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  1. he’s been driving it well, for sure. he’s not spraying the ball like he has in the past. Rory is out carrying him with better launch conditions though. at least on the holes i’ve seen compared head to head.
  2. for all the Bryson fanfare, Rory has been quietly humbling him with the driver the last two days.
  3. “funny things happen at high speeds”
  4. headed up to Newtown CT, northern fairfield county.
  5. haha of course i do too, just giving him some crap. and in a few days, i’ll officially be a New Englander. moving to CT
  6. oh god no. shank is headed our way?! the course may not survive
  7. if this is still here when i move, i’m your huckleberry.
  8. i’m not sure why @Lacassem chose to speak for me. i personally think you’re screwed. it’s good to see your name popping up more often again, dude!
  9. only way your ball is rolling by mine is if you pick it up and put it in the cart with you i can tell you’re leaning cobra but if i’ve learned anything from watching TXG videos, it’s that the right shaft/head can actually move your strike to the center. it seems like that TSi setup is your golden goose.
  10. buy that TSi3 setup and run out of there!! you’ve got that combo timed up perfectly and you’re finding the middle. 2600 is a very playable on course spin rate, that’s gonna be a great driver for you man.
  11. you better tee it up higher and go after it at +8 if you wanna catch up
  12. i’d build the home setup. joining a club is on my list in the next year or two, but with moving it’s gonna take a lot of research to find the right fit. with the sim setup, i’m guaranteed 365 days of usability from the comfort of home.
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