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  • Forum Recap: BagBoy ZTF Bag


    The Testing Opportunity


    Bag Boy has brought a new concept to the carry bag by adding removable pockets to allow the golfer to adjust its storage capacity. They called this the Bag Boy Zip-to-Fit, ZTF for short. 

    Here is how Bag Boy explains the ZTF: “Engineered to simplify the golfing experience, Zip-to-Fit™ functionality allows users to easily unzip and remove larger exterior pockets on the golf bag. This feature enables golfers to transform a traditional stand bag into a lightweight Sunday bag with ease and eliminates the need to own multiple golf bags.”.

    Key features include: 

    Two removable pockets to cater the bag to your round

    Four-way organizer top with full-length individual dividers

    Swivel clip attachment system for easy shoulder-strap separation

    Top-Lok ® technology, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system

    MyGolfSpy wanted four testers to test, review and keep the Bag Boy ZTF bag and let us know how it performed.

    What Testers Said


    As soon as the bags landed on their doorsteps, testing started and the first impressions started rolling in.

    Tester OdinSnipes414 was impressed out of the gate: “The ZTF bag Is definitely a beautiful-looking bag.  The zipper-teeth size and the metal badge in the middle of the bag really draw the eye. The material used on the bag is very waterproof and durable.  The ZTF feature on the bag grew on me. Compared to the Sunday bag it has more pockets and holds all 14 clubs.”

    Tester HeathS16 took a deeper dive into the key features of the Bag Boy ZTF bag. 

    “1. Zip-to-Fit Pockets: This is the flagship innovation for the Bag Boy ZTF stand bag. At first glance this feature is simply a way to make a golf bag lighter and smaller but after Bag Boy announced the sale of custom pockets I can see it is a way for golfers to continue to customize their bags with some very cool designs. These easy to attach and easy to remove pockets really do impact the bag's profile and weight. This feature was especially useful when traveling. My four-day golf trip involved walking the Mountain Top Course at Big Cedar 3 times and being able to remove excess weight proved VERY beneficial.


    2. Top-Lok: The Top -Lok system worked very well.  As mentioned I use a push cart quite often and found that this bag fits perfectly and securely into my CaddyTek push cart.

    3. Sliding Shoulder Straps: The bag straps are clipped on and easily removed. The shoulder strap also slides easily to adjust to your shoulders and make an easy fit.”

    First impressions were solid but the real test was how these bags performed on the course.

    What Testers Said: On Course


    Carter18 had a few pros and cons.. 

    “The bag is lighter than other bags in the category and the kickstand works well when carrying. It is designed to ride well on push carts and I had limited issues when using a riding cart. While the bag does have a water bottle pocket, it is on the small side and not user friendly when using a larger water bottle. I drink a ton of water on the course. The additional time it takes to get a large bottle in and out during a round led me to take a star here.”


    MrBandit noted an unusual and its intended function. 

    “It fits just fine in the drive cart. Since it was smaller there was no issue with another bag in the cart. Getting clubs in and out was as expected easy enough, again this is more of a preference how you want to divide your clubs in the 4 slots, I have mine with woods in the back, irons in the middle and putter and wedges in the front. Preferred the individual club slots but we are just splitting hairs.


    One small feature that is overlooked is that there is Velcro spot for your glove for during or after the round you can just hang your glove there.“

    Tester Carter18  did have part of the bag clips break. However, this was quickly remedied by Bag Boy’s customer service. 

    The Final Verdict


    Overall, the Bag Boy ZTF received scores between 24 and 26 out of 30 from our testers.

    All of our testers said the bag would be going into their rotation, whether as their main bag or a Sunday bag with the pockets removed..

    Tester HeathS16: “The Bag Boy ZTF stand bag is a solid option for those looking for a do-it-all setup.  You can carry, ride or push and customize the profile and weight of your bag easily.  With Bag Boy's release of custom panels you can even change your pockets out for a new fresh look whenever you would like. The only shortcomings of this bag lie in the strap system and the lack of a larger water bottle pocket. Overall, I would recommend the Bag Boy ZTF to a golfer looking to walk more and who wants some versatility with their bag setup.” 

    Tester OdinSnipes414: “Overall this bag holds up to claims to be a multi-purpose bag with zip-off pockets to make it easy to use. It is lightweight, the straps move easily, the pockets are easily removable and the material is very durable. The legs strap into place for easy push-cart use. If you walk this is a very good bag to use. Decent pocket space ideal for the minimalist golfer. Travels well and the rain fly is easy to use. Pocket removal is easy and doesn't take much time at all. The lack of a cooler and a smaller water bottle holder is really the only downfall.“

    Tester Carter18: “Bag Boy has provided a unique entry into the 4-divider light carry bag division. The Zip to Fit pockets add an interesting wrinkle and provide options when determining what to take to the range vs. playing 9, 18, etc. in either casual or competitive rounds. The aesthetic of the bag is spot on and assimilates into the arsenal of any level of player…The material used in the shoulder strap release system appears to be a weak point in its current iteration. With the removable pockets loaded down, the zipper will occasionally move if not properly seated in installation. All of the reputed features work as advertised and I would recommend the ZTF version of the Bag Boy bag especially if you already use a Bag Boy push cart.”

    To read their full reviews and all the details our testers shared, go to the complete write-ups HERE.




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    8 hours ago, jdparker said:

    Great recap and interesting concept. The versatility of it could be very handy.

    It really is a nice bag! Mine got a big cut in the front not sure if it was me tossing a club at it or if it was the pointy part of my grove brush but that didn’t stop it! Also like the hidden zipper leading to the bottom of the bag that the grips sit in! Incase balls tees or keys fall in the bag!

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