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  1. Thankful to have the opportunity to test these out! Looking forward to sharing my thoughts with everyone.
  2. DJ Sacramento, CA Titleist ProV1x, Bridgestone Tour B X, and Callaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track My dad used to get me Top Flite golf balls or Pinnacles after I asked to borrow some of his golf balls so I wouldn't lose his expensive balls . I also occasionally find Top Flites in my mix of range balls.
  3. Interesting point. I had not thought of changing grips. I'll give this a shot the next time I'm at the practice green. Thanks!
  4. Thank you! I have learned about why bounce is important from my teaching pro as we have gone through chipping drills. I will see the results of my fitting next week and make a decision.
  5. Thanks for the advice! I think as I play more I'll learn different shots or get more comfortable with different shots. I am just more confident in my distance and what a full shot with my more lofted wedges will do on the green than I am in my 3/4 swings. I will keep all of these things in mind as I keep playing more.
  6. Thanks, lol. I couldn't agree more that it is the "frustration zone." I mentioned to someone else in this thread I'm going in for a full bag fitting next week, so I will be able to make an informed decision about it by then. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! One of my playing partners even commented the last time we played that just a few lessons and playing more than once every few months really improved my game. I actually am going in for a full bag fitting next week, so I guess I will have more information about gapping and which clubs work for me. I think by next week I will know more about my own distance gapping and talk about it with my fitter to make an informed decision. In terms of my scoring, I know I may not be able to break the 70s, but I definitely feel if I can avoid a bunch of unforced errors and get better on and
  8. If you asked me this question a couple of months ago, I would not be in the market for a 105 yard club because I was routinely hitting my PW 100-105. Since taking lessons and playing more, I've been able to make more solid contact and have been creating a bigger gap between my 54 and PW. I still am comfortable hitting a smooth PW from 105. So, I guess that was all to say, no I don't need a 105 club. I had not considered a 50 and 56 set up. I was looking at Mizuno's wedges, and I believe they offer wedges in 55º, so maybe a 55 to gap right between my 60 and I'll eventually get a 50.
  9. I currently play to about a 12 handicap/usually score in the upper 80s on good days. I have taken lessons in the last few months and dropped my scores from shooting in the 110s in May down into the 80s and 90s of late. I even shot a 79 on a par 67 course, but I don't count that as officially breaking 80—I want to be able to break 80 on a standard par 72 course someday. My current wedge set up is a set-matching PW at 46º, a 54º SW that was in below average condition when I got it in April, and a 60º LW that was only lightly used when I got it in July. I usually hit my PW for full shots fr
  10. I was wondering the same thing. In the summer months in California's central valley where it's a dry heat in the high 90s and even touching triple digits, I was carrying my 54º wedge about 115 yards and averaging about 280 yards total distance with my driver. I played a round the other day where I started at 7AM, and temperature at the start of the round was 58ºF, humid, and the ground was very dewy. My drives were maxing at about 255 and I was about one club/15 yards shorter than my summer distances all morning. I was not sure if it was just the temperature, just the humidity, or if the
  11. DJ from Sacramento, CA I putt balls around my apartment or head to the practice green at my local course when it's not raining The last putting mat I remember using was the classic one that is kind of like a skee ball game. It ends slightly uphill and when you make it, the ball rolls back down the side. We had that in my house for a while until the mat got warped and worn out. Not a great mat, but not terrible either. Otherwise, I've never really used a putting mat. I would want to test the Slow green speed. I'm a muni warrior!
  12. Interesting point. After the "fiasco" between my other two partners about whether playing what was already given to him, the guy that missed his initial tap in on later holes would get a gimmie from the group and said "Fine, but I want to move it and take a practice shot." There was no more confusion the rest of the afternoon.
  13. You're not wrong. I posted there last night. I just wanted to get opinions from those that may only be in one of the forums.
  14. While there is not an official rule in the game of golf for gimmies, when I golf with my buddies, we try to keep an accurate score by not taking mulligans or re-hitting a shot if we shank an approach shot. But we give each other gimmies within the leather for doubles or worse. Otherwise, we putt out bogeys, pars, and birdies. What would be your "ruling" of the following situation that happened the last time out with my playing partners: Player A got on the green at was putting for bogey. He rolled his putt to within 3 feet, so the rest of the group said "we'll give you that for 6."
  15. Thanks! I saw Callaway is also doing something similar. My local shop is a certified and renowned PING fitter, and they just re-opened for in-person fittings recently. I will definitely take advantage of these free fittings.
  16. I actually did the PING nFlight fitting a while back and was recommended into green dot i210s, and my local shop is a renowned PING fitter that just started doing in-person fittings again. My birthday is in September, so I will definitely be going in for a fitting and doing demoing before then. The last set of PING irons I had were some hand-me-down PING Zings (it seems I oddly have a thing for using dated clubs). Thanks!
  17. I have not heard of them, but I will definitely look more into it! Those do look damn good, and a full set for $550 sounds pretty good. Thank you!
  18. I currently game an old set of Titleist DCI 762 irons and am desperately looking to upgrade. I don’t need the absolute newest irons, but at least want a set made somewhat recently (at least in the last decade). I‘ve played off and on for a couple of years, but I’ve really been consistently playing a round or two every week since May. I am about a 12 handicap/usually shoot in the mid to high 80s. My current set is shafted with DG S300. I am looking for with my next irons to offer more distance and forgiveness like a GI iron, but maintains the look of a players' iron. Since my clubs are so dated
  19. DJ/Sacramento, California Unofficially a 12 handicap Currently game Titleist DCI 762 irons (3–PW) I would love to see/feel why these were the Most Wanted
  20. Hi everyone, My name is DJ, and I am looking forward to discussing tips, new equipment, and all other things golf in the forum. I have been playing golf on and off my whole life, but have only really started making it more of a hobby. I played baseball my whole life through college, and I was always told focusing on one would ruin my swing for the other. I would always use my dad's custom fit clubs when I would play or go to the range, but I am 6 inches taller than him. I wanted to get into golf and was able to find a used—and quite old—set of standard clubs for pretty cheap so I c
  21. DJ from Sacramento, CA I currently have a Vokey 200 series SW (54 degree), a Vokey SM 6 LW (60 degree), and my pitching wedge is from my set of Titleist 762 DCI irons (46 degrees). I would choose a 50 degree gap wedge.
  22. I am a former college baseball player and recent law school graduate. I live in Sacramento, CA and just started playing golf as my full-time hobby in January. I have played golf on and off my whole life, but only just started taking it more seriously (getting lessons, keeping track of my score, playing more regularly). I would say current handicap is about a 12. I usually shoot in the mid to high 80s. I used to just borrow my dad’s clubs which were custom fit Mizuno T-Zoid irons, but he’s only 5’6” and I’m 6’0”, so I had to get my own clubs. I bought and currently use Titlei
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