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  1. It really does not matter to me, I am just happy to be out there slicing and hooking that ball.
  2. That is funny, I hope it gets the Depp/Heard coverage with a lot of TV cameras in there so we can all watch it.
  3. Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone.
  4. Regardless of the format, I'm game to join the fantasy football league again.
  5. Lets give it a try here. I am in between the King Forget Tec One Lenght irons And The Forget tec Irons. I have always played the regular irons and have really been interested on the OL irons, due to the possibility of simplifying my set up and swing. I do think that Cobra has come a long ways and I would be very excited to see how their Irons play for my game. I live in Southgate, Michigan. I am currently playing the PXG 0211 DC I am playing at a 18 handicap. Heck yeah, I will participate in those discussions about the irons.
  6. Hello Friends, I am sorry for not updating this sheet in a couple of weeks, but I needed to take some time off from the computer. I have updated, MGS Golf Fantasy trade chart 2022 V1.1 Best of luck to all and happy trading.
  7. IG has already warned me this morning, for tagging a lot for the US open giveaways. So please lets not lock up this one Bryan.
  8. OMG, @GolfSpy_APH Jamie, you are kidding me, Thank you, this is awesome. I will change my name back later today
  9. Another awesome major week is here. I love the US open. Here is our weekly trade sheet update. MGS Golf Fantasy trade chart 2022 V1.1 Happy Trading folks
  10. I do get that they wanted to get him back on the track as soon as possible, but yeah, if that wing breaks off it could cause a whole lot of damage to other drivers. I would think that when they have a component failure like the wing failing, they would need to replace it, before the car is back running. It just made no sense.
  11. That was an absolutely crazy thing, I dont recall seeing duck tape being used before, also it sucked for him that he could no longer use DRS for the race
  12. I have no love lost for Reed, BAD is a different story as I think he is great for the PGA. Still the fact that the LVI is getting more and more top tier players signed up, is making it very interesting.
  13. Fingers crossed again Maybe 2023 is my year...
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