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  1. Hello there friends, good morning. Low 60s to start today, it is a good reminder that fall starts tomorrow and winter is coming next. I hope everyone has a great day.
  2. I do not miss those long nights when the kids forgot to sleep. I hope that you guys are able to take a nice long nap later on buddy.
  3. Hello friends, good morning and happy Wednesday. I hope everyone has a fantastic day.
  4. I have been using a net without anything for awhile, and the difference is striking, without the MLMPRO, all I got is if the shot sounded right or not, but those few feet and fraction of a second from leaving the clubface and hitting the net, were never enough to get any real information on how that should would have ended up in the course. Now I get that instant feedback, of the distance, shape and all of the other great metrics the unit has to offer, it is a truly much more informative and rewarding experience, and as a bonus, even in the range I am keeping my head down more even after impact, and I do not feel I need to rush and view where my shot went.
  5. In the range yes, my sessions have been accurate. and during course play, I did not reset the unit for every shot, so it track as the first hole set up, I was sitting by the starters hut when I set up on the course.
  6. 1 - No issues with heating up, I used in the range with direct sunlight, the entire session was just about an hour and half, and no issues at all. As for my back yard there is not direct sun on the unit, so no issue there either. 2- Yes when setting it up you need to pick a direction to hit, but it is very simple and fast. These two screen caps are right now from home. The second week of school has gotten everyone sick at home, I am starting to feel better and will try to run the combine and simulation features soon.
  7. Hello there friends. Good morning and happy Tuesday to everyone.
  8. Hello there friends, good morning and happy Monday. The beginning of the work week is always difficult, I hope everyone have a great day and a safe happy week.
  9. The metrics you can get have a launch angle and descent angle.
  10. Hello friends, good morning everyone and a very happy Sunday. Some breakfast and F1 to start, then some grocery shopping. And finally football to end the day. Go cowboys.
  11. Hello there friends. Good morning on this lazy Saturday. The next few days will be great weather here in Michigan, and today is just perfect. I hope everyone is having a great day and weekend.
  12. Coming to you live from Taylor Meadows golf course. Hello friends, good morning.
  13. I am so sorry to hear that, I hope everything gets straighten out soon.
  14. Hello friends good morning. I think I found my new coffee shop. Also Happy Thursday everyone
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