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  1. Carter, Nashville, TN I am a right-handed 18* Driving Iron - KBS Tour V Stiff, Backup: 18* Hybrid - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff +1.2 Long Iron
  2. I switched from Ping G700s to Titleist T100 a year ago. When I switched, my handicap was 8, and I was NOT a good ball striker. I was so tired of looking at a chunky club, I was willing to sacrifice forgiveness. At first, it was very frustrating hitting small mishits and seeing bad results, but the smaller club head gave me better feel of my mishit. For example, I could better feel if it was a toe shot, or fat shot. I credit this better feeling to my incredible improvement to a +1.5 handicap. Below are three questions I think you should answer before you make the jump, because it is a jump.
  3. Earlier this year just before Covid, I purchased an Amazon Basics golf net. It was ridiculously cheap, and if it was terrible, I was only out $70. It wasn't terrible though. I had a Rukket net for a long time before I got rid of it, and this net is practically the same thing for half the price. It handles all of my clubs, even driver. If you are looking for something affordable that isn't hard to store, I recommend it. It seems to have gone up in price to around $90 for some reason, but it's still cheaper than most. https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Portable-Driving-Practice-8-Foot
  4. I just recently took my 3 wood out of the bag for the first time ever. I had a gapping session that showed no significant difference between my 5 and 3 wood. I never struggled finding the middle, but I always hit it low. That was strange for many reasons including I hit my irons to the moon and back, and I don't have speed issues (106-108mph with driver). However, a twenty-handicap friend of mine hits his 3 wood the best out of all his clubs. In my opinion, it is different for everyone. When I was first learning, I always topped my 3 wood. I believe this is one of the reason's I nev
  5. Carter Nashville, TN Titleist TS3; 9.5*; Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Blue 60 +1.4 108mph TSi3 8.5*
  6. I just finished my first professional gapping session yesterday on Trackman with a temperature of 85*F and an elevation of 550'. I went to the course today and hit the ball extremely well, but I was 10-15 yards short all day of the yardages determined yesterday. The temperature today was 60*F so I expected 6-8 yards difference but not 10-15. Anyone else had a similar experience?
  7. Carter, Nashville, TN 2.0 Vokey SM8 in Jet Black finish I practice many hours a week on the range, and that will quickly wear the finish and grooves down. I feel with a raw wedge, the grooves would wear down less quickly, and the rust will make up for what is lost. I also like it because it has no sun glare.
  8. Has anyone ever had the idea to have a forum-wide golf tournament? You could have everyone play within a one week time period. Their lowest score from the week can be posted along with their handicap and course rating/slope in one thread similar to when posting for a reviewing opportunity. The lowest gross score could win something. Thoughts?
  9. If I hit 10 shots, about seven would go right at 175 yards. But then two-three shots will either be long or short. My coach and I are currently accrediting the shorter distance to recent swing changes. I just changed coaches to Brandt Snedeker's old coach so I've been seeing him for a few months. We are saying the longer distances are me growing and I will have extra spurts of muscle growth. This was one last look to make sure there was nothing else I could do. My dispersion is pretty good with a push miss.
  10. That's a great question. My MAIN issue is putting. I am currently working with a putting coach who has been on the PGA, Champions, and LPGA tour for 38 years. I am spending a majority of my time there. My next biggest issue is distance inconsistencies with my irons, not caused by bad contact. This is why I am exploring changing my backswing tempo. I came here to get opinions before I started because let's be honest, I don't want to waste my time. Take out everything swing mechanics for a minute, if you saw my swing on the range or something, would your first thought be that I have a fast
  11. I am trying to knock out any inconsistencies in my swing. I have noticed very few modern tour players with fast backswings. I do feel when I use super speed sticks, I am able to load more power into the ball when I take it back slower. I am a perfectionist, and that helps and kills me at the same time....
  12. Right now, I'm just working on getting my left hand knuckles turned down to get a little bit more control on the face. I have an insane amount of lag, so by turning my knuckles, it evens out the face and allows me to not worry about the face. Because of my skill level, I don't see my coach that often, and we've never brought up tempo before, but I'll probably bring it up in my next lesson.
  13. Please explain how a video does not show tempo? Tempo is the relationship from start to impact. The video shows that and shows the speed of the sequences. How would you go about showing or defining fast or slow without a video?
  14. This is my swing from a month or so ago. Tempo is the same, maybe slightly faster with longer clubs, but not much.
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