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  1. Oops, my bad. Your machine is one where the butt end goes under the square bracket and the shaft rests on the bracket with the cutout "U" on the other end. Then slide the weight underneath until the scale is "in balance" which should be indicated at the end of the scale and read the swing weight on the bottom scale.
  2. From what I can see from the photo it looks complete. I'm assuming there's some sort of sliding weight under the beam that you move back and forth to get things to "balance out"? You put the gripped club, butt first, into the square opening at the end and slide the movable weight to read the swingweight. The channel that runs across the top of the square beam is where you'd put a shaft, a club, whatever to measure its static weight. But that won't be necessary since you seem to have a gram scale in among the equipment you salvaged..
  3. Jack Nicklaus used what I believe was called the ZT High Response putter in the 1986 Master's win. Insanely high CG. I've got one sitting around here somewhere. So depending on your design it should be pretty straightforward when you submit the design for consideration; they've seen the concept and seen in proven almost 40 years ago. Good luck with the design.
  4. As a newer member compared to those posting in this thread I can attest to that. I've made a few threads but unless it's clear cut subject, say it's about a putter, I'm baffled at where the best place to start a thread might be. Which makes me hesitant to appear stupid which makes me self-edit, which makes me shut up. Which I shall do right now...
  5. Hit the range today, which given it was in the 90's and humid might not have been the smartest move but hey, when you're after something you do what you have to do, right? The backswing isn't, as I figured out today, my biggest problem. It's clearing my right hip on the way down that's messing me up. Hence I developed this move where I jerk my left elbow back, if that makes sense, in order to create a path for the club head to the ball. The longer the club the bigger the issue; I was hitting an 8 iron really well (for me) on a very repeatable basis. Hell, I even played around with my 7 iron instead of the 7 hybrid I normally use; again with very positive results. So it's back to the range tomorrow before it gets too toasty to work on trying to get the hips into the swing and lose the "jerk" move.
  6. Played a round today. Weather was fantastic and I was with three friends who I'd describe as "the ideal group", everyone gets along, everyone is friendly, nobody has an "attitude". Weird day. I seemed to blank on what I was trying to do for most of the round. By the same token I was really focused. Distance wasn't what I was hoping for off the tee but the rest of the round was, for me, above average. Shot a 47 on the front, eh, caught fire (for me anyway) on the back nine and carded a 41. No three putts, holed a par saver from the fringe on a testy par 5. Six one putts. Chips and pitches were, for some reason, pretty good. Back to the range tomorrow to try and build some muscle memory. All in all a good day, and certainly an enjoyable one with the guys I was with.
  7. Went to the range this morning before the temperature reached 90 again. Much easier to practice the new moves on the range, for me at least, compared to trying to do it while playing on a course. Trying to reduce 4-5 ideas/concepts from the lesson into one or two thoughts as I prepare to execute a stroke. Too many swing thoughts tend to be overwhelming for me and nothing useful happens. Session went well, ended up hitting a bunch of 8 iron shots toward the end of the bucket of balls and the trajectory was much higher than the old swing produced and probably an average of 12-15 yards longer as well. Playing tomorrow so I'll see if today's practice translates into a more consistent level of performance and improvement.
  8. Played a course a bit southwest of Milwaukee today, place called The Broadlands. Long story short (pun somewhat intended), I did something I haven't done in at least ten years. Hit three drives that measured 220, 205, and 200 respectively. Hit three others not quite as long but, for me, they were in the respectable category. I didn't find it easy to concentrate on what I was trying to accomplish with the swing; lighten up the grip pressure, swing more upright than I have been, let the wrists roll, don't cast the club, etc. while at the same time keeping in mind what I was trying to accomplish with the shot. Gonna head to the range tomorrow so I can focus solely on the mechanical issues and try to develop some muscle memory/"feel" for what I'm supposed to be doing. The other thing that surprised the hell out of me today was that I was actually a wee bit over the green, in two, on two different holes that measured just over 350 yards from the yellow tees. Haven't had those two decent shots on the same hole in I don't know how long, let alone do it twice in the same round. In short while it was a really hot day here (94 degrees by the time we finished), it was fun and there was enough "transfer" from the lesson to the course to offer me some encouragement.
  9. I'm pushing 72. As in years, not average score. My idol, once upon a time, was Corey Pavin so you have an idea of my general size. Never a long hitter of the ball, time and age have caused me to move up to the yellow tees (if it comes down to the most forward set of tees I'm givin' it up )pride won't let me consider that move). Even with that move up I remain the guy in the instructional pages at the back of the magazines described as "you hit the ball straight but a lack of distance puts pressure on your game..." Yeah, that's me, to a "t" unfortunately. I inquired about lessons at the course I play most often and booked a lesson for early this afternoon. Arrived early and was encouraged to warm up in one of the indoor bays with the trackman turned on so I could see the numbers. My goal, and it's humbling to put it in print, was to see if I could get my drives to carry 175-180. That's not a typo, the first number is in fact a 1... Hit some balls, they were Pro V1's so I was confident the numbers weren't being influenced one way or the other by the use of range balls. I was glad I was alone. Average clubhead speed was a whopping 69.8 mph. I seriously considered paying for the lesson, packing the bag, heading home and reading up on Pickle Ball or Cornhole. The internal dialogue was along the lines of "I knew things were bad but damn it, Bob, this is humiliating, embarrassing, ridiculous, and pathetic. What the hell are you doing here???" Yeah, I'm good at personal pep talks. And then Pete was there. "Ready to go?", he asked. I know understand, intimately, what a deer feels like when caught in a vehicle's headlights. Except I was hoping the impact would happen and the misery would end. I've known Pete for many, many years, fortunately. "I'm game if you are, but you can end this any time you want if it's a waste of your time, ok?", I said. He watched me take a few swings and asked me if I'd ever seen my swing on video. "No, I stopped watching horror movies a few years ago", I offered. I was right, seeing my swing on video was what nightmares were made of. If you've ever watched Seinfeld and watched Elaine "dance" you'll have an idea of what I saw when I looked at the video. Flatter than the proverbial pancake, hands choking the grip as though the butt of the club was a cobra intent on ending my life. What I saw bore absolutely no resemblance to what my mind was telling me I was doing while swinging the club. None, zero, zip, nada. I guess the good news, if there is such a thing in this situation, is that things were so execrable to start with that any suggestion that "stuck" was bound to be beneficial. By the end of the half hour (it only seemed like eternity) club head speed was up to 75-76 mph and I was starting to get the "feel" of the changes I need to make. More importantly? Pete was clear, factual, patient, professional, supportive, willing to answer questions, offered accurate feedback, and kind. I'm playing tomorrow, Thursday, and Sunday. I'd rather spend time at the range but the commitments have already been made. Here's hoping... Oh, my next lesson is a week from tomorrow. Wish me luck.
  10. Played yesterday, which was a really dumb idea considering it was about 94 with wind velocities in the 25-35 mph range. Had some time before the round to experiment a bit more. I'd installed a SS Traxion grip so I could add weight down the grip. Installed a 75 gram weight which, in other applications, I've found to be helpful. It wasn't helpful. Removed it and, voila, my results improved quite a bit. Seems I'm one who likes a heavier feel to the head when it comes to putter construction. I may try a 25 or a 50 gram counterweight just to be thorough. The good news is I have no preconceived notions so it'll be easy to be candid.
  11. Tried an Evnroll 5 putter. Came with one of their "Tru Tac" grips that weighs in at 90 grams. Putted acceptably but nothing special and the "feel" just wasn't quite right for me. Decided to experiment a bit. I removed the grip and replaced it, initially, with a Super Stroke Traxion 2.0 ; one of those grips where you can add a weight down the shaft if you so desire. The grip change resulted in going from a 90 gram to about a 45 gram putter grip weight. Took it to the course with me yesterday and put a 50 gram and 75 gram weight in my bag just in case I felt the need to change based on putter performance. It wasn't a particularly idyllic day yesterday morning in southeastern Wisconsin; temp was about 54 degrees when teeing off and winds were in the 14-18 mph range. Felt a lot more like November than June to be honest. Made three ten footers, drained a 50 foot birdie putt, and had a pretty stress free day on the greens all in all. To be clear, I've used heavier grip weight putters in the past, generally felt they gave me a better "feel" of what was going on with the putter. While this might be the exception I'm going to ride it for a while and see if I'll finally have some stability in my putting game.
  12. You're going to love those clubs, some of the best fairway woods I've ever played.
  13. Agreed, something doesn't make sense here. I'd check the scale as step one. But being 30 grams "off" on what's supposed to be an 80 gram shaft is concerning.
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