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  1. I was thinking that to beat that I was going to hit the cart path downhill and just let it roll, one of my playing partners has done that before, ended up with 340 yards of the tee, he chucked the chip off the green twice then 3 putted.
  2. @fixyurdivot it definitely looks closer from this angle, @RoverRick posted a very close one too. I am taking a measuring tape with me Sunday.
  3. Well Taylor meadows have a par 5, 12th, that I can reach in two, if I get both shots just right, as well as one reachable par four from the tee, the 10, and two par 3s, the 11th and 17th. With the rest of my game, I have a chance to catch him up, if I eagle 10, and 12, HIO on 11 and 17, play bogey golf for the other 5 holes, and you have me with a very comfortable 3 under for the back 9. Very easy , improbably, but not impossible. Time to call all of the favors I am owed by the friends and family in Brazil who are involved in black magic.
  4. This was a case where the size was taken in consideration before anything else
  5. I have not won from the Rock bottom golf yet, I have won on the past from Golfsmith when they were around, and Titleist recently as well as second swing.
  6. Sure you can. I was born and raised in Brazil, I didn't come to live in America until I was on my 20s. I never ever had a golf club on my hands until I was on my early 30s. Growing up in Brazil, golf was non-existent, Soccer was and still is the main sport, where all of the hopes and dreams are made for young man all over the country. I was never good at it, so I played goalie. When I came to America I could not identify my self with any of the sports here, I don't have the balance to be able to ice skate for hokey, very bad aiming to be able to play basketball, got bored out of my mind with baseball, I was okay with football, I am a big guy and can hit people. So for many years, I did not follow any sports. however, after I was married and had a son, I accidentally turn to the golf channel. They were showing a piece about Tiger Woods and his swing. that must have been 2008 or so, for some odd reason, it got me thinking of golf, I knew nothing about golf then, and it stayed like that for a couple of years So my wife bought me a PS3 with the move system and the Tiger Woods PGA game about 2010. I honestly started playing with no really big interest. however, the more I played it, the more I felt like I wanted to go out and try the real thing. Later that year, I bought my first golf set, a "complete" set from Fanthom from K Mart, I found out, that one of my coworkers also played golf, so we decided to go out together so I could learn. I have had the Golf bug ever since. I know it is not an amazing beginning with playing golf, but it was my beginning. I play on the summer league at my work and on the weekends, and really enjoy the sport.
  7. ENTER TO WIN WHAT JUSTIN THOMAS WORE AT THE WGC-FEDEX ST. JUDE INVITATIONAL https://www.footjoy.com/fjwyw-entry-form.html
  8. Nine is the very least, working from home, with a Sim, I probably could do 9 in the morning, 9 at lunch time, 9 after work and maybe another 9 before bed.
  9. I would love to have a simulator at home, play at least 9 holes on it every day.
  10. I am hitting the gym and aiming for the car path, I want to climb the distance charts, I picked up 20 yards of distance in average this weekend, 235, the longest of the tee with the driver was 241. I am coming to my 2012-2013 form where I averaged 280 of the tee, and bombed some well past 320.
  11. So if I am calculating this right, with my normal 18 every week, if I keep on playing with the velocity and maybe some variations of the hard rocks, I will have 11, 9 holes rounds on the contest, 3 already in, and 8 to go, I might not win it, but I got a great chance to get most rounds in.
  12. Just curious. I do play a lot in the winter when it is impossible to try to swing an club here in Michigan and not get frostbite.
  13. I love her, even if I spend the rest of my life getting socks and clothes that are too small as gifts.
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