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  1. This year the new courses will be: Mid South Club Carolina Trace Lake 7 Lakes Golf Club And, of course we will be also playing Talamore again. It is possible that some of the group may play more than on round per day, but I did that on the first trip, and found it tired me too much.
  2. In 2020 and 2021, 7 golf buddies and I took a trip to Pinehurst. We had planned on another trip this year, but there was a very real chance I would not be able to go. Just recently the thing that might have prevented me going was removed. SO, in 118 days we will be going down for our third annual trip! For the past two years, we have played 4 courses. Of those courses, we always play Talamore, and three new ones. We always play Talamore mostly because we all really enjoy it. Last year one of the new courses for us was Tobacco Road. That course was so fare above my skill level, that is was miserable. Of course all of us gave our friend that arranged that trip, a ration of sh_t! LOL. Anyway, it is a great time with friends, golf, and having a time to always remember!
  3. I would, but it is too depressing......
  4. I rarely loose a ball these days. That said, my last round, I lost one. However I found two, so I get to take a stroke off my score, right?
  5. I have had the Arccos System since last September. Recently I played a round using my Apple Watch for shot detection, and it worked perfectly. I especially liked that I would get a slight vibration on the watch when it detected a shot, so I did not have to constantly check my phone. Also, it did detect every shot, so I did not have to make any corrections either after the round or during.
  6. I told my boss that I needed an afternoon today Hit the course with a good friend of mine at noon. It was a very enjoyable time. I hit some really nice, for me, driver shots. My short game was its normal, and did fairly well with long irons. I did not score the best I ever have, but certainly not the worst I ever have! LOL. I do think that changing the grip on my driver to a mid size was a good idea. Giving some thought changing the grips on the rest of my bag to mid size grips.
  7. For me in cold weather is always my hands. I can put on enough layers play, wear something on my ears, and put heating pads on my socks. That said, my hand tend to really hurt when it gets below freezing.
  8. Thank you! Not today, but I have a 10 am tee time tomorrow morning.
  9. Thank you Thank you Thank you
  10. My round yesterday was much better than the previous week. This was the first week in Central Virginia I did not have to wear several layers. In fact, toward the end I was too warm! I made some changes to my Driver. I installed a mid-size grip and adjusted the loft. I think it helped. I will keep tabs on it over the next few rounds.
  11. Yeah, well OKI. I am heading into another birthday; getting closer to retirement As I age I do see a lessening of my golf skills. I do not hit the drive as far as I once did, I do notice my putts are starting to really suck as well. Realizing at some point in my future, I will probably have to stop golfing. Not that I want to, but my body will give out. As I edge closer and closer to that time, I wonder one thing. What will I do with all that money I will not be spending on golf! LOLOLOL
  12. I am always a bit annoyed when I see things like this. I mean, when they first came out they were 'wonderful', and then we learned they were 'not so much' My question is, since they were less than great before, how do we know they will be great now, with an increase in price? I am fairly certain I will pass when my current subscription expires.
  13. I must agree with you; for me consistency is of prime importance.
  14. How did I play? How did I play??? I believe this picture says it all.......<sigh>
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