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  1. That is one of the best synopsis moments of what the MGS mods are wanting to achieve. Community is created when all contribute on a regular basis, we learn each other's game - incl. strengths and weaknesses - and garner input in what works and what is pure fluff by the industry. As one who "recently" took up golf as a regular activity, this site along with the TST forum have been invaluable for learning where I should be looking in terms of gear and technique. Keep rocking the golf world MGS crew!
  2. Willie T

    Willie T

  3. Great idea as I have been on a number of forums over the years where all you had to do was sign in and you were a "full member". I am relatively new to the MGS site/forums and have basically worked at it from the "lurking viewpoint". I love the reviews and unbiased opinions you present. Hope to achieve full member status soon.
  4. Willie North Carolina 27 handicap Callaway Diablo Edge 125-130yds
  5. Golf is so subjective - talk to a pro and they need this or that for the course to be competitive, talk to a scratch amateur and they need something slightly different, then there is the weekender/weekly hack (like me) and they are just glad to be on the course. Is there an "ideal" course - never will be as long as different skill sets play the same holes albeit from different tee boxes. Granted growing the grass does make missed fairways tougher, added bunkers call for better shot placement, wild grass bunkers would be a challenge. Here's a wild thought. Maybe tell the pro's they cannot have a club lofted stronger than 15 degrees with a max of 10 clubs in the bag, with a maximum of 3 wedges (min loft 48deg, max loft 58deg), minimum of 2 metal woods (which includes the "15 deg driver"), balance of 4 irons of their choosing (no stronger than 20deg, no weaker than 44deg) and a 33" bullseye putter. Of course I am being very sarcastic in these specs so no flames please. The end result there will be no end result and we will continue to discuss it as it does make good watercooler talk.
  6. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Literally just got into playing golf over the past 18 mos and at age 60, I feel like I am finally playing a game that has always been in me. My score has improved quite a bit over this past season - started shooting 140-150 (true hacker) to most recent rounds have been between 110 and 105. A long way to go but love the fun of improving. What do you love about golf? It is a game of challenge that is never the same. How a hole plays today will be different tomorrow. Also there is nothing like that first par or birdie and knowing the magic happened. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I love the honest reporting and how the guys are up front about the sport. Its not about the big 4 so to speak but rather about who is doing a better job in terms of equipment. I am afraid I don't....then again being new here there may be a spy in the hood that I did not know was a spy. Where are you from? What is your home course? I am from the New Bern, NC area. If I have a home course is would be Minnesott Golf & Country Club. However, as I understand it, the course is up for sale so its future is going to be dependent on a new buyer and what kind of cash they are willing to invest. It is a good course that offers fun and challenges. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Having played only courses local to me - most are older designs that vary in quality of fairways, greens. All are semi-private therefore I have only that experience - there are some private courses that I would love try one day, but that remains to be seen. In eastern NC varying terrain is not the norm, some courses do offer great elevation changes but nothing like courses in mid- to western-NC. Looking forward to maybe playing a course or two in New England as our son recently transferred there (he's in the Navy). What do you do for a living? Pretty much retired, but in my former life I was in purchasing for a facility. If I had been smart I would have taken up golf then and enjoyed maybe a few rounds as a business type venture. How’d you pick your user name? Its just my name and nothing special.
  7. This makes sense as I "tried" for about half an hour along with online help from the folks at Dicks with no success. Still the nearest Dick's is almost an hour away, so for now I will wait to try this ball. Not worth the drive to save a few dollars on a dozen (or two) golf balls.
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