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  1. i see it now. when i hear "seam" i think baseball and was looking for a raised ridge around the ball. obviously to each his own but i'm not sure that would bother me in the least bit. thank you for linking the review
  2. thanks! i can't seem to see it in picture, so i'll pick up a dozen to see for myself.
  3. like what in particular? asking because once i run out of the discounted tp5x lot that i bought, snell is on my short list.
  4. i never understood how someone asks what you want, you tell them, and then they show up with something different entirely. my mother in law wrote the book on that move. i’ve started texting her a direct link to what i want disclaimer: i’m grateful for any and every gift someone gets me. i just think if you’re gonna go off the cuff, skip the step where you ask what i want.
  5. i’m pro fitting. i’ve been fit for all of my clubs. with my driver, there’s a definite physical swing issue that needs to be fixed which i feel like supersedes an equipment change. i’ll definitely get fit (again) for my driver once i figure that out.
  6. i love that you're leaving no stone unturned here. like you're saying - i don't think you're at risk. even if the movements were almost identical, you're tapping different neural pathways and energy systems to create adaptation and eventually increase output, and that's only a good thing. for example - lots of pitchers drill with weighted balls. they're strengthening the ligaments and tendons of the fingers hands wrists and elbows so that when the overspeed principle of throwing a regular ball kicks in, their body can handle it. another example is powerlifters or oly lifters doing partial lifts with 110-130% of their max load for a regular lift. same movement, but different energy system to get the body to adapt to a stimulus that it hasn't encountered before (in their case more weight than ever for their actual lift - in your case more speed than ever for your golf swing) we're getting into some pretty heady stuff for a simple exercise program and i'm not mad about it at all!
  7. Finau, Rahm, Bryson, and Matt Wolff have quick or "fast" backswings. they're all to different lengths, and at different angles, but they all take the club back quickly
  8. fast is relative. you've got a quick, compact overall swing, so your backswing is going to be "faster" than someone with a longer, loopy swing. you're a plus handicap who's main struggle is on the green - i wouldn't give my backswing another second of thought.
  9. @Shankster here’s a comparison pic for you of my jet black 56 brand new and after 3-4 rounds of use
  10. i don't think there's any concern about disrupting any of the brain training with additional rotational core work. the brain is pretty efficient at compartmentalizing different training protocols when it comes down to it. if it weren't, then every exercise done by an athlete would have to directly mirror a sport specific movement for them. in my completely unprofessional opinion, your training with SS and its carry over to your swing on the course would only be enhanced by stronger core muscles (specifically your obliques, QLs and your serratus...with your lats having some input). the reason i think this is you're going to be creating a much more stable and powerful base that can handle increased speed and torque from a faster swing. those two pieces will start to build each other as you go. faster swing needs stronger muscles...stronger muscles support faster swing, and so on.
  11. @cnosil i’ve said before that i’m waiting to get fit for a driver until my swing is more “consistent” in reality my swing is consistent: i consistently leave the face open and hit the ball off the heel leading to big pushes and slices. that’s a swing flaw and not something any driver/shaft combo on the market is going to fix what i really mean is that i’m holding off getting fit because going into a hitting bay and slicing a few dozen balls off to the right isn’t going to help a fitter tell me what driver is best for me, and it’s going to be money down the drain. once lessons have helped me deliver the club face squarely at impact, i think a fitter is going to be able to make more sense of the shots he sees.
  12. i agree with @jlukes the thought is awesome, but make sure the money you spend is going towards something you know he wants or will use. gift cards are one size fits all. another option is to set up a session for him with a fitter in your area so he can get fit for the perfect putter.
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