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  1. Hello everyone, I am struggling with a shallow AOA and a shallow downswing. My backswing is not shallow, but for some reason I shallow the shaft in the downswing. This causes thin and fat shots. I have tried everything you can think of, and since most people's problem is the opposite, I can't find much help online. I do have a swing coach, but he has been shutdown due to coronavirus. Any and all tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance. Here is my swing:
  2. With the COVID-19 virus cancelling all of my tournaments for the next six weeks, and with me closing on a web project, I figured it might be time to treat myself. Ever since I got my Scotty Cameron last year, I've wanted it customized. I feel it adds some personality to the putter. Before I spend a decent amount of money, I just wanted to see if any other Spies had experience with the Custom Shop, and if so, any tips or advice. Thanks!
  3. As for AI, I am using a custom dataset with Google Tenserflow.js. I am currently collecting swing data (I have about 2500 swings right now). It can diagnose and fix over 50 swing issues.
  4. Hey guys, I am continuing work on an online AI swing coach. I am making great progress and was wanting your opinion on pricing. Would you rather pay a subscription fee of $10/month for online swing lessons, AI swing coach, and online AI club fitting, or would you rather pay a one time fee of $5 for an online AI swing coach or AI club fitting? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I'm working on training an AI model for something that I believe will benefit many golfers. The hardest thing about this project is finding swings to input data for. So please tell me what your problem was/is, and what swing characteristic you had/have. Thanks! (The more data the better, share this around!) Examples of Problems: Hook Fat Shank Etc. Examples of characteristics: Fast Hips Over the Top Outside in path Shallow AOA Loss of posture Etc.
  6. I purchased a Skytrak almost a year ago and there have been NO updates since. I heard that they were working on calculating club data based on measured data points, but I haven't heard anything since. Does anyone know why Skytrak has fallen off the grid?
  7. This thing looks awesome! Thank you so much for writing this review for us to read. I have been looking at getting one of these to help me make sure I'm getting enough rest because school, golf, and workouts can take a toll on one!
  8. I have seen some members of the forum with badges under their profile picture. Some examples are "Broke 80" or "Donor." How do you get/add one to your profile?
  9. This is what I'm hoping for...maybe even a little more!
  10. Similar, but there are many things different: a) It is not a very modern design b) the text OCR input is not there c) no Ai d) it is VERY expensive Thank you for your comment!
  11. Yes and no. a) Yes, but it is also faster, (see above comment). b) Again, yes and no. It will help it be faster. You do not have to be lazy to want easier. c) Yes, you will be able to input those stats. Or you can keep some simple stats on your scorecard, and it will be able to scan your scorecard and grab the data it needs, and it will calculate the rest. Thank you for leaving a comment!
  12. Thank you for taking the time to write such a good response! I plan to allow you to input your Arcoss/ShotScope/GameGolf data into the system, or for faster input, I am working on being able to use text OCR to scan in you stats. It has been very promising so far. SG + AI; this is what the system uses to determine where how long suggested practice is for each area. The swing fault/fix idea I have had for a while. I think it is a pretty cool idea, especially for beginners. This will use some of the AI also.
  13. Great Question. I currently use Excel sheets. What that lacks is a few things. 1. Ease of use. In Excel, you have to go through and input every single stat, and you have to go through and try and find exactly where you need to improve versus having an easy-to-use graphical interface that tells how many strokes you are losing and gaining in each part of your game (Strokes Gained). 2. AI. Callaway has told you already, artificial intelligence is better and easier. It can compare your stats to other stats of people with your skill and your goals. It can take the amount of time you have to practice, and recommend how long you practice each thing for optimal performance. 3. It can help you identify swing issues. For instance, if it detects you are missing shots left, it may ask you if it is starting left or curving left. From this it can recommend articles or YouTube videos to help you with this. This is a great function for beginners. 4. I am going to restate the first difference, ease of use. With my very very early stages of this project I can input my stats 70% faster. Thank you for taking the time to ask a question!
  14. I agree that the market has already been created, but do any of them actually take into account your practice performance, playing performance, and time available to play? I agree with you that stats are not necessary. I am a 3 handicap myself and have just started using stats, but I am a numbers geek so.... You could argue that Arcoss has done this, but one thing I wish to improve upon Arcoss is affordability. Arcoss is $249, I hope to make my system sub $100. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to look at my idea and giving your opinion!
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