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  1. I'm willing to deal Howard, fournette and Mostert, make an offer.
  2. So, we have the first postponed game. Is there any guidelines if any games are canceled?
  3. What about Vanity license plates. As we are very fortunate here in Michigan and only required to have rear plates on our cars, I would love to have a MGS vanity plate if ever offered to replaced my stolen Dallas Cowboys one. Whoever stole it, was in a hurry, as the broke it off from the bracket. They were eagles fans, I bet.
  4. I need to get me one of those sous vide machines, low and slow for a long time, than a kiss of smoke to finish it up, I bet beef ribs would come out great.
  5. She loves Brazilian churrasco, so there is not much of a debate, but I do like Texas BBQ too, in matter of fact I would love some brisket for lunch just about now.
  6. I am Brazilian by birth, my wife is a Texan, and I love me some cowboy boots. I got my cowboy hats hanging on the wall of the living room too. It is just hard to find boots on my size, even wide on most brands it is not wide enough for my feet sometimes
  7. I have flat feet, I mean my feet are like duck feet, so I usually can get away with wide size 12, maybe 11 1/2 on some brands, for the Pumas the 12 1/2 on the medium were perfect, maybe if they had wide available, when I tried at the store, they only had mediums. For most shoes I just got to go very wide, hence why it is so hard for me to get cowboy boots. I am going to dicks sporting goods later and see if they have this ones in 11 1/2 medium and try to squeeze into them. https://www.2ndswing.com/pv-1438025593-new-mens-golf-shoe-puma-ignite-pwradapt-leather-medium-115-black-msrp-150-190851-02.aspx
  8. That is a good deal, I tried Puma's at the golf shot before, I need about 1/2 size bigger on their shoes to comfortable fit me. I might have to cut off a toe or two here to make this work.
  9. Thank you for your service, I am excited to see how the putting matt will help you and the other reviewers improve over the off months.
  10. Thank you for the advise, I did sent a PM to the commissioners too. I know that we are all gentlemen and everyone would leave them alone so I could pick up on waivers.
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