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  1. It is creeping up, how high can it go?
  2. Enter To Win Rock Bottom Golf's TaylorMade Sim 2 Giveaway! Enter To Win Rock Bottom Golf's TaylorMade Sim 2 Giveaway! Enter our TaylorMade Giveaway and score clubs #PlayedByTheBest! Be sure to ENTER DAILY and SHARE to earn +5 BONUS ENTRIES for each referral to increase your chances! Grand Prize: TaylorMade SIM2 Driver 2nd Prize: TaylorMade SIM2 Rescue 3rd Prize: 3 Dozen TP5 Balls (winners choice of TP5 or X) Enter below https://woobox.com/y7zd9b/nxd4sx
  3. @GolfSpy_APH @B.Boston @GregB135 @IDontGiveAchuck Congrats gents
  4. The trade deadline has passed and the Olympics are on, so this threat is on a hiatus right now I guess.
  5. I am all win, and sign me up for the clown league too. How much was a Mark Sanchez butt fumble worth on the circus league?
  6. Hi everyone my name is Rob and I have a golf club hoarding addiction. Seriously those sticks are way too beautiful.
  7. I just realized that the signup cutoff date is my birthday, so it is either a good sign or that I am doomed, either way fingers crossed
  8. Make sure you are also signing up with the button at the top of the page on the right.
  9. This is a big one, awesome from MGS and Titleist for collaborating on this testing. Have been fitted for the previous T300 line, I would love to test those bad boys. Good luck to all who apply.
  10. The looks of those clubs keep on looking better and better.
  11. So I was cleaning my inbox here and just noticed that out of the 47 conversations I deleted 42 were with different owners here regarding golf trades. I guess I talked a lot trades, just did not made as many as @blackngold_blood
  12. You asked a valid question and we got clarification of what the process of evaluation and reversion of the drops was, I do not think that you have anything to apologize for Rev.
  13. Congrats gents @KCLeo12 @Berg Ryman @jddaigneault @TxTwinDad+2
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