the lefty stuff. A young man newly excepted to a PGM program that we deal with was waiting for me to regrip. She took over and I went into a fitting. everybody's happy. lol
  9. Im a solvent guy and so is the wife, no kidding she puts on more grips than I do.
  10. My favorite thing at the show was the scotch and beer glasses made by BenShot. They are a father and son team that works with Veteran in Wisconsin making well uh glasses with golf balls in the side. They work well. I tested one with some Glennfidtch 14 and the golf ball never got in the way. hmmm.
  11. A wedge fitting much like putter fittings are not as main stream as the full swing fitting but are just as important. I would think that as many if not more strokes can be found after these fittings. Bounce, loft, grind, length, shaft weight, grip all need to be considered. tony@CIC don't leave out Wilson to go with your C300s the new forged wedge does come in a 60 and looks pretty nice.
  12. Golf in the right side of the ball. This will be a series of videos building my set
  13. These are probably the only ones in the US. If not they certainly were the first. Very sweet. Oh and a special treat next
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