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  1. I went WFPB almost six years ago. In the first 4 years I dropped 105 lbs, was taken off my BP meds and statins. Your energy level should go up. If you lose swing speed it could be due to not exercising your muscles. My swing speed is the same before I lost all the weight. My handicap dropped from 23 to 16. I believe it is because I am more focused and don’t get tired at the end of the round. I walk my course in North Atlanta that is very hilly. For those that think this is unusual watch the movies the Game Changers (Netflix) and Eat to Live on YouTube. Good luck and look for your recipes on Pinterest and YouTube.
  2. Keep it in the short grass and work on chipping and putting.
  3. Read the 2021 golf ball report from my golf spy. It is the best.
  4. I belong to a semi private course. We have similar issues but attempt to resolve them with a men's, women's and senior's associations to reduce all of the issues you have brought up. I have belonged to 3 other clubs in the past and it comes down to the club management and the members working together every time. We have different leagues and tournaments that attempt to engage all the members to come play with different members, guests and coed. The leagues and membership associations communicate to the membership about the issues you defined. We help the superintendent with divots by having the senior association meet once a month early in the morning and fill divots. We send out videos on slow play, why repair a divot (we have Bermuda fairways and rough) raking bunkers and how to repair a ball mark. Next time you join a club, ask in advance about leagues, associations and does the club have the staff to meet your standards. Some people think because they belong to a country club they think its Augusta National. Good luck.
  5. I watch MSG all the time. I find most of his tips excellent and his sense of humor makes his videos worth watching. The video he did on chipping has lowered my scores by 5 strokes.
  6. We have a place at Barefoot Resort in NMB. We belong to the Dye course but also play the Norman, Love and Fazio courses with our friends. You can’t go wrong with most of the courses in the area from NMB to Merrill’s Inlet and some of the courses in North Carolina. If you love golf, the greater Myrtle Beach area is the best.
  7. Get fitted by a fitter that comes recommended by good golfers. If you go to anyone that claims they can fit you, be careful. I was fit by someone that had a Trackman who could see my swing speed and launch angle and other pertinent information. Then he got me into a shaft that was right for me after we tried five different shaft(I am a senior). Then he installed the shaft correctly by testing each shaft before he installed them. This is where the amateurs fail most of the time. My guy has has two of the long distance driving contestants that told me no one touches their clubs accept Al. He is in North Myrtle Beach SC. I will give you his contact information if you ever get down there. Good Luck.
  8. I am looking to purchase an electric caddie. I am 70 years old and hate golf carts.
  9. Richard Fahrney iPhone 10 Max/iPad Pro Outdoors and Indoors Range and Net
  10. First Name/City State Rick/ North Myrtle Beach SC Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net No Do you use any sort of LM with one NO
  11. First Name/City State Richard/ North Myrtle Beach/ SC Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net Not Yet Do you use any sort of LM with one Not Yet
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