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  1. it’s his money and his happiness, i don’t think you get a say in either.
  2. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/jhared-hack-shoots-57-mini-tour-caddie/amp
  3. early 9 today 40 6/7 fairways 4/9 greens 14 putts
  4. i played Trump Links at Ferry Point today with my dad, brother in law, and dad’s cousin. it was expensive for sure, but a nice treat once a year. the course is immaculate. lots of wind because you’re right on the water, and the fescue is no joke. it was awesome playing with the manhattan skyline in the background
  5. 50/43 93 8 fairways, 4 greens, 33 putts. it took me the whole front 9 to figure out the wind and the extremely penal rough at Trump Links. the back 9 went a lot better. putter was hot today, drained 25 and 18 footers and only had one 3-putt. 3w was money off the tee. irons were hot garbage.
  6. i’m considering swapping out my t100 4 and 5 iron for the new t200 4 and 5. bent a little weak they’d blend perfectly and a little extra forgiveness in the long irons is always good.
  7. careful. that’s how you ended up with kids in the first place
  8. well said! both my hobbies are solitary endeavors. i play golf and ride motorcycles. so it’s this weird dynamic where me “enjoying myself” means spending hours at a time away from my wife and son. i’m happy to balance that out with as many family outings as she can plan for us. it’s the whole reason we moved out of NYC to a more rural setting. there’s so much to do here for a young family that she’s always got something planned for the 3 of us. if i ever felt like those scales were tipping too far and they were on the short end, i’d give up golf tomorrow. it’s amazing to read you all feel the same way, because i know how much everyone here loves golf
  9. i play 90+% of my rounds as a single because i can’t commit to a weekly game a few times a year, my dad, brother in law, a few buddies and i plan a nice round a month or so in advance so we can all clear our schedules. my brother in law and i usually convince our wives (my wife and my sister) to hang out and then we meet them for dinner after. that’s really the only way i’ve found to get out with a group of guys. other than that i’m at the mercy of whoever course pairs me up with haha
  10. great topic here. i’ve got a 10 month old son, and actually only started golfing a month or two before he was born. thanks, covid! im self employed, so a flexible schedule makes life really easy. i get 1-2 rounds in every week. i’ve been toying with the idea of joining a club to play more, but i think that idea will be more realistic when our kids are a few years old so we could make great use of a family membership usually my wife and i sit down sunday evening and go over what our week looks like. then i say “mind if i play friday morning?” i try offsetting my rounds with family activities with her and our son. she’s happy to give me time for the things i enjoy as long as she feels the effort is there to spend time with her as well.
  11. for sure. that’s why i said simple instead of easy. it’s a really straightforward thing in theory, but it’s incredibly difficult. playing baseball, even at the highest level that i did, it was really hard to be 100% on your toes every pitch of every inning. lots of daydreaming gets done in the 8th inning of an 11-2 loss.
  12. definitely not tired. it could be a combination of the rest though. a momentary loss of focus leads to a bad shot which leads to me worrying about my score and compounding mistakes. taking one shot at a time seems simple and obvious, but i’m gonna try to apply it to my rounds going forward.
  13. i hit iron off the tee a lot. the course i play most often is heavily tree lined and driver is way too penal on most holes. my irons are long enough that i’m not giving up a ton of distance off the tee, and not losing drives OB has contributed to lower scores for me
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