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  1. Good discussion. I have Taylor Made Sim 5, 7 and 9 woods that I love. 5 wood is my favorite club off the deck. Typically pair it with 7 wood and leave 9 at home…I use the 9 (and leave 7 home) on a few regular courses with certain length par 3’s if hitting into the wind…it is then the perfect club. I can typically hit the 7 almost as far as the 5. I find the 7 useful under three conditions. 1. If my swing is just not feeling right on some day, I might use the 7 over the 5…more confidence in it. 2. If I want a slightly higher ball flight and ball coming into green at a steeper angle of descent…so I can hopefully “stick it” on the green better. 3. And, this is my favorite use, if I am on the first cut of rough off the fairway and the grass is a bit long, I can get the ball flying out of the rough easier with the 7…..it may be a mental confidence thing and not a real 5/7 wood difference from the first cut. I have all three as I also have yet to find the magic of the so called “easier” hybrids…..but that is a goal of mine this year. Long story short…I love my 7 wood.
  2. Kevin McGrew St. Joseph,Mn I started walking 100% of the time last year to help with back problems. Have Nitron Bag Boy
  3. Count me in as a possibility. With winter (Minnesota) I am now using indoor golf simulator at local facility. I've been using my iPhone and iPad to video my swing as I try to do a "Bryson D" during the winter and COVID. Aerobic, strength and flexibility program started two months ago, along with going to simulator. Re-building my golf swing from ground up. Also installed an indoor putting surface two months ago to work on putting this winter. -68 years old -started golf 6 years ago, interrupted by serious illness...so last season was a disaster. Thus, the "build back better" winter golf program. Trying to use analytics and video tools to completely rebuild my game. Use both iPad and iPhone and also Windows tablets A general bogey golfer During season I hit the range with regularity, and have been using birdie balls in my front yard.
  4. Yes. Would love to. I am a quantitative psychologist who uses lots of technology and data in my work. I am trying to do this with my golf. I currently use a Bushnell neo ghost and the Bushnell Wingman for distance and course management. I use both iPad, iPhone and Windows technology. I always wear an Apple iWatch when golfing. I am from Minnesota. I am 67 years old and in my six year of golfing. I would love to participate.
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