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  1. I played a round of golf with a friend yesterday. While I am happy with my score, I am wondering one thing: Would have killed the golf gods to give me one stroke, one lousy stroke???? Answer
  2. Being a 'Weekend Golfer' I know I will only reach a certain level of performance. Hopefully when I can play more I can improve. That said, when I golf it is always a toss up which version of ME will show up at the tee box: The good ME, or the terrible ME. Last weekend the good ME showed up. I wonder which version will show up today?
  3. I have both. However that said, I tend to use my GPS much more often. I find that it is useful for me to measure the distance to a particular spot or feature on the fairway, and the GPS does that easier for me.
  4. I have tried several, but always come back to The Grint. I like how it syncs with my Apple Watch, the shot tracking, and the ease of entering my score.
  5. It is my opinion that golf can easily become an obsession. Sometimes, when I am having a particularly bad game, I wonder to myself "Why do I do this to myself".... Why do you golf?
  6. My putter. A SeeMore Si1. I can think of any reason why I would replace it except perhaps if I lost it, or broke it.
  7. Really great condition Cobra King F7 3-4 Hybrid. Graphite Flex-Lite Shaft recently re-gripped. The price is for local pickup. If you want it shipped, let me know the zip code and I will give you a shipping cost. Venmo preferred, cash accepted.
  8. Yeah, mid-pines is great for sure. We played there last year on our trip.
  9. Getting excited. In 82 days we leave for our 'golf buddies' trip to Pinehurst, NC. This year we are playing Talamore Golf Club, Longleaf Golf & Country Club, Hyland Golf Club, and Tobacco Road. I am sure we will play Pinehurst 3 or 4 as well.
  10. Callaway Epic Flash Driver. Taylormade SIM Max 3 Wood. Callaway Epic Flash 5 Wood Cobra King F7 Hybrid. Cleveland Launcher HB Irons, 5 through PW. CBX2 Wedges, 54 & 60 degree. Seemore Si1 putter.
  11. I live in the United States Paul, Staunton Virginia I will be using my Apple iPhone X I will be testing outdoors Mostly I will not be using a net.
  12. Paul Hedrick. Staunton, Va Garmin Approach G8 Garmin Approach G8
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