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  1. Willie Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green – Portable Mat with Auto Ball Return Function (from Amazon) Medium as I tend to switch between Muni and Semi-Private.
  2. Willie / New Bern Avg score: 100 Titleist 962 or Callaway Diablo Edge - depends on the day of the week...
  3. Willie - Bayboro, NC Cleveland CBX 54deg SW (would balance between the 50 & 58 I use in the CBX)
  4. 23 hdcp / New Bern, NC Titleist 692, 8i - 120yd Have heard much about them on MGS, but that’s about all.
  5. Gosh dang - I was hoping to see how it compares to the Garmon S20....good luck to the winners and looking forward to hearing it performs.
  6. Willie - North Carolina Yes - Garmin Approach S20 as well as Bushnell Range Finder Currently - 95% the Garmin, 5% the Bushnell (good for determining intermediate hazards as the Garmin only gives full distance to center of green). Would love to see how the SkyCaddie would do both.....
  7. This pretty much is how I have approached the driver, but I game a 44.5" driver. It is amazing how just one inch shorter shaft makes the club that much easier to hit. In my head? Or is it a reality? I don't hit it long so keeping it in the short grass as much as possible is the primary key.
  8. Willie / New Bern, NC A couple times a week about 15 min per session Three to four 3 putts per round on avg. New putter has seemed to lessen the frequency of these. Being able to really work on the stroke and get a real visual of the putt going in the hole. I believe this will help with timing and getting a good consistent putter rhythm happening.
  9. Why not? Like FootJoy stuff, so we'll see.
  10. Pretty much how I do it...however the older set I play from time to time (TA 845s from the late 1980's are marked with lofts on the faces). That was pretty much how I began to correlate loft w/distance. Fast forward to what I play most days - Callaway Diablo Edge irons which are a full club stronger than the old 845s and I just correlate, if I hit a 7 with the 845s, then the 8 with the Edges will be in the ball park. The real answer is that until everyone is told this is what "X-club" will be lofted at, with "_"stiffness, "_" torque, "_"kickpoint we will have variance in the industry. It is no different in any other industry - for example when I had a custom acoustic guitar built - I literally went through a guitar fitting: the body style, the type of wood for the top, back, sides, neck; the amount of inlays in the body, the neck, the headstock, the neck shape (to fit the hands), the size fret wire, the brand/style of tuners, whether I wanted on board electronics or not, special custom one-off inlays. Have known friends who filled out a custom order sheet for their new vehicle. Actually to me, jacking lofts is just a progression of manufacturing technologies - when the first steel shafted clubs arrived, the purists likely bemoaned the death of the hickory shafts; when the cast cavity backs arrived, the purists bemoaned the death of the forged blades; when the metalwoods arrived, the crying was heard for the death of the persimmon headed clubs, its all been a progression. Where will it stop? Likely never as there will be new materials, new ways to make irons (love the article on 3D printers printing in metal), woods, hybrids. Progress isn't always easy to accept and the purists in the sport will always bemoan what was, the forward lookers will be looking for what's next and the rest of us will still be in the middle enjoying an adult beverage or two engaged in banter about "no matter what club RickyBobby uses, he's gonna shank it in the pond on #9 every time!"
  11. Congrats to the testers. Will be looking forward to the reviews and seeing how TE stacks up.
  12. Recently picked this putter up off the Goodwill auction site for $15. Have been using a blade style Odyssey and wanted to try the mallet style. It needed a new grip, so put a Winn DriTac Med grip on it and went out for a round. There is something about this flatstick that I didn't have with the blade. The ball comes off much better and accuracy is way improved, with fewer pushes or pulls. In our recent best ball round, my flatstick was the one that either hitting the center of the cup or having the best leave. Now I know it comes down to more than the club as it is also about the person doing the swinging, but this putter seems to be the balance I need. I was thinking about Adam's comment on the most recent NPG episode and how in the "lab" he was the man and it was nowhere what real life is on the course. It just shows - that experimenting to find that right combo (yes, properly fitted is the major key) is what helps us find that better spot that gives us a better round.
  13. From about 75 in, its the 50* wedge especially if I am going over a bunker guarding the pin and there is not any room to roll out. My "home" course has smallish greens that beg for soft, tight landings. However if I am fairway coming in, 7-8-9 irons to get a roll happening. When its tight with elevated greens its the 58 all day. Much of my at home practice time is dedicated to bump and run style shots with all the wedges and higher lofted irons. Good discussion.
  14. Willie North Carolina Handicap 25 Current hybrids: Switch between Taylormade SLDR S 4h (22*) and Tour Edge Geomax Bazooka 3h(19*) and 4h(22") Love the many conditions you can use a hybrid and how well they let you hit. One of the most predictable and accurate clubs in the bag
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