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  • Forum Member Recap: Indi Golf Wedges


    The Testing Opportunity

    As we have stated in previous Forum Member Reviews, MyGolfSpy Forum worked to involve, highlight and include several direct-to-consumer (DTC) and newer brands as part of the Member Testing Platform. INDI Golf was one of these companies. 

    For those unfamiliar with INDI Golf, they are a relatively new brand that specialize in putters and wedges. INDI Golf uniquely offers both conforming and non-conforming wedges. Other technology and options include their “Tractionface technology” and a “scoopback design” claiming added forgiveness along with three different models with various grinds. They have wedges that aim to work for every golfer at a competitive cost. 

    For this testing opportunity selected testers were virtually fit by INDI Golf and given a set of wedges to test and keep. Testers were limited to conforming wedges, but were also able to select stock shaft and grip options of their choosing. 

    A INDI Golf Virtual Fitting


    Here is what Tester RICHL85 had to say about his fitting:

    “We experienced what Indi golf calls a “virtual fitting” which is essentially a questionnaire to answer the basic things like what wedges we currently play, what shaft we play in irons, distance, course conditions and divot type. In my case, I play in pretty intermediate conditions and take a small or no divot…Overall, most of the decisions were pretty straightforward. We stuck with the same lofts I’m currently playing (50, 54, and 58), 1/2" long, 1 degree upright. To match up with my irons, we also stuck with the KBS wedge shaft option. Since I don’t have a particularly steep attack angle, we are going with the FLX head in the 50 and 54, but the ATK head for the 58 degree.”


    As for tester Willie T had this to say:

    “I get a call from Zane at Indi about doing the virtual fitting.  That was quick as I had sent my completed questionnaire along with a supplemental email to them the evening before…We get to talking about my game in a little more detail and I tell him about seeing Shiels' video.  Long story short after a couple of clarifications we come up with the following: 

    50, 54, 58deg FLX S grind w/10deg bounce w/Recoil F3 Regular 820 graphite shaft and conforming grooves, standard lie.“


    Tester Nunfa0 being a lefty had a bit less in terms of options, but was aptly fit into a INDI FLX S 52, 56, 60 combo with their progress grinds. The wedges came with the Dynamic Gold Spinner 115 Wedge shafts.  

    With the fittings done, orders placed it was time to hear what our testers thought of how the INDI Golf wedges looked and of course how they performed throughout testing. 

    H2: What Testers Said



    Tester RichL85 took note of a few things with the INDI wedges:

    “The first thing you notice with the Indi wedges are the grooves. It’s a unique look as most companies have gone to large grooves, whereas the Indi wedges have a lot more grooves, but they are thinner…The next visual aspect that jumps out is just the sheer thickness of the topline at the toe of the clubhead. This part is beveled off well so it’s not noticeable at address, but when you look at the clubs, there is a significant difference in the width of the clubhead at the toe when comparing near the hosel. The claim is that it adds weight to the toe, and moves the CG away from the hosel similar to how many companies use tungsten toe weights.“

    Willie T added to the aesthetics commentary stating:

    “For me, looks wise, the clubs exude class from top to bottom!  I love it when clubs are understated and look purposeful.  These wedges deliver that look and then some. My initial thoughts were that the full face grooves would be somewhat distracting. The opposite was/is true as they are actually very pleasing to my eye.  I found that the vertical edge of the grooves (hosel side) made a great reference to help “center” the ball on the face.”


    On Course Performance

    When it came to the on course performance there were similar positive reactions. However we also wanted testers to see if these wedges lived up to the “Kings of Spin” tag line INDI Golf uses. 

    Tester Bmart had applied strokes gained and a variety of data points during his testing period which resulted in these comments:

    “The consistency in distance on approach shots with the Indi wedges is their greatest strength in my opinion and was observed through indoor testing and on course. Poor strikes tended to drop spin which aided carry and rollout to arrive close to where a good strike would drop and stop. As someone who gets their money's worth by using the majority of the club face throughout the bag, these are a big benefit to my game within 100 yards. I am growing to enjoy the 60 FLX with low (8*) bounce and a wide flange as a specialty sand club…The wedges show minimal wear through close to 10 rounds and many practice sessions including bunker work to learn how to use them out of the sand which I consider another plus.”


    For RichL85 the answer to the spin question was easy:

    “Indi wins outright with lower launch angle as promised, and quite a bit more spin.” Adding “If a player wants to be able to spin a wedge, then Indi is definitely worth a look”

    However in BMarts testing and data it didn’t appear as conclusive:

    “I have not found anything to support their spin royalty claims as spin is comparable/lower to that of major OEMs but distance control and consistency on mishits appears to exceed.“

    The Final Verdict


    When testing was all finished we had our testers grade and state whether or not these wedges would replace their current set. With scores of 83,85,89 and 90 out of 100 it is safe to say they performed well overall for the group. Three of the four testers without question are keeping these as their new gamers and the fourth will have these in rotation with his other wedges. 

    The biggest knock in deductions came to some grind options and availability for left handed players. This is a factor we often see with smaller brands as they build out their lineup of golf clubs. 


    Wrapping up their reviews this is what each tester had to say.

    Willie T “For someone looking for a great wedge that is not flashy, that doesn’t bury you in a myriad of sole grinds, that is super reasonable in cost - the guys at INDI can be that one stop shop.“

    Bmart15 “I am 100% putting these wedges into play full time.  I don't think anyone would turn down an improvement of more than 1.5 shots/round due to an equipment change. The staff at Indi were very helpful discussing a gapping setup which also contributed to the improvement”

    RichL85 “While the court is still out on whether Indi is the undisputed King of Spin, they are putting out a very good offering that is making a serious attempt at that claim.”


    Nunfa0 “Will they be longer than my current set? Yes, they are longer but not crazy long.

    Are they as forgiving as Indi claims?  From what I have seen so far, yes they are.

    Can I manipulate the face for the little touch shots around the green? Absolutely yes!!

    Are these good wedges for chipping? Oh my word yes!! I think the forgiving nature of these beauties helps a lot with that.”

    To see the testers full reviews and data on the INDI Golf wedges go here: Indi Golf Wedge Full Reviews 













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