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  1. This is my first swing back after six weeks. Unfortunately, my body still has not healed (and the doctors have no idea what is wrong), and this will be my only swing for a little while longer. I would like your opinions on my swing. One thing that is causing me bad shots is my club head is going outside my ball before impact even though my plan is pretty good. It is caused by my hands coming in quicker than they should. Any drills/tips on this? Or anything else you see? Thanks! Swing Video:
  2. Thank you everyone!! Right now, they don't even think it is orthopedic related. They think it might be an appendix tumor. I'm going to try physical therapy, but if that does not do anything. I probably will end up with an exploratory laparoscopy.
  3. Unfortunately, my golf game has been put on hold by an injury. It started a month ago and became much worse with golf. It is in the area of my appendix; however, it is not appendicitis. I have seen four doctors and had an X-ray, ultrasound, bloodwork, CT Scan, and MRI with no results. I am rapidly approaching exploratory surgery. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for staying sharp while dealing with injury? I am able to move for small periods of time before extra pain hits. Right now, I am just putting, but was wondering if there is something any of you have done in the past that kept you sharp?
  4. Carter, Nashville, TN Vokey SM8 54* What I call the universal loft
  5. I'm a 3.1 handicap in Nashville, TN I play the Titleist T100 irons, and I hit my 8 iron around 160 yards I know they are a direct to consumer company but that is about it. I have read great reviews though!
  6. Carter Stroup - Nashville, TN No, I have not used any GPS golf device I currently use a Bushnell Pro XE
  7. Used to play, but I'm pretty sure playing goalie didn't help me a bit
  8. Well, I'm not saying it's magical. I am a 1.2 handicap, so I guess I'm talking about a .2 stroke difference which does matter when you play in competitive tournaments.
  9. One thing I have wanted to do for the last couple of years is learn to play the piano. I finally decided to buy a keyboard and learn. After taking a few lessons, I thought of something. Do you think that learning piano will help your golf game? I do, and let me tell you why. The amount of hand-eye coordination needed to read music, and play, is ridiculous, and the amount of left hand strength you need is more than you would think. By learning to use your left and right hands more independently, the hand-eye coordination, and the hand strength, I think it will (slightly) help my golf swing. What are your thoughts? Do you play piano? Do you think it helped you?
  10. Thank you. I would agree my other ideas (for school) were spinoffs. This one though is unique enough that I already have three investors behind me, and three coaches testing it. I was just looking for more coaches to test.
  11. Can yours allow you (if you wish) to enter your golf rounds for your coach to see? Also, this is focused on the coach mainly. I know for a fact neither of those services offer booking API integration. That will make a world of difference for your coach. I want this to be unique to golf, I know V1 is used for baseball as well. That is why I am asking golf coaches what would help make everything easier for them. The goal is to offer the student premium features while helping the coach stay organized.
  12. I'm still waiting on a logo from my graphics designer, but here is what the home dashboard looks like for the coach.
  13. Haha, many of my projects I've put on here in the past are for school. I am only in middle school, but that doesn't mean I can't sit in and participate in Microsoft and college classes. This one is not for school. It originated from my coach having many organization issues.
  14. Sadly, no. There is CoachNow which allows you to share notes and videos, but that is it. This will allow you to chat realtime, it will allow the coach to see your past scores (if you choose to enter them), it will manage the bookings through an API, and much more.
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