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  1. i’ll see if i can get some impact data for you. if it’s a low-face impact problem, how would i go about bringing that contact up the face a bit? i already tee the ball with the equator of the ball about even with the top of the crown. any higher than that and my drives just go way too high
  2. thanks, but i’ve had too many TM driver heads fail on me to go back to the well again. i’ve played the avx on and off. it’s way too soft for me.
  3. thanks for the suggestion but i didn’t get along with the sim2 at all. that’s what i played before moving to my ping. plus, i went through 3 of them in two seasons, after going through two original sims. i have concerns about their durability.
  4. 12-13* usually. though i’d like to see it around 10*. i generally strike it high middle to high and slightly toe side. i have the occasional low heel miss but those are just bad swings. the impetus for this thread is my well struck drives, which are still up above 3K
  5. it’s a 9* head set to the big minus position, which puts it at about 7-7.5*
  6. i’m currently using a ping g425 lst. it’s pretty good for me, but i’m spinning it way too much. teed high, teed low, ball forward, ball back, i’ve tried it all and i can’t get the spin down below 3,000 no matter what i do. my delivery numbers are good. pretty neutral path, maybe 1-2* in to out, 2-3* up, with my main miss being a block where i don’t close the face. i’ve been on the sim plenty, and even the balls i middle up are spinning at 3200-3300. i know i’m leaving 20-30 yards on the table compared to a shot that spins 2400-2500. shaft is a ventus black 7tx and i play the bridgestone b x what’s the lowest spinning head out there? i’m thinking of trying the cobra ltdx ls this winter. any other suggestions?
  7. i’ll shoot you a message this winter once my new one is ordered up and on the way. i give a very steep MGS discount.
  8. thanks. it’s a leather grip from Best Grips. the putter is the only club in the bag likely to change actually. i think i’m doing a custom PLD this winter. shoot me a DM if you’re interested in this one, i don’t like keeping clubs laying around.
  9. i need this shot, like yesterday. i can’t, for the life of me, keep the ball low enough to pull this off. and in the rare event i do, it comes out so hot that i end up back in jail behind the green or through the other side of the fairway. luckily, my misses off the tee are usually bad enough to leave me in the next fairway with a shot over the trees and back in to play.
  10. nice poke!! looks like the TSR3 is a great fit for you. those look an awful lot like my 4W numbers
  11. i think the OWGR is due for a review anyway. the board is rife with conflicts of interest and how does the BMW PGA winner receive less points than the winner of the fortinet? im not saying LIV deserves points yet. just that there are a LOT of things in professional golf that probably need a second look.
  12. startups have to get off the ground somehow. this is really no different. i think they’ve had early success getting their foot in the door. the long term viability of the liv tour remains to be seen. i think it looks very different in the next few seasons than it did in its inaugural campaign, but i think it’s going to stick around for a while. i also think the tour has handled this badly from day one and jay monahan has looked foolish at pretty much every turn. i know the pga tour isn’t going anywhere, but i don’t think it’ll continue to have the stranglehold on pro golf that it has enjoyed for a few decades.
  13. if you don’t think LIV has been successful so far by signing 25% of the OWGR top 100 to play in an unproven upstart league, then why is the PGA tour so scared and scrambling to make changes that mirror what LIV is doing?
  14. lol ok. the PGA tour left itself in a position to be disrupted. it has been squeezing every last ounce of life out of a stale product for years now. if you don’t like what LIV is doing, you can blame their success so far on the stagnant nature of what the PGA tour offers their viewing audience. the people who don’t like LIV don’t like it because it doesn’t look like the PGA tour but they’re missing the point that it was never intended to look like the pga tour at all, and why would it? and now, in turn, the pga tour has taken several measures in an attempt to treat their superstars better and keep them from jumping ship straight out of LIV’s playbook. i’ve been down this road with you before in a different debate and i’m not about to get into another never ending back and forth with a brick wall.
  15. i put a pre-order deposit on a 2024 cadillac lyriq about a month ago. they’re supposed to start taking orders in mid-2023, which works for me since my lease is due back sometime late in 23. if delivery and reviews of the 2023 models go well, maybe this is finally the car that gets me away from the gas pump
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