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  1. I have played 6* gap in my wedges for the past 5 years or more. As my swing speed has slowed, I'm 68, this created better yardage gapping. I play two different sets of irons, one with a 50* GW and a 56* SW and a seconds set at 46*PW, 52* GW and 58* LW. I'd really like to find an iron set with 6* gapping that isn't a game improvement iron with jacked up lofts. I may just have order them bent that way.
  2. I have tried heads up putting, usually when I’m going through a spell of not starting the ball on line well. I find it is very helpful on putts under twenty feet where the stroke is typically shorter. I have some issues with speed control when I get to the 30-50 foot putts. Sometimes I knock them dead and sometimes six feet short or long. The line is usually good at all lengths. Many times I use a mixture of heads up for shorter putts and traditional for longer ones. I have a tendency to watch the putter head on my backstroke and it kills my ability to start the ball on the correct line. Heads up seems to free my stroke up by keeping my head still.
  3. No. I’ve tried it before and it makes me too mechanical. I like a blank spot on the ball so I can focus on the stroke and feel.
  4. I bought new irons, cobra forged tech. The only changes were from graphite to steel shafts and from standard to midsize grips. I am now hitting everything in the toe area. In the past my misfits were in the toe side. Would any of these changes be causing this? Sorry, I’m now hitting everything in the heal area.
  5. Frank Akron, Ohio Mizuno ST190 11.4 index 90mph TSi3
  6. Frank/Mogadore, Ohio USA Taylormade Truss TB1 Anser 2, I want more toe hang in my putter.
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