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  1. I just finished the foundation program and am pleased with my progress. The app is recommending the neural drive program. I’ve read the descripton and it makes sense. Does anyone have experience with neural drive…so I can have appropriate expectations. Thanks.
  2. PS…one more important detail I forgot. I noticed (from videos of my swing) that in my right leg loading motion, I still tended to sway a bit. So…I now, at set up, make sure there is considerable pressure on the inside of my right foot at address, which I maintain in the backswing. I’ve found that it makes me “post up” my right leg in a straighter fashion. I think this produces some kind of physics thing that, when my hands are now “pushed high”, together requires my body to recenter to accommodate both the firmly posted right leg and new physical forces by higher hands. It is hard to explain…but it seems those two movements, in combination, plus the pause, require my body to recenter without thinking…someone in biomechanics probably could explain why my body “needs” to recenter to protect itself or something. I don’t care why…I’m just excited that by doing these three things together (right foot inside pressure to firmly posted right leg; pushing hands higher at apex of backswing; pausing briefly at the top) removes my need to think about moving hips, re-centering, etc. It is magical…but also the result of studying my swing, staying with the basics (took first formal 1-1 private lessons two years ago), and simply using technology-based improvement and feedback tools.
  3. Yes….it is the one Matt Fitzpatrick uses.
  4. I’ve just completed session 14 of the Stack Speed System training. Have seen increases in estimated MPH of 15-20 mph…….large increases as I had much room for improvement in speed being 70 and coming off 90 days in ICU four years ago (lost approx 50 lbs of mass/muscle) and various back treatments last summer. Also have been using LSV Pro2 video camera to work on swing mechanics. I had been working hard on “recentering” and the “magic move” (shallowing the club) with little progress. I then revisited some material on low hands (e.g., John Rham swing) vs high hand hands (e.g., Justin Thomas) in the backswing. I realized my hands on back swing went up to my right shoulder. So I started “pushing them up higher” at that point in the back swing. AMAZING finding. By adding that “push up higher” step, it added a slight pause at the top of my swing which then automatically triggered my body recentering (and hips moving towards the target) just before I started the downswing. This introduced the much desired lag and more open hips towards target near impact. The beauty is that I no longer need to think about trying to recenter and open hips to target…..the new higher hands movement, which introduces a brief pause also, for some reason, serves as a trigger to make my body do what I had been trying to do conciously. This may not work for everyone, as we all have different swings and bodies. I’ve finally been getting that sweet sound and feeling of compressing my irons. Also, I’ve integrated these new swing mechanics into my Stack training and in the last session gained more MPH and estimated distance (another 5 yards estimated). I’m pumped. This is all part of my winter (live in MN with snow) 3-4 sessions a week in the garage game improvement plan. I can’t wait to try on a simulator and on a driving range this spring.
  5. Good discussion. I have Taylor Made Sim 5, 7 and 9 woods that I love. 5 wood is my favorite club off the deck. Typically pair it with 7 wood and leave 9 at home…I use the 9 (and leave 7 home) on a few regular courses with certain length par 3’s if hitting into the wind…it is then the perfect club. I can typically hit the 7 almost as far as the 5. I find the 7 useful under three conditions. 1. If my swing is just not feeling right on some day, I might use the 7 over the 5…more confidence in it. 2. If I want a slightly higher ball flight and ball coming into green at a steeper angle of descent…so I can hopefully “stick it” on the green better. 3. And, this is my favorite use, if I am on the first cut of rough off the fairway and the grass is a bit long, I can get the ball flying out of the rough easier with the 7…..it may be a mental confidence thing and not a real 5/7 wood difference from the first cut. I have all three as I also have yet to find the magic of the so called “easier” hybrids…..but that is a goal of mine this year. Long story short…I love my 7 wood.
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