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  1. I recently scooped up 4 dozen of the Tour X and they have been great!
  2. Thanks! I'm sure that we will! I told the wife, I wish we had done this sooner. For sure. As soon as I rip out the dining room window and add my door and covered patio it will be great because we can open the door and hear the kids easily.
  3. Absolutely! It's just big enough for them to play and if they really want to swim we can go down to the community pool or the lake.
  4. Haha. Ole mustache! Hey I putted right handed for about a year or so because I couldn't find a center shafted putter in lefty. This was early 2000's and lefty clubs were far and few between.
  5. Yes sir! It may be a new favorite activity for the evening after the kids go to bed. It's big enough for them to splash and play at one end, and the wife and I can relax at the other end.
  6. 3 wood got replaced today with the Paradym TD 3 wood. Wedges are up for adoption. Everything else is safe. May decide to buy a Srixon driving iron but don't necessarily need it. Oh and another non need is wanting to try out a broomstick.
  7. We held out until brother got home from school.
  8. There are lots of things we "DON'T" need..... but..
  9. Yeah I just ordered one for my DF2.1. It was night and day just from the 10 min of putting around.
  10. Yes sir. I guess it has a 2* press but is the pistol grip. I really liked the feel
  11. Haha. I don't hold on to much and try to trade out anything I am not using. Not to mention we just installed a hot tub so I have a little grace currently.
  12. I have been wanting a new 3 wood for a while and was in my local PGASS and they had all their demo Paradym woods on sale. Same pricing that you can find them on CPO. Picked up the TD 3 wood and after trade was under $150.
  13. Ran into PGASS today and they actually had a left handed DF3. Much smaller than the DF2.1 but I really liked it. The new ball pickup worked great and I could see it being a great broomstick. I really liked the white textured press grip on it as well. I think I will be switching mine out to that on the DF2.1. It's smaller and less press than what I currently have.
  14. I'm a discount clothes shopper. I don't care about brand as much as I do comfort. I want good quality but not at $60-100. I'm in the $10-30 range and try buying at the lower end.
  15. Ones in school for the day so one is safe. My daughter however, I'm sure will be getting in at some point. We can't hold her off from water. Her name is Fathom (nautical) and both myself and FIL are charter captains so she's always been around it.
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