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  1. i went with a different set of irons and my pitching wedge is 46* so now i have a more traditional 4 wedge setup at 46/52/56/60
  2. already booked my christmas wish list item but i went *just a little* over the $2000 limit. chartered a jet down to florida for a week with plans to play 8 rounds with my pops. a few trump courses are on the list and then we’ll take it from there. my wife still isn’t comfortable getting on a plane, so i sprung for private
  3. i’m adding this to the shaft testing stable this winter. Grafalloy Tour XX.
  4. say what you want but every man in the world lifts weights to be more attractive to women (or men). i know a lot of power lifters. they all show up on their accessory days to do abs and bicep curls. what kind of strongman training did you do? stones? logs?
  5. i’m not. squatting and deadlifting are just crucial to anyone who wants any sort of strength base or who wants to be even decently athletic. i also train gymnastics, but i’m not a gymnast, daily yoga but i’m not a yogi. i train to be an athlete, so i try to hit on everything across all all disciplines
  6. haha thank u. it’s something i put a lot of years and a lot of effort into. yeah that’s a pretty big misconception when it comes to lifting. you can greatly improve your mobility by moving under heavy loads. here’s a link explaining the difference between flexibility and mobility. people get them conflated all the time. mobility is more useful, and what we should be chasing as golfers. https://gmb.io/mobility-vs-flexibility/ i’ve always offset my lifting with a lot of yoga and focused mobility work. but mostly it’s the lifting itself and putting my body through full ranges of motion for your hips, knees, and shoulders that keeps me nice and mobile. if i had to recommend one area to work on to get the most bang for your buck, i’d say T-Spine mobility is where people should focus https://mikereinold.com/simple-thoracic-spine-mobility-exercises-everyone-can-perform/
  7. thank you for all your input. i’ve been doing this a very long time, so i’m well past any newbie gains. at 195 i deadlifted 625 and squatted 545. i was also a nationally ranked oly lifter so i know a few things about explosive power. 5/3/1 and starting strength are excellent resources and i’ve used them both in the past. it’s never too late to go back to fundamentals.
  8. as long as you're moving correctly, squatting will help protect your weak knee. strengthening the muscles that surround the joint, along with increasing your knee's natural range of motion will wipe out any knee pain you experience.
  9. my answer all depends on the circumstances of the round. if i'm on a trip and the round is part of a larger experience, then i'd be willing to pay more. and there really isn't a top end to that budget. i enjoy my vacations. if i'm just driving to a course, playing it, eating a meal and driving home, i wouldn't go more than $500 out of pocket.
  10. i'm 5'9" (or 5'10" if you go by my driver's license) 120 is movin it! you've made a ton of progress in your game and your swing. it's really impressive. i'm sure your lifting numbers are above average. where did your bench, squat and deadlift end up after 5/3/1?
  11. haha i mean the whole reason anyone gets into working out is vanity. they can tell you 100 other reasons, but everyone's goal is just to look better naked.
  12. squat and deadlift. that's the beginning and the end of the list. once you hit a certain strength threshold, adding in accessory movements to support the joints involved can help, but 99% of people never get strong enough for that to matter and waste their time doing "fluff" exercises that don't actually do much.
  13. that really sucks, what a headache. sell it to the shop and get something new.
  14. don’t be jealous. speed is great but it brings its own set of issues to the table. my misses are much bigger and controlling loft and spin is really hard. i don’t periodize. power, strength, endurance, it all gets rolled in together. i focus mostly on explosive compound movements, and have never been a fan of training body parts in isolation (with the exception of bicep curls bc they’re awesome). i believe if you want to become a better athlete you need to train yourself to move athletically. i might try the super speed program later on in the winter, but my plan is to just swing my driver as hard as i possibly can 20-30 times a few times a week. i’m gonna let being strong and flexible take care of increasing speed.
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