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  1. A list of wedges too long to list. Mizuno, Scratch, Taylormade, etc., etc. Having better luck with the CBX wedges which seem to be about as idiot proof (me being the idiot) as I've been able to find.
  2. Can I assume that you're interested in circumference of each grip? If so I've got a sinkfit on a putter I can measure and probably have some sort of Superstroke around here somewhere I can measure as well.
  3. If it were me (and I know it's not...) I'd focus on actual performance on the course and not get too distracted with the supposed "specs" of the clubs involved. If your approach shot doesn't have the proper descent angle that's the issue regardless of whether the manufacturer says it's a 27, 28, 29, or 30 degree loft on the club. Offset, CG, etc. all also factor into how a particular iron is going to perform as well. Ball position, the amount of shaft lean your stroke imparts, heck even the ball you're using are all part of the performance equation. Any reason you can't have one of your clubs loft adjusted by a degree or two to see what impact that has? I'm sure PXG would be quick to tell you how much, if at all, your set of irons could be adjusted. Good luck with your experimentation.
  4. A group of friends head up to the Island Resort and Casino in Harris, MI, in the UP early every July. We play Sweetgrass at the resort the first afternoon, head over to Iron Mountain to play Timberstone the second day, head up to Marquette to play Greywalls the third day, cap it off with another round at Sweetgrass the final morning and are home for dinner. The nicest part? Four rounds of golf, three nights in the hotel and the total cost is around $525 per player based on double occupancy. It's almost like they're paying us to golf... As to golf in Wisconsin? Season is generally April to early December. Several courses have been open this week due to a very mild stretch of weather; it's been in the 50's for a high for several days. Herb Kohler has given us Blackwolf Run, the Irish Course, Whistling Straights, etc. We have Erin Hills. Mid-state we have Sand Valley. Like anywhere else there are a lot of "hidden gems" as well. Mascoutin, Old Hickory, Lawsonia, the Bull, Hawks View, Morningstar, the list goes on. The Greater Milwaukee Open used to be played at Brown Deer, a public course in the Milwaukee area. For $50 one can buy a discount coupon book from Midwest Golfing magazine. Includes several free rounds or "pay for cart only". For another $50 the "Wisconsin Golf Classic" offers you a choice of 10 courses from participating venues that offer "2 for 1" or a free round if you pay for a cart, etc. In short Wisconsin has a LOT of golfers, a LOT of great courses, and remains a very affordable destination where you can play your brains out, enjoy a choice of great beers, good food, and friendly folks. No, I don't work for the tourism department in either Wisconsin or the UP of Michigan...
  5. My belief is that trade-in values are always very low compared to the resale value of any particular club. Not sure that Miura is significantly worse outside the fact that they're not a "household name" the way US brands are. Perhaps bite the bullet and sell them yourself on ebay or facebook marketplace? Yes it's more work but could net you 3-4 times what you were offered. Heck, the shafts are likely worth more than you were offered for the set of clubs.
  6. Looking forward to seeing your reviews and results, testers. Enjoy the experience.
  7. Got mine ordered. I'll be interested, assuming they're going to have the MGS patch, how many people recognize it and comment on it. Could be a good ice breaker. Thanks for organizing this. The best news is that I'm old enough to forget what I just did so I'll be delighted when I open the package in May and say, "Hey! I forgot all about these!"
  8. I ordered the wrap around "strap/magnet" suggested earlier in the thread. If that isn't the answer this certainly would be. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it.
  9. Thoroughly enjoyable, thoughtful, useful, and entertaining thread. Thanks to everyone who contributed. One wonders if they offer a discount on returned shafts, like a 1 or 2 dot model.
  10. I lucked in to a LAB Link.1 that plays at a bit over 33", stock steel shaft. It's still winter here in Wisconsin so working on my clubs and speculating, along with reading here, are my pastimes until things warm up and green up a bit. My thoughts have turned to perhaps adding a KBS GPS shaft, leaving it over length and adding one of the longer length Garsen non-tapered grips. I'm envisioning a variation on the over length Jailbird putters that seem to be working for a lot of people with the added technological advantages of the LAB putters. I look forward to your comments, pro or con. And mods if this needs to be in a different location please feel free to relocate it, I wasn't sure where it would best fit the forum.
  11. Give 'em hell, guys. Looking forward to your results particularly given the nice wide range of handicaps. Have fun!
  12. The darned thing doesn't have a magnet to attach it to the cart. My question is whether anyone has come up with a good way to add some sort of magnet to one of these that they're happy with from a functional perspective? I'm not horribly concerned with looks, I just want to have it handy and not bouncing around in the front compartment of the cart. Thanks in advance for any guidance/experiences you can share.
  13. I'm in, thanks for the opportunity.
  14. I don't play my wedges, my wedges play me. Probably the worst part of my game after my atrocious driving distance. I'm using Cleveland CBX wedges in 54 and 58 degree lofts. And I have one of those Callaway 'Sure Out' 56 degree sand wedges with the totally huge bottom flange. Even with that the guys I golf with realize that no one, and I mean no one, is safe in any location when I'm about to have a spasm shot from a bunker. Nothing about my wedge game is "pretty", not pretty at all.
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