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  1. Well--I can tell you how they used the sleeves--because a number of pros I knew, and good players did the same thing. You know how when you need to work on "staying connected" people advise sticking a towel or something else under your arm? That's what they were doing under the pretense of keeping the sleeve out of the way--it was in effect providing a reminder/connection (which would be illegal if you did it with a towel on the course) through the use of 90's "fashion".
  2. Thanks for the advice! Revkev, I think you are right about the other forum. The test I did with my son's clubs was more to see how far off the fitting was--or was it close. It wasn't very far off. I'm thinking of going up to a 75@ gram 6.0 shaft--not the 85 gram 7.5 my son plays. I think I would get tired--particualrly as I walk unless it is an exceptional circumstance.
  3. Has anyone used an online fitting system, Truefitclubs, the MGS one etc., and if so with what success. Here is why. I have been fit with “regular” clubs and a light shaft recently. Makes sense–I’m 64 and returning to the game–though I am pretty fit for my age (vanity weightlifting stats on request). Driver SS–94. 7 iron–82-83. I did an on line fit for woods, and, I assume based on my transition speed and distance it fit me in an xtra stiff, heavy shaft (80gs) . I thought, no way. But–that’s what my son-in law plays. So, I borrowed his clubs. I expected abject failure. I
  4. sub80

    The Shaft

    Kev--thanks for the compliment--the courses were wettish, and cold. I think pretty normal carry and roll out. I hit a high draw or sometimes a push. Struggle to keep that from hooking. I play mostly with my son in law, who is 27. Just started playing like a year ago. His swing speed with zero (0) lessons is 115 and he can hit his driver 310 carry, a 5 iron 210. So--I am struggling to keep up, distance wise, and that's what I compare myself to. I don't think I have 115 in me, but I think I can get to 100. It's good to have goals, and keeping ahead of your son-in law--or at least in tou
  5. sub80

    The Shaft

    Thanks for all the help! Some answers: 1. At the time of the fitting I was playing a cobra speedback driver -the Ping was intended as an upgrade to that. That was the comparison at the fitter, not the old Callaway. I sold the Cobra to buy the Ping, then pulled the Callaway out of the "Garage Reservoir" where it had been since @2010 because it had no real sale value. 2. The head in the Callaway is the x460--which came out 2006. The shaft was an aftermarket UST Proforce--really stiff shaft--the specs were 77 grams. 2.1 torque, 7 mid shaft stiffness. A very different shaft than t
  6. sub80

    The Shaft

    Thanks Kenny B--the numbers were about the same with the Ping in terms of distance. However, I made a grip change, on the advice of the fitter and my pro--to what I think of is a really neutral grip, and clubhead speed, accuracy and distance all jumped. To be fair, I had not made the change when I was testing the Ping. So, we will see. I had been under the impression I wouldn't be able to swing a stiff that stiff at all, and I would would leaking everything right. Not the case at all. Thanks!
  7. sub80

    The Shaft

    This is one I don't know how to figure out. I'm 64, in pretty good shape, probably significantly stronger than most my age. But still, 64. Coming back to the game after a long hiatus. I never knew what my swing speed was, but I played stiff shafts in all of my clubs. Got fitted by a really good fitter--no surprise recommended regular shafts in everything, lighter driver shafts to pick up speed. Had my driver speed at 89-95. So ordered the Ping 410 plus, Ping tour shaft, regular. OF course, everything Ping takes forever. Started playing with what I had in the garage--a old (2006) Call
  8. Glad to be here--didn't start playing till I was 40, got tired of "holding down the office" on Fridays. Then--got really competitive about it, played in tournaments, got down to about an 8. Then took a long hiatus to coach and play another sport. Live in NOVA, play at Pleasant Valley, mostly with my son-in-law. Working on getting competitive again. So much to love about the game--the feeling of a well struck shot is something hard to describe--and to match--in any other sport or athletic endeavor. Don't know any other golf spies, but use MGS recommendations quite a bit!
  9. I don't currently have a handicap--just started playing again after @ 2 year layoff to coach rugby. Which is currently not happening. I live in Fairfax Virginia, my scores have been in the mid eighties at a local course which is reasonably easy to play. I play Ping i500s, a well struck 8 iron carries @ 155. I had not heard of sub zero before this--which makes me the ideal evaluator! I am also not looking to change my irons...necessarily--which again makes me a good evaluator.
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