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  1. Lando Lando Lando I know it was a very diferent grand prix, but what a huge win for McLaren and Lando. Too bad Piastri got screwed, but damn those McLarens are looking good.
  2. Takomo irons are great. I won a set last year and have been enjoying them ever since. I have favorited them over my pxgs. The price point is really attractive too, as for a much better price, you can enjoy some great clubs. They indeed have some fantastic looks and top notch performance.
  3. The pick itself aint bad, I am just scratching my head with the financials for the Falcons. They are giving a lot of money to Cousins for the next couple of years with a no trade clause, that makes no sense to me, but I am not a NFL manager. I honestly rather see Penix play than Cousins, but that is my biased opinion of not liking Cousins.
  4. Hello friends, happy Friday to everyone. I hope that everyone in enjoying the NFL draft. It is right on my backyard, but I honestly do not want to go be in downtown Detroit right now. Is there any Falcons fans that can educate me on their first round pick? Have a great weekend everyone, mine should start great, we got a round tomorrow morning, so I am excited.
  5. Good morning Friends, I hope everyone is doing well today, and having a great week so far.
  6. A lot of the testing posts specifically for clubs, will say if they are right handed only or not. The same thing for geographical limitations. It is not something that MGS chooses or dictates, those limitations come directly from the oem. With my previous experiences, all testing items are new. So it would be the same you would get from a store if you purchase it new. So as a left handed, you can definitely test clubs where the oem offers left handed sets.
  7. Hello Friends, Good morning to everyone.
  8. Congrats testers @Berg Ryman@EasyPutter@JAYER38 @TylorJudd@RickM71
  9. Good morning friends. I hope everyone have a great week.
  10. It looks great, and ouch for your fingertips, I hate those Allen keys, I try using my drill as much as I can, I even go as far as cutting Allen keys into bits to use with my drill, if I don't have the same size already.
  11. Welcome to the MGS family. I can see that you are pretty new here. Being picked is not the luck of the draw or favoritism, it takes participation in the forum. More than anything testing opportunities are given to members who can reliability deliver an unbiased feedback and honest review, by just applying for a testing opportunity, you are not giving the mods any information on how passionate you might be, nor if you will follow through with a good review. A lot of people come here to seek information and recommendations for everything from golf clubs, apparel technology and many more topics. More important than any testing here, it is the community, the people who you connect virtually and end up becoming friends, some you end up meeting in real life too. Now you need to remember, the mods will use a lot of data to help narrow down the list of potential testers, participation being one of the driving metrics. If you just give it a try and keep participating, sooner than later you will seriously be considered for some testing. On the meantime enjoy the forum and have fun.
  12. The sprint was a lot more exciting than I expected. I am amazed how Lewis held on to second. Too bad for Norris, but overall it was good seeing some fighting between the couple of first cars.
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