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  1. First choice would be "Geezergolf with Tony" for a playing lesson with Tony Griffin (one of Kirk Junge's teachers) on the "Setup4impact" method. Second would be "Golf Mates" for a round with Old Man Pat. These are two guys who are a couple of years older than me, but play FAR better!
  2. Overcast day today, with some rain predicted for a little later so practice at home. Chipping: Practiced chipping motion with my 50* then 58*. My basic chip shot is similar to Derek Deminsky's "low shot" and Dan Grieves "release 1" started with an open stance and trying to keep the arc consistent. I hit about 10 3-5 yard carry shots with each club, focusing on technique; i.e. block practice. Putting: Broomstick method with the Pendragon XL; did the PuttOUT gauntlet (best score yet of 13/20) and ten putts through a putting gate set at 18" in front of the ball (9/10).
  3. Question for other Shot Scope users. I broke the screw off my putter sensor late last season, after which I used manual putting (SS was out of stock on the putter sensors at the time). Do I recall correctly hearing that the X5 watch will read V3 sensors? If so, is there any reason I couldn't use my V3 putter sensor as a replacement?
  4. I have had the Pendragon XL for one week as of today and really like the way it works. While this review is intended to be primarily of the putter itself, it can't help including the technique which is quite different than that for conventional putting. A couple of points which were clear from my research were (i) mastering the technique and distance control can take some time and (ii) fit is critical. Regarding the second point, several days practicing with this putter at the 46" length for which @GolfSpy_BEN was fit, I came to the conclusion that it was too long for me based on how I felt most comfortable addressing the ball and so I have shortened it to 44". It was not so much that I couldn't get the putter to work at 46", but that given the way I naturally stood with the putter, it felt awkward at 46" and the end of the grip sat close enough to my sternum that inadvertently anchoring it was a real possibility. The start line control is so good that I have moved the gate to 18" in front of the ball (from 12") which in one of his YT videos, Phil Kenyon suggests represents a 0.5* error. I was able to get 9/10 through the gate without hitting the side.
  5. Continuing the theme of this being short game week, today was chipping practice in the yard with my 3 primary chipping clubs: 42* Smart Sole "C" and 50* and 58* CBX4s. I set a "target" (my shag bag) at 5-yards and worked on carrying the ball to that distance, using the same body-driven, no hands swing with each club. What is interesting, to me at least, is that a swing of approximately 7:00 to 5:00 with each of these clubs results in the same 5-yard +/- carry. Until my home course allows chipping to the practice green so I can determine the exact rollout, working on carry will have to do.
  6. Putting practice today at the NKGC practice green, in which they finally cut holes, as opposed to having flags only, making for better practice. The object today was to compare my gamer (counterweighted original 2-Ball) with the Argolf Pendragon XL broomstick which I am testing, as well as getting some practice on short and long putting. Today's training session involved (i) setting 5-tees around a hole at 3', today's 1-putt circle, and putting twice around the circle (goal is make 9/10 putts) followed by (ii) lag putting from 15' to 30', today's 2-putt circle, (goal of getting 6/10 anywhere in the 3' radius circle around the hole). With my gamer I was a mediocre 6/10 from the 1-putt circle and 5/10 from the 2-putt circle, whereas with the Pendragon XL I was 9/10 from the 1-putt circle and 4/10 from the 2-putt circle. Today was my first opportunity to putt with the Pendragon on grass and my first ever putts ever with it from longer than 6'. I was extremely pleased with the short putt results and not too disappointed with the lag putt results in view of my lack of experience with the broomstick method on grass and the fact that 3 of the 10 putts missed being in the circle by 1-3"! Because I made the "1-putt circle" goal with the Pendragon, the next time I do this drill, I'll move to 4'.
  7. Congratulations to all of the testers! I'm looking forward to reading what you all learn about the new L.A.B. offering.
  8. Worked on broomstick putting technique on my PuttOUT mat, followed by Junge Drill 1 (a 2' long body driven swing through the impact area using a ball). ten each with 9i and 5W. Also did practice full swings with the 5W looking to brush the ground through the impact area.
  9. Aside from the putting drills which I mentioned in the Argolf testing thread, I did Kirk Junge's Drill 1 (basically a short swing through the impact area) with my 7H.
  10. I have had the Pendragon XL for a couple of days now, during which time I have played around with the setup and grip, as well as working on making a pendulum type swing using the big muscles. I'm starting to feel comfortable with this method and so today did a trial run of my two primary tests, with the following results: Gate drill - Putt 10 balls through a 5.5 cm wide gate set 1' in front of the ball. Goal is to get 10/10 cleanly through the gate w/o touching the sides. My score today was 7/10. PuttOUT Gauntlet - Two balls each at 1' intervals from 2' to 6'; Score - Miss = 0 pts, Make=1pt, Perfect Putt = 2 pts. Today I got 12 pts with 2 perfect putts, both from 4'. I will track both the Pendragon and my gamer for the next week or so at which time I will report back with aggregate results for both methods. In case you're wondering, yes the result pictured below is real and not a setup (or AI trickery) .
  11. Worked on Phil Kenyon's gate drill, broomstick style today.
  12. Echoing @Jim Shaw , yesterday I likewise had a frustrating day on the course. Deciding to be smart and warmup first, I went to the range and hit a small (32-ball) bucket, then walked 9-holes. Perhaps not the best idea to do both this early in the season as I was out of gas by the end of the round! My round included a mix of poor ball striking (including topping a 5W tee shot into a hazard, shanking a 7i and fatting two 9i shots) and three putting, not once but 3 times (poor distance control and missing a short putt). It didn't help that after a rainy March (over 12") and first week of April, the course was pretty wet (soggy fairways, some bunkers with standing water), but weaknesses were exposed. After spending some time to evaluate the round this morning, I have set my practice plan for the next 2-weeks.
  13. Yes, I have done this as well. We were out on Block Island (a small island off RI between Long Island, NY and Martha's Vinyard, MA) several years ago I looked at the northern end of the island and thought it would be a great place for a links course!
  14. @MissionMan - Thanks for doing this thorough review! Your lessons learned section was particularly helpful and, like others, I will be interested to read your "later learnings" as you continue to develop on the long stick (pun intended).
  15. Always a great time of year when The Masters happens. While its hard to bet against Scheffler, a lot can happen which is why the tournament is so fun to watch.!
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