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  1. The S62 got me to move away from Rangefinder and phone setup, I found everything was getting a little clunky with my routines Check phone app for yardage off the tee, click track club, get to ball, choose what I hit, check yardage on phone to bunkers, front middle and back, pull out range finder, see yardage to the pin (Which then auto puts me in hit it at the pin mode) hit shot, chip and putt, put scores in on my phone, repeat. The watch has allowed me to trust the process and not go pinseeking, I am habitually looking at bunker yardages at a glance and front middle back easily. If
  2. SRL

    JPX 921's

    Just picked up my Mizuno 919 Tours for an absolute steal, still fully custom fit had some credit with my course pro shop and after a bit of negotiation between the head pro and mizuno sales rep. I didn't feel as upset as I thought I might seeing these....
  3. Buy it yourself, other half tried to cheap out with the watch for my birthday after specifically stating make and model. After this, I realised golf related presents weren't for me.
  4. I have played both sides of this, prefer a pitching wedge to match my iron set, due to durability more than anything 4 wedges every couple of seasons gets expensive, when I switch Irons every 2 years. I don't tend to use a PW around the greens and don't tend to punch a half PW into a green either. Looks from the replies and a general view of the tour that this is a 50/50 thing?
  5. I like Morikawa or someone of a similar nature and also fancy Finau to go for it finally. The rhetoric is pointing towards it, hope he can prove people wrong.
  6. Hi All, New here! From the UK, play off 4.3 and my local course is Bowood in Wiltshire. Looking forward to getting involved in a great community And also posting my WITB at some point!
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